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  1. Here Comes My iPhone 4

    Very good for this price
  2. GC275 is cheaper than GC360. Please see the link http://www.91mobiles.com/Micromax-phones.html Before selecting this phone please aware about the importance of battery backup. Almost all GSM+CDMA dual standby handsets have very low battery backup time. If you turn on both the sims simultaneously (in dual active mode) will cause you to charge the phone every day and 2-3 times in a day on heavy use. If you are intended for heavy usage better to buy two handsets one CDMA handset and one GSM handset. Samsung Guru B559 CDMA handset is very very good in battery backup, has 1300 mAh battery, can call continuously more than 10 hours without any charging, and get more than 5 days in standby. Moreover it is OMH sim supported handset. so the price Rs 2000/- is reasonable. You can buy a Nokia base model for GSM sim for about Rs 1500/-. Both these handsets will cause Rs 3500/- (2000 + 1500), and you will get 2 good handsets instead of the rebranded chinease toy.
  3. Look Micromax GC275, GC360 and GC400 models. I found all the 3 models in a shop here in Thrissur (Kerala), have good features and are good looking, but one thing I hate is the low battery backup. GC360 is a GSM+CDMA or GSM+GSM model. GC400 costs around Rs.5000/- other 2 models costs less than Rs 4000/-. Please see their website http://www.micromaxinfo.com/products/
  4. MTS Mblaze Speed Ka Double Dose Offer

    MTS has CDMA 1x USB modem called Mbrowse. Price is 1499/- Please see http://www.mtsindia.in/
  5. The Commonwealth Games Mess

    Shame shame shame
  6. Dual sim dual standby CDMA + CDMA handset is not available, GSM + CDMA dual standby/single standby handsets in the range 2000 - 2500 are craps.
  7. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    In MTS Kerala circle to know the promotional on net/ off net balance details (also main balance details) call *225# You will get an SMS after calling showing all info. This service is free.
  8. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    Yes it is still available, But there is some change in the offer. It is Rs. 99.25 + promotional Rs 11.75 (total Rs.111). The promotional talk time is only for 7 days and offer is ONLY UP TO September 30. There is another offer Rs 222 full talk time, you will get Rs. 198.25 and promotional Rs. 23.75 for 30 days. This Rs.222 offer has no time limit, will be available even after September 30. (Note - the above 2 offers are for Tata Indicom Kerala circle only)
  9. It is a pan India plan, please see http://www.virginmobile.in/gsm_prepaid_tariff_result.php
  10. LG 6300 CDMA is a very good music phone. My wife is using this handset. Music quality is awesome with one woofer in the back and two stereo speakers (stereo left speaker in the left side and stereo right speaker in the right side of handset), that is 2.1 stereo output with speakers in 3 directions. Don't think this woofer will give a heart quake bass like a large woofer box, but give you some bass compared to other mobiles.Quality of music through the headset is also good. The battery backup of this handset is also very good. But the wireless FM radio is very bad in reception quality, will not work in weak FM signal areas. My wife bought the handset for Rs 4800/-, printed box price is Rs 7500/- Please see the link for more details http://www.lg.com/in/mobile-phones/all-phones/LG-LG6300.jsp
  11. Coolpad N900!

    All coolpad handsets introduced in India was very bad. So think twice before buying this.
  12. Lg 510 Cookie Zip Service Codes

    I think this is the code that Vikas Mahajan asked in post No. 34 of
  13. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    (1)To watch the recorded movie menu>multimedia>my stuff>external>movies>my movie gallery. (2)To copy & paste videos from memory card, memory card>DCIM>100LGCAM>MOV (3)To copy & paste videos from computer paste file to memory card>USER>VIDEO for (2)&(3) use a USB interface adapter (=card reader), you can also transfer the file after installing the LG 6300 PC software (a small CD you got along with the handset contains this software, after installation you can see a "LG Desktop" icon in your computer desktop). But transfer rate is very slow.
  14. Please suggest dual SIM handset

    @ himanshu jain, MTS introduced dual sim phone. Don't know whether OMH or not. Please see the link http://telecomtalk.info/mts-launches-3-new-smartphones-in-india/39480/
  15. Found some detailed news http://telecomtalk.info/mts-launches-3-new-smartphones-in-india/39480/
  16. New Local Unlimited offer for Kerala Reliance GSM

    I have seen the advertisement about this offer in major malayalam news papers.
  17. Samsung Guru 559

    Friends, I bought Samsung Guru B559 CDMA handset for Rs. 2100/- (MRP written in box RS.2349/-). I think it is the best basic low cost OMH handset available in the Indian market. It is not beautiful from front side, but looking good from sides and backside. The contour and shape is very good and also very easy to handle. The weight is also balanced centrally, will not tumble from hand. Display is average quality (comparing to LG 6300, is worse). The key pad is rubbery, not beautiful, but the navigation key has some cuteness. All keys have sufficient size, easy to dial numbers and SMS. But while touching the key pad I have the feeling of “patting the outer rind of tortoise”. Have a bright (= sufficient to see small objects in night) torch light, can turn on & off by pressing the up key for 2 seconds. Build quality is satisfactory. No camera, have wireless FM. The FM signal capturing ability is awesome. Will work in poor signal strength fringe areas without any external antenna (=headset chord). I suggest the LG company to see how the Samsung people manufacturing wireless FM (in LG 6300 the FM radio is a toy, signal capturing capacity is very poor, will work only if we touch the phone in radio station's high power transmitter -only for a joke). The sound is sufficiently loud but average quality, here the LG people scores as their LG 6300 has awesome sound quality (but the price is Rs.4800/-) with 2.1 sound output (=2 speakers & 1 small woofer). No memory card slot (in reliance web site says this phone has memory slot and support up to 8GB, it is a big lie), no blue tooth, no video play back. MP3 will play, but internal memory negligible, FM recording in MP3, but only about 11 minutes. Battery backup is very very good, get 5 or more days with moderate use and very better than LG6300 (I think the standby time is more than 300 hrs and the reliance web site again tells the lie). Not used the ‘brew’ applications, as it requires OMH sim. OMH symbol is given in the package box. Another advantage in this phone is its signal capturing ability same as FM capturing, works well in fringe low strength signal areas. I tried Samsung guru 559, LG 6300, Motorola V3c, Fly V80i, ZTE C150 and Huawei 2900 handsets with Tata indicom sim (motorazr V3c is a non sim Tata indicom handset) in poor signal strength fringe area. Samsung guru gave me the best coverage and I am giving 10 out of 10, can communicate without any disturbance while Fly V80i and ZTE C150 shows “No Network”. In this test Mororazr V3c comes the second position, Huawei 2900 the third and LG 6300 the fourth. Friends I suggesting this phone (if you needs only a basic phone) for good battery backup and good signal capturing capacity.
  18. Videocon Makes First Ever

    Yes, Videocon is not the first ever. About one year back I found an advertisement of 'Spice mobile' showing that they have "Universal Sim Slot" and can use CDMA or GSM.
  19. Please suggest dual SIM handset

    Friend himanshu jain, There are a large number of CDMA + GSM (dual mode, dual sim & dual standby) phones, but in short I will say "there is no good phone as per your need". Please see the following link
  20. Samsung Duos Touch W299

    Heard that a new model 'Samsung W609' is coming instead of W299
  21. Docomo is showing its 'true face'
  22. I think LG forget to add MMS option in open market CDMA handsets. Not seen MMS sending option in 6300 also