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  1. Did you correctly open recovery mode, seems to be download mode instead.

    Also after rooting have you installed a custom recovery like clockwork mod because that is required for nandroid etc.

    As my post stated I am still not S-off. I tried a backup on my Dinc2 which is rooted, and was able to backup with no issues. I think you have indirectly answered me, nandroid, etc. are only available after root. The basic is just to flash recovery (God knows from where?).

  2. One simple one. I have got myself a Wildfire S, and am planning to S-off and root it. It is on the OTA 2.3.5 and has a Marvel ROM. I will have to go the htcdev.com route, by the looks of it. I have downloaded and insatalled the bits, namely, Android sdk, adb, fastboot etc.

    Today I thought I will do a backup.

    I went into the bootloader (Vol down + power) and when I entered recovery I got a triangle with an exclamation mark, and it was just hanging there. Does recovery not work with this approach?

  3. I am more confused than ever. I had rooted my Dinc2 using AlphaRevXbeta (a couple of days before they became revolutionary). Now S-off has to be htcdev.com. XDA information is quite confusing, since it includes CDMA, and vendor locked units. There is stuff about bricking and the lot.

    Anybody with experience in India with open handsets. Any issues. I am on standard Wisdfire S with 2.3.5 OTA upgrade, Any noobs guide will help.

  4. I am about to root my Wildfire S (2.3.5) using htcdev.com to get S-off. Unfortunately Kaspersky AV (corporate license, so no option to change any permission). A couple of questions:

    1. How does one do a backup since htcdev S-off does a factory reset. I hope 2.3.5 (OTA) will be preserved.

    2. What files have to be installed. I hear that OneClickRoot works on the Wildfire S.

    Can a guru guide me here. Any other pitfalls?

  5. This judgement by supreme court is utter non-sense.

    There were 2 issues before the SC on this case.

    (1) First Come First Serve(FCFS) Policy

    (2) Wrong implementation of FCFS policy

    This judgement catastrophically fails on both accounts.

    If FCFS is wrong policy, then all the licences from 2001 must have been cancelled.

    I feel it is an excellent judgement. Should be a big nail in the coffin of crony capitalism, not only in Telecom but all over.

    As for FCFS I understand that the earlier pricing was arrived after multiple rounds of bidding. So it was only the implementation which was FCFS. Remember the total base in India was (if I remember right) 7m and in the Raja mess it was about 100x. Also, where was FCFS. Every conceivable (and a few more) goalpost was moved. I bet the UPA jokers have been into the NDA policy with a fine comb and found nothing.

    What happens to the Zero loss theory of Sibbal. Two Harvard trained lawyers have been bested by a Harvard don!!

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  6. My wife's i5510 is just eating up the battery of late. Battery life was in excess of 10 days. Now we are lucky to get even a day. Also, it seems to be intermittently vibrating all the time.

    My questions:

    1. What can be the cause (no fresh apps).

    2. How to fix it. If necessary how to do a factory reset.

    The unit is on Froyo.

  7. I simply adore it. I got it when my Epic 4G started playing up and Hetal offered this to me. A lovely phone in every way. I had a problem in Froyo - the screen will dim but not switch off. Perfect in Gingerbread (2.3.3). It is far more rugged than the Samsung equivalent. I know someone who had a good look and got himself an Incredible S. Yes, with htc S-Off is a bit of a pain, but otherwise it is simply brilliant. I am thinking of changing my wife's Samsung I5510 for a mid range htc (like Wildfire S).

  8. Agreed. But if you are in an out of the way place it is the only one jo lagta hai. We were in Andamans in December. Outside Port Blair (i.e., in Neil, Havelock, and even Baratang) Bhai Saheb Nahin Lagega was the only network working. Even in Port Blair I could not get my Tata Photon to puick up any signal!

    Things may nto always be that way. We were in Leh a couple of years ago, and when we landed BSNL was out for three days, only Aircel (and its roaming partners) were working!

  9. I wrote to themon Google. The reply is

    We checked your Google Checkout order and everything looks fine. Please note that the "Donate" and "PRO" versions offer exactly the same functionality. Also the Pro version (from the Market) is just a key, you also need to install the free Titanium Backup app in addition to it.

    In case your Pro key from Market is malfunctioning, please try to un-install it, then reboot twice and install it again.

    I have sent the following reply

    One small clarification. I see three apps with Titanium logo - TBPatcher4x 44kB), TitaniumBackup (4.87MB) and Titanium BackupPRO 80kB in the Application Manager. Titanium shows two apps Titanium Backup PRO 1.2.0 and TB Patcher 4x 3.6 in Titanium.I am also seeing backups at 12.03 on Dec 30 and 11.13 on 27 Dec. The receipt is at 11:07 am.So the backup is after that! i.e., Pro was working. I need it to Freeze some apps.

    What is that I need to uninstall, reboot twice,and reinstall. Please confirm that itis the TitaniumBackup 4.87MB, which I then reload from the market.

    Next mail. He said it was theProkey only (80kB). Did not work. He further states that the key can be downloaded again. As long itisthe same google account there are no issues.