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  1. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    Other good offers from MTS E:recharge with Rs 85/- get 0.5 paisa per second billing for 180 days. E:recharge with Rs 150/- get Rs 200/- local call talktime for 30 days. Voucher recharge Rs 100/- Get Rs 100/- talktime (SMS/local/STD/ISD for unlimited period , NOT available in Rs 100/- E: recharge, which give you only Rs 90.66/- ) In Tata Indicom E:recharge with Rs 111/- get Rs 100/- for unlimited period and Rs 11/- promotional talktime for 7 days and offer valid upto September 30. E:recharge with Rs 222/- get Rs 198.25 for unlimited period and Rs 23.75 promotional talktime for 30 days. (CC executive says this Rs 222 offer is available even after September 30 and no time limit) This offers are valid in Kerala circle, don't know whether it is available in other circles.
  2. In 3G transmission, voice communication is transmitting in GSM bands (same as 2G) and data (including VGA - 0.3 mega pixel - video while video calling) is transmitted through WCDMA (wideband CDMA, also known as UMTS -Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) band. It surely requires an upgraded sim [technically known as USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module), pet name 3G sim] is required. What kepal got from Airtel is not 3G, but may be a upgraded GPRS settings.
  3. Evdo Enabled Smart Phones From Mts Soon

    They introduced cheapest basic colour handset (in Kerala) and also cheapest call rates. Rs 699 for handset with sim & connection and 0.5 paisa per second billing. More coverage than RCDMA & indicom
  4. Seems as a good handset, but don't know its performance. Hope some experts in our forum will give reviews.
  5. Connecting A Samsung Corby On A Windows 7 System

    PC manager & modem driver is available in following link. But don't know whether it is the same as Yaji used http://www.samsungcdma.in/corby-tv.aspx
  6. Did you call the CC? What they are saying?
  7. Most of our STD codes are only 3 digits. The first digit 0 is the national access code. (00 is the international access code). Example 04856419971, first 0 is national access code, 485 is three digit STD code (area code), 6419971 is the seven digit phone number. When we call from foreign countries dial 00 the international access code first then country code 91 in case of India, then area code and phone number last. Now the number is 00914856419971. + symbol can be used instead of international access code. (+914856419971 is the same as 00914856419971). But in rare areas in India 6 digit phone number and 4 digit area code is also existing. Example 04862245307 where 0 national accesses code, 4862 is the area code, 245307 is the six digit phone number.
  8. BSNL CDMA SIM is not available in Kerala . CDMA landphone (WLL) is available all over Kerala and CDMA EVDO data cards are available in selected cities. The staff and officers in BSNL office not even heard of CDMA SIM (=RUIM), once they told me that CDMA handsets have no sim .
  9. Dual-Sim G-Fone 468 Launched

    Good phone in this price and cute looking. But major problem is the battery backup (standby time), have only very short battery backup like 110 - 130 hrs. Good for people who staying in home most of the time. But for travelers and outgoing people it is not good since while we traveling in bus/train or outside home, after attending 2-3 calls, phone will turn off by low battery, how we can charge the battery? Keeping a charged additional battery is a nuisance. Most dual mode sim brands (Chinese rebranded) are not mentioning the standby time in their specification to hide this truth of low standby. It will give a satisfactory standby time if we turn off the GSM sim, but will loss the dual standby option.
  10. "integrated number scheme & Number portability including landlines numbers" is very good. But remember this is "India". Good things will stay in papers, not come in to action .
  11. A large number of complaints are hearing about data usage in this handset. I was also interested to buy this handset, but after hearing this type news I postponed my decision. I wonder why LG / CDMA operators pretending ignorance about this handset and its programming . The CDMA operators can pretend ignorance, but LG - the mother of this handset is also pretending
  12. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    My wife bought it for Rs 4800/- 2 months back.
  13. Nikon 'onam Offer'

    Friends, i bought Nikon 'coolpix L21' camera today for Rs 4800/- and got free items more than its value Got 4GB memory card (about Rs 500/-) , Nikon pouch (Rs 180/-) , 2 alkaline batteries (Rs 50/-) , Godrej GP powerbank NiMH batteries (2 numbers) and charger unit (Rs 550/-) , Giordano gents wrist watch with one year warranty (Rs 3850/-) Total cost of freebies is Rs 5130/-. The camera is 8 Mega pixel and printed MRP is 4990/-. All freebies are in very good quality, the wrist watch has only ordinary looks with white dial and bluish silver hands but built quality is good. It is original Giordano watch and not a Chinese toy. Price (Rs 3850/-) may be a overpriced label. But overall a good deal. I bought it from Thrissur town, this offer is now available all over Kerala till Onam.
  14. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    My wife is using this handset and FM is working well. It has wireless FM reception (FM will work without inserting headset cord). In areas where the FM signal is weak the FM reception is good only if the handset is held in a particular direction. In wired handsets, the headset cord works as an antenna and we can improve the FM reception by holding the headset cord in horizontal position with a particular horizontal angle (Azimuth Angle). But in this case antenna is fitted internally in the handset and we should rotate the handset itself. are you sure about this, because i am planning to buy this mobile, please guys anyone answer this urgently Yes, I am sure. But don't misunderstand - this answer is ONLY for SMS ring tones. We can set any MP3 song from the memory card for CALL ring tone.
  15. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    I too can't find MMS sending option This handset have default ring tones only, can not set MP3 tones from memory card. 'Nokia MicroUSB connector' data cable is compatible with this handset.
  16. LG 510 Cookie Zip EVDO not Working in Reliance

    Good news good news
  17. Samsung Duo showing Phone locked. Contact service center

    I think it requires flashing the phone memory and install new software (of the same version). I had a 'Samsung flo' handset and happened the same problem, repaired by flashing the phone memory and installed new software at Samsung service center, Thrissur. It was in the warranty period and they repaired freely.
  18. Micromax Q5C Launch!

    Thank you rajanmehta thank you . You saved our money, also peace of mind .
  19. The CDMA Phone You Want From LG

    I want LG 510 handset with 1800mAh battery (Now it is only 900mAh battery) for the same price.
  20. The given link is not working. Browser says "The URL http://http://tataindicom.com/tatazone-internet-pack.aspx contains a port number that is not in the range 1 to 65535."
  21. 'calcomp' CDMA OMH Handsets

    @ rajanmehta, discussions are going on about this handset at handset topic > LG. In our Buy/sell-Bazaar this handset is available for Rs 7400/-
  22. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    RGSM offer was 5 rupees per day for 90 days.
  23. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    No answers Techies please answer to vikasmahajanz & fennb. Give updates and some good reviews about the handset