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  1. Yesterday My S4 screen started flashing/flickering white light and after few minutes it become dead. Now I can only see the little yellow sand /blurry screen when I switch on the phone. Samsung Service centre did not accepted the phone as its foriegn handset. If someone has any solution in Mumbai please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Thank You everyone for your kind wishes..It is like a dream come true for me :-)
  3. Got engaged to my childhood friend... :-) Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  4. I want to buy a 3D LED TV... Size should be 42-46"... I have zeroed out on Sony KDL-46W950A... Would Love to hear your suggestions and feedback....
  5. Old days:-) HTC incredible.. Evening at emperial palace tokyo.. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  6. Here in Sri Lanka data rates does not depend on speed. Here 2G/3G/4G all have same rates..LKR299/ gives 1.5GB of data. Speed depends completely on handset.. I am surprised how telcos in india are looting us.
  7. Highly addictive brain game THE SILENT AGE... Google play link... I am not a game kinda person but after installing it I couldn't sleep and played it till last...Recommended for everyone... Play with earphone connected... Waiting for episode 2 now...
  8. Party kab h.. :-P Happy birthday kamal sir... Sorry belated wish but aapka birthday nhi birthweek celebrate hona chahiye... :-).... Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  9. Now I spend everyday 2-3 hours. exploring lovely home pack and installing it.. But no worry part is everything we get pre organised... Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  10. Buzz Launcher.... Best launcher I have used till date...Best part is homepack which already have everything need to arrange each and every app... My current homepack buzz screenshot : there are lots of homepacks..this is just an example..Still exploring it... Google Play link..
  11. Ok will do that. Thanks Vinod Ji. As of now I dont see any drawback of Knox. I am not getting any notification.
  12. Freezed Knox via ROM toolbox Lite. I saw somewhere on XDA the procedure to remove Knox. By the way what is the use of removing Knox at present? I am able to do everything in my phone.
  13. I updated my S4 by following the procedure posted by XDA member Ingenium13 on XDA. The best part of updating by this way is; you will not lose any of your current data and settings. Also your phone will be updated with complete firmware i.e. bootloader, radio, stock recovery and OS. Following is the link for complete guide : You dont have to uninstall/Install anything. Remember the Joshm way of updating our Fascinate via ODIN 1. Make a complete backup of your phone via your current recovery.\ 2. Download all the required file as specified in above link. 3. Place MJA update file on your SD Card. (Remember not to put in Phone memory) 4. Start ODIN in your computer and load the stock MF9 through PDA. Make sure re-partition is not checked in ODIN 5. Power off the phone completely and then go into download mode by holding VolDown+Home+Power button together. 6. Connect your phone to computer. (See if ODIN has detected it? In my case I had to connect the phone first and then start ODIN.) 7. Load the stock MF9 through ODIN. Reboot to check that your Data is not lost. Now you are on stock MF9. 8. Reboot to stock recovery by holding down VolUP+Home+Power button together. 9. Select Install from zipcard and navigate to the stock MJA file you put in your SD card in step 3. Flash it. 10. After Flashing you will see that you are on stock 4.3 and all your data is still intact. Now you can root your phone by using Chainfire’s CF-auto root file. Just download the auto root file and flash it through ODIN. Complete rooting procedure is here:
  14. Requesting Mods/OP to Modify the title of topic appropriately as this thread has lot of useful information.