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  1. TATA Docomo Launch 3G Services on Diwali

    NEW 3G DATA PLANS RC11 10MB 1D RC24 50MB 1D RC39 150MB 3D RC200 500MB 30D RC351 750MB 30D RC501 1.25GB 30D RC751 2GB 30D RC1001 5GB 30D RC2001 15GB 30D
  2. no call farward facility in Tata indicom pre-paid
  3. TATA DOCOMO NEW GPRS PLANS Rs. 5 10MB 1DAY 15 500MB 3DAYS 33 1GB 15DAYS only night (11pm-7am) 48 2GB 30DAYS 95 Unlimited 30DAYS (FUP 6GB)
  4. After Mnp What Is Your Move?

    Missing! Tata Docomo
  5. NEW DELHI: India’s leading mobile services provider Bharti Airtel has urged telecom regulator Trai to look into the business models of some rival telcos that offer rock-bottom tariffs to woo customers, in a rare display of nervousness over the ongoing tariff war in the telecom space, which has sent revenues and profits of all operators crashing. Bharti’s demand that Trai should look into what it termed as ‘predatory pricing’ by telcos came on a day when the country’s congested mobile market witnessed the entry of yet another player, Norway’s Telenor. “Trai should look at predatory pricing... The current tariff structure is lower than the cost structure of operators. Clearly, tariffs have to be sustainable in the long run,” Bharti Airtel CEO Manoj Kohli told reporters on Thursday. Thirteen mobile phone firms are jostling for space in a market that most analysts say can sustain only 4-5 operators. Earlier this week, state-owned MTNL had raised the bar for competitive tariffs by announcing a half paise-per-second plan for mobile calls on its 2G and 3G networks in Delhi and Mumbai circles. But other operators did not subscribe to Bharti’s views: “We know our business and have worked out the economics before we launched the one-paise-per-second plan. One should compete and not complain,” said an MD of a large telco. “When shareholders and promoters are not complaining about our business model and tariff offerings, how can a competitor have a problem?” said a top executive with another telco. An executive with a new entrant said: “When Trai wanted all telcos to provide the per-second billing option, large operators opposed the move and sought that tariffs be left to market forces. But, when market forces take over, they want the regulator to step in. Any reduction in tariffs benefits customers and therefore their stance is anti-consumer,” he added. A Department of Telecom official said that government welcomes all initiatives by operators to lower tariffs. “Telecom minister A Raja wants tariffs to be as low as 10 paise per minute for local calls and 25 paise per minute for STD calls — we believe this is possible in the near future. The consumer must enjoy the benefits of low tariffs,” he added. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/telecom/Bharti-now-wants-TRAI-to-look-into-predatory-pricing/articleshow/5298033.cms
  6. Tata Docomo Launches Per Second Roaming

    Copy of Reliance... DO they have network to offer such scheme? what is the recharge denomination? TATA DOCOMO subscribers will need no special packs or pay any hidden charges to avail this offer,” Mr Deepak Gulati, President, TATA DOCOMO
  7. NEW DELHI: Mobile player Tata Docomo on Sunday launched per second billing for roaming across the country to take on rival Airtel, which announced a major cut in roaming charges last week. The company introduced 1 paisa per second for all incoming and outgoing local and STD calls, to any network, to mobile or landline phones, it said in a statement. At the moment operators follow per minute roaming rates and charges vary depending on location and network. The move would intensify the tariff war among the mobile companies on this new turf. Tata DoCoMo had earlier offered the one paisa per second scheme for local and STD calls which was later followed by other operators to grab customers. "We are delighted to announce yet another industry defying offer to our subscribers-- a transparent and pack-free roaming tariff plan of 1 paisa per second for all incoming and outgoing call, both local and long distance, to all network and types of phones (mobile or landline)," Tata Docomo President Deepak Gulati said. The company is gearing up to roll out pan-India GSM services this year, the new roaming scheme would be available across the country, Tata Docomo said. "When a subscriber is roaming most telecom operators in India charge a minimum of 50-60 paise per minute, even then the call duration is less than a minute. Under the Tata Docomo roaming offer, subscribers will be charged only for what he or she uses-- at 1 paise per second," Gulati added. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/5257404.cms
  8. Today Tata Docomo introduced for Karnataka, New STV 55, For all local calls 1ps/2sec,STD 1PS/1Sec,0TT,30Days validity,
  9. E Recharge ( special Recharge option) For Rs.15 or Rs.95
  10. As per TRAI servey Tata Indicom only operater, less network congestion level.
  11. Tata Teleservices Limited, India’s fastest-growing pan-India dual-technology telecom service provider, today announced the launch of a revolutionary “Pay Per Call” product. This plan is available to Tata Indicom customers availing the company’s CDMA based services. With the “Pay Per Call plan” on can break completely free from the usual pulse of one minute, and now avail a fixed charge on a per-call basis—at just Re. 1 for all local calls and Rs 3 for STD calls—regardless of the duration of the call. SMS would be offered at a special price of 50 paise for both National and local messages. What’s more, the “Pay Per Call” offer is valid on all calls made by Tata Indicom subscribers to any mobile phone or land line connection, on any network. Highlights of PAY PER CALL : Usual pulse of one minute done away with Subscribers pay a fixed charge on a per-call basis—at Re. 1 for local calls & Rs 3 for STD—regardless of duration of call Total simplicity and complete transparency – will will usher in era of easy calling and easier billing Mr Anil Sardana, Managing Director of Tata Teleservices Limited quoted,“We at Tata Teleservices Limited are proud to introduce this path-breaking value proposition for Indian telecom users. “Pay Per Call” is another extension of the promise made by Tata Indicom to all subscribers—that of providing a superior service experience, at the same time providing transparent and flexible payment options”. He added ” ‘Pay Per Call’ will not just change the pricing paradigm in the telecom space—it also marks a giant step in TTSL’s evolution as a telecom operator with its primary focus on creating consumer delight,” he added. Initially the “Pay Per Call” concept is being offered to prepaid customers only, with a nominal daily fee of Re. 1. New Tata Indicom customers can avail the unique tariff option by default, while existing Tata Indicom customers can opt for the same with a one-time recharge of Rs 96. Mr. Vineet Bhatia, COO Delhi & NCR, Head North Region, Tata Teleservices said “The ‘pay per call’ concept is unique and is being launched for the first time across India. It significantly reduces customer confusion arising out of complex rate plans, day/night charges, on-net/off-net charges and other fine print. It gives telecom consumers freedom to talk to their heart’s content without any of the hassles they face on the charging front. The product is the result of research and studies to understand consumer trends and usage patterns—customers who opt for this plan will no longer have to worry about the cost every minute of a call. Also, the fact that this offer is for both local and STD calls makes it unique, something that holds the potential to completely redefine the Indian telecom pricing paradigm,” he added. “With the Pay Per Call offer, Tata Indicom has changed the very currency of pre-paid mobile tariffs. While a customer typically pays Re. 01, or Re. 0.30, or Re. 0.50, or Re. 1 as call rates per second or per minute, depending on the tariff plan they have chosen with various telecom service providers, they will now be charged a flat rate of Re. 1 for any local call, and Rs. 3 for any STD call, regardless of the call duration! This will change the very perception of charging, as seen by telecom subscribers today,” Mr. Bhatia said. Tata has launched other innovative and customer-friendly products in the past: “Non-Stop Mobile”, “Walky”, “Walky Talky”, “Photon USB Modem” for Net access, “Photon Plus” HSIA device, “Mobile Internet” Access, etc. ADDITIONAL NOTES ON “PAY PER CALL PLAN”: 1. Each local call to be charged at Rs 1 for 10 minutes & each STD call to be charged at Rs 3 for 10 Minutes 2. Pulse for Local & STD call will be 600 secs 3. Pulse for Roaming calls will be 60 secs 4. This new starter kit allows keep talking benefit only with the purchase of a new handset on the Tata Indicom network , if sim is used with old & used handsets , the default tariffs of Rs 1/min for Local calls & 1.5/min for STD Calls. Local SMS @ Rs1 & National SMS @ Rs 1.5 5. As a special promotion , customers will enjoy an extended pulse of 3600 secs for all local calls for first 15 days from date of activation 6. Daily rental to be charged at Rs 1 per day 7. Keep talking plan is a stand alone plan & can not be coupled with any other special offers which has free talk time or free minutes built in.
  12. Samsung Metro S3310 Gsm Mobile

  13. It's ROCKING Now even existing customers also option this Rate plan by Rs.251 E recharge.
  14. http://tataindicom.com/t-personal-mobile-p...gevouchers.aspx life time validity. minimum recharge Rs.200 in 180 days.
  15. http://tataindicom.com/t-personal-mobile-p...gevouchers.aspx life time validity.