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  1. New Launch: LG 6160 OMH

    Printed MRP is Rs. 2699
  2. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    Now another offer from MTS named as "unbelievable offer" Colour handset + RUIM + life long validity with second pulse for Rs. 501. If you recharge additionally with Rs. 85 will get 1 paise per 2 second tariff for 6 months and recharge with Rs. 195 will get free MTS to MTS unlimited local calls for 1 year.
  3. Samsung Guru 559

    I think they discarded updating about CDMA handsets. Their consumer electronics website which includes CDMA handsets is also not updated http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/index.idx?pagetype=type_p2& It is very bad from a reputed company like Samsung to keep mum about their new handsets and colourfully showing their obsolete handsets in their websites. Even the chinese rebranded mobile phone companies are updating their websites. Please see the non popular brand fly mobile website http://www.flyphone.in/ Very interesting appearance and updating regularly.
  4. New Launch: Lg 235 Cookie Spark

    One more OMH handset. That means CDMA strengthens its backbone. Thank you supernova for informing the new arrival of OMH handsets.
  5. Their website says frequency band is only "CDMA2000 1x EVDO rA"
  6. Table Fans

    From your mentioned brands (cinni, Usha, Bajaj, CG) Crompton greaves is the best in quality. Identify the Crompton greaves symbol, it is 'G' left half of G is coloured blue and right half green- please see the image. There is a fraud company named as "Chennai Group", which makes fans in the name "CG fans" and symbol is "CG". Don't make mistake with Crompton greaves's symbol. Tower fan has low noise and low vibration and cute looks. I don't know the air flow strength of the tower fan you given in the image, usually tower fans and box fans are low strength air flow type. Before buying this model check the air flow strength and if seems sufficient buy it. The second fan in your image is a multipurpose fan, can be used as a table fan, or wall fan or ceiling fan (in low height room, where the ceiling fan blade will hit the hand if raised, this multipurpose fan can be used safely as its blades are covered in wire cage and nothing will happen if hand touched the fan). The shape of the blades says that it is a high speed fan that is 2800 RPM. It has high air flow, high noise, high vibration. I think it will give very high air flow than you required in your kitchen. In other words you will feel the air flow like a storm. This type of models usually come with single speed that is without a speed regulator. Speed can be regulated with an external speed regulator same like the ceiling fans. It can be rotated and tilted to any angle. It has no self oscillation, fixed to a particular direction only. I think than selecting the second fan, consider a low speed multipurpose fan (see the image), it will give you the required air flow, no need to fix an external regulator, sound and vibration will not disturb you and low price.
  7. Table Fans

    @rajanmehta, not home minister it is "ministress in home" @ani_meher, sorry ani_meher it is only for joke.
  8. Table Fans

    Dear friend ani_meher, tower fan has only low air flow strength, it is intended to use in a air conditioned room as a personal fan and kept near to the person. It is a low noise fan and low wattage (=power consumption), and have some fancy looks, price is higher. Usually this fan is used only in shops and offices. You can see a cashier in a shop keeping tower fan in his table. Some models coming with remote control. You can buy a tower fan only if intended to use by a single person, also standing/sitting near to the fan. If you have enough space in kitchen you can use a pedestal fan. Pedestal fans are two types (1) low speed (2) high speed. High speed pedestal fan is intended to use in show rooms and big shops. It has very high air flow strength, one fan kept in a corner of show room will cover almost all area of the show room. Pedestal fan used in home is low speed type. You can easily identify a low speed and high speed fan by looking its blades (leaves). The shape of the blade tells its speed. If the blades are broad it is a low speed fan and if the blades are narrow it is high speed fan, please see the pictures for example. Some times the shape of the blades are sickle shaped in high speed fan. The revolution per minute (RPM) of low speed fan is 1440 and high speed fan is 2800. Air flow strength, sound, vibration, wattage and price is high in high speed fan. Again low speed pedestal fan is divided in to two (1) Metallic body (2) Plastic body. Plastic body is the best for home use - light weight, portable, shock proof, rust proof, low price etc. If you have no space in kitchen you can go for a wall fan. Which is also two types same as pedestal fans that is low speed and high speed. Only difference between pedestal fan and wall fan is wall fan has no stand, required to mount the 'motor-blade-control panel assembly'(that is the upper part of pedestal fan) in wall. In other words the wall fan and upper part of pedestal fan are the same. To fix a wall fan all you have to do is put a nail or screw in the wall (caution- have sufficient strength to support the weight of the fan and its vibration) and hang the fan in the nail, like fitting a clock in the wall. Other things to remember is put the nail in a position that fan will give air flow in the required direction and a power socket is near to reach the length of the fan's power chord. Different types of table fans are available in the market. But it requires a stool or table or like furniture to use. So it sacrifices the use of a furniture. Its price is less than pedestal fan. Buy a table fan only if you have a non using table or stool and also you have sufficient space in the kitchen to keep this table/stool. Ceiling fan can not use in kitchen because the airflow of ceiling fan is multi directional. Multi directional air flow will extinguish the flame of the stove. Even if you are using a flmeless furnace like induction cooker, ceiling fan will throw the fumes, steam and odour of chilli/masala etc in to your (=cooking person's) face. Also the utensils will not heat up as cold air is flowing to the direction of heating vessel and removes the hot air and heat from the flame. Will cause the wastage of fuel, loss of time and the sufferings. So it is foolish to put a ceiling fan in kitchen. Use only unidirectional air flow fans like pedestal/table/wall/tower fans in such a direction that the air flow will not touch the flame area. "almonard" is the leader in pedestal fans, but most of the models they have are high speed type (http://www.almonard.co.in/). "crompton greaves" is the leader in ceiling fans, their pedestal/wall fans are good quality.(http://www.cglonline.com/cg/avs/home/fans/portable/pedestal/fan-pl/fans-tropic/) "orpat" is another company with very cute looking pedestal fans (http://www.ajantaworld.com/F41018/orpat_home_appliances_and_telephones.html) The price of pedestal fan/tower fan is Rs. 1,500 - 5,000 Table / wall fan is Rs. 750 - 2,000 I think you can take the correct decision by reading my reply
  9. LG 6400 OMH

    Handset details found in LG website http://www.lg.com/in/mobile-phones/all-phones/LG-LG6400.jsp
  10. OK friend, most of the CDMA+GSM dual standby handsets available in the market are not good, are rebranded Chinese makes. Major problem is battery of these handsets are draining easily. So I told you think twice before buying. But while thinking about the convenience, you can buy one.
  11. LG 6400 OMH

    Good news Dear supernova, will you sell this handset for a whole sale price in our forum? (I found that you offered LG510, 6300 & 6210 for a reasonable price)
  12. Please suggest dual SIM handset

    @ joshirr880, if you can satisfy with a GSM+CDMA single standby handset go for "Blackberry 8830 world edition". You can buy it from our Buy / Sell - Bazaar.
  13. Virgin mobile (Prepaid GSM) slashed call charges to 40 paise per minute (local & STD). Actually the good news is that no extra pack, no daily rental, no conditions, no limits, no F.U.P.
  14. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    There is no logo on the box (with the handset that my wife bought)
  15. 'calcomp' CDMA OMH Handsets

    @ kesav thank you very much for informing about the website update. @xuketo in short 'EVDO Rev A' is equivalent to 3G.
  16. Nokia Launches Dual Sim Mobile Phone C1 And C2 In India

    After Nokia, Motorola introduced two dual sim handsets in India. Please see the link http://telecomtalk.info/motorola-introduces-two-dual-sim-handsets-in-india/43009/#more-43009
  17. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    friends, this handset (LG6300) has no OMH logo. Not in the transceiver and packing box. In their website says only multi sim portability. But all Samsung OMH handsets have OMH logo. Is this an original OMH handset? CDG (cdma development group) informs that every genuine OMH handset and OMH sim have OMH logo. Please see the guidelines http://wiki.cdg.org/w/images/f/f4/OMH_Logo_Guidelines.pdf
  18. Samsung Mpower Muzik 219 Cdma

    Yes, guru559 is the better option.
  19. Samsung Mpower Muzik 219 Cdma

    If you required 0.3 megapixel camera,expandable memory to 2 GB and bluetooth go for muzik 219. If you don't want these features go for guru559. Please see the post numbers 39 & 40 of the link
  20. They started a new website, please see the link http://www.hello40.in/
  21. Gave Up Reliance Communication For MTS

    @karthik, call the MTS CC and put a complaint, they may help you. I faced the same problem in Thrissur (kerala) about one year back and given a complaint, after that recharge coupons are easily available here. Now I am not facing such problem here. MTS can be recharged through "Oxygen" recharging centers.
  22. Good concept, but it is in Tata's worse network, may get the same tenor of Virgin mobile in Kerala.
  23. Samsung Mpower TV S239

    Mpower TV S239 is a new OMH handset from Samsung. eBay is selling it for Rs. 5600/- don't know anything about its performance. I think it will be a good handset like Guru B559. I expect some good reviews soon from our friends. I am thanking Samsung company for providing one more OMH handset, they are hearing our plea for good CDMA handsets. I think if they not introduced the OMH handsets, all the colours of the CDMA will be etiolated (in India).
  24. "Only for voice calls", then don't think anything, you can go for Samsung GURU B559 CDMA handset. OMH handset with jumbo battery and good signal reception ability costs less than Rs.2000/-. But possess some "frills" - red side bars and red coloured speaker panel in the back side. All people who experienced it's performance is flattering about this handset. Please see the post numbers 39 & 40 of the link