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  1. Samsung Mpower Muzik 219 Cdma

    Samsung Mpower muzik 219 is an open market handset (OMH handset). You should buy an OMH sim and transfer your number to the new OMH sim (costs about Rs 250/- including number transfer procedure). Then you can use BREW applications and data in the handset. Now you are using ordinary RUIM (removable user identity module, ie CDMA SIM), so phone asked upgraded RUIM which means OMH sim. All OMH sim and OMH handsets have gem logo in it (please see the image). To know more about OMH please click the link http://www.qualcomm.co.uk/products_services/chipsets/omh.html
  2. Tata indicom started a new plan for prepaid customers, called as 'ULTA PLAN'. Please see the link http://profit.ndtv.com/news/show/tata-tele-offers-std-calls-at-30-paise-per-minute-87339 Their plans always have a black side - daily rental for 'pay per call' plan, now STD calls @ 30 paise, but local calls are @ 50 paise All Indians will hear this news as joke.
  3. Please suggest CDMA handset under Rs.6000

    All OMH sim have 'gem' logo in it (Plase see the image). Reliance provides OMH sim. Cost less than Rs 250/- including number transferring procedure.
  4. New Nokia 6275 stock available with Reliance

    I think sellers bought it in bulk from WWs and reselling it for higher price. I found 4 number of Nokia 6275 in a small shop in Kerala and the price they told is Rs 7600/-per handset.
  5. Anybody Bought Coolpad S100?

    @ nitojose, does this phone have a R-UIM slot ? If yes, is it a networklocked phone ? (I mean will other CDMA sim will work in it ?) In our forum aalok says that it is CDMA OMH handset but no one told their experience as OMH.
  6. Sorry friends, extremely sorry. it is ULTA plan and not ULTRA plan. I don't know Hindi very much and misread the Hindi word 'ulta' with familiar English word ultra. Thank you rbdhoot for pointing my mistake and thank you very much Arun for correcting
  7. Stunning Onam offer from Videocon. Please see the link http://telecomtalk.info/videocon-launches-onam-pack-in-kerala-free-10-local-minutes-everyday/35868/
  8. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    Thank you KanagaDeepan for informing about this offer. It is a really 'mouth watering' offer. But one problem is Videocon has only a limited coverage area in Kerala, towers only in municipal cities. Also RGSM, RCDMA, Uninor, Docomo, indicom, virginCDMA, virginGSM and Aircel have only limited coverage. Airtel has moderate coverage. Idea, Bsnl, Vodafone and MTS have good coverage including rural areas.
  9. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    Now it is available in all major phone shops in Kerala, see the banner in front of a shop.
  10. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    I think the answer is the same as suvirajshetty answered Because the same battery and the same charger. If the milli Ampere hour (mAh) of the battery (=battery capacity) increases the charging time increases and if the Ampere (A) of the charger increases charging time decreases. Here both parameters are the same in all recharges. So the charging time will not change.
  11. New Nokia 6275 stock available with Reliance

    Nokia 6275 now available in 'Homeshop18'. Please see the link http://www.homeshop18.com/shop/u/y/p-Mobiles-Q-and-Q-Accessories-S-CDMA-Q-Handsets-S-Nokia-Q-6275-Q-CDMA-Q-Mobile-Q-Phone/Home_Online-pI_60263-clI_2-cI_939-pCI_910-
  12. Handset Change

    Dear mpshah68, Try Hitesh G's Motorola V3c for Rs 5000/-. Motorola V3c and V3m are almost same. V3c was sold by Tata Indicom. PROS 1) stylish clamshell design (such a style is not seen in any other brands) 2) has external display and 2.2 inch internal display 3) scratch proof metallic body, glass cover of external display is also scratch proof 4) slim 5)metallic key pad is stylish and very beautiful 6) camera lens is fixed above the external display and option to take self photograph looking in the external display 7) robust body and construction. CONS 1)battery back up is not good but battery is very light weight, will get good backup if we buy 'ERD' brand 'MOT V3' model battery for Rs 200/-, but it is about 2-3 times heavier than original motorola battery. 2) No R-UIM slot 3) No memory card slot and internal memory is 30MB 4) camera is average quality with 1.3MP, recorded video quality is very bad 5) no FM radio 6) no 'profile' settings, but we can mute, adjust ring volume and vibate with external side switches, can lock any menu functions like contacts, SMS, videos, pictures, browser etc individually with password 7) volume of loud speker is low and quality is average 8) browser is openwave6.2.3 and is bad. If you are interested in higher end phone, don't go for V9M for the price 17,500/-, if your budget supports add Rs 1500/- to this amount and buy Samsung Galaxy i899 for Rs 19000/- Chances are very very low Not heard about Motorola's new CDMA model, rumors heard Motorola had stopped CDMA handsets in India, strengthens this news as no CDMA operator in India bring a new motorola handset since 2007, Tata indicom showed a hurry to sell out motorola handsets by reducing the handset prices about 2 years back.
  13. Samsung Mpower Muzik 219 Cdma

    Thank you avishekghosh for providing the details
  14. Suggest Me A Dual (Cdma+Gsm) Phone

    Friend dkaile, I agree with you. By "not economical" I intended for Samsung Duos 259 and Duos Touch, however think that Blackberry 8830 is not an OMH (handsets with multi R-UIM portability becoming more popular in India), has no R-UIM slot (a big headache as handset changing cards for Tata Indicom, MTS, Virgin, BSNL CDMA are difficult to get), only single standby (can not turn on both the numbers simultaneously, either GSM or CDMA at a time). 50 paise per MB for prepaid ( http://www.tataphoton.com/tata-photon-on-mobile.aspx )
  15. Suggest Me A Dual (Cdma+Gsm) Phone

    In Samsung Duos259, there is no CDMA data usage settings, internet browser is through GSM operator only. Also it has only a generic browser,'opera' will not work in it. In Samsung DUOS TOUCH (SCH W299), CDMA browser is present but only a generic browser and no 'opera' as in Duos259. If you can satisfy with CDMA+GSM single standby phone without a R-UIM slot, you can opt for BlackBerry 8830. But these phones are not economical and cost effective.The new entrant in CDMA+GSM dual standby category is Micromax GC400 ( http://www.micromaxinfo.com/products/gc400.html ) with 3 mega pixel camera for Rs 5000/- But I suggest you to buy two handsets, one CDMA EVDO Rev A handset like LG510 for high speed data usage( http://www.lg.com/in/mobile-phones/all-phones/LG-LG510.jsp ) and one Nokia GSM basic handset. You can buy both this handsets for Rs 9,000/- while Samsung Duos Touch alone costs more than 10,000/-
  16. Samsung Mpower Muzik 219 Cdma

    Any one used the new Samsung Guru B559?
  17. Friend, this problem is due to the RGSM network. I experienced the same problem while I was using Tata Docomo connection. Now I changed to Idea network and the problem is solved
  18. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    LG updated their website with LG510 (cookie zip), Lg6300 (CDMA variant of GM200) and LG6210
  19. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    suvirajshetty, hiteshkkk1 and friends, please update your reviews. What about the battery backup ? What about the built quality, brittle when fallen from hand or hard enough to withstand shock and scratch proof? What about the EVDO usage ? Any problem like hang, auto restart?
  20. LG TV 510

    Which connection are you using ?
  21. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    The price is not dropped in Kerala (Thrissur District), is Rs 4800/- , the same handset in GSM is available for Rs 3500/- :'( (please click here to see the GSM variant of the phone http://www.lg.com/in/mobile-phones/all-phones/LG-GM200.jsp )
  22. In Kerala, BSNL 3G has less coverage area compared to EVDO of private providers. BSNL is providing 3G with one or two 3G equipped towers in major towns and coverage and signal strength are very insufficient, in rural areas even the BSNL officers are not heard about 3G.
  23. Micromax Gc400 Gsm+Cdma

    The handset is again put in the website http://www.micromaxinfo.com/products/
  24. Cdma 1X Vs Gprs

    Earlier I was using Tata Indicom's CDMA Ix data 10 paisa for 10KB (Rs 10/- per MB) Now I am using Idea GSM data 2 GB for Rs 97/- I used Motorola Razr V3C for CDMA data and Nokia 2700 classic for GSM data, speed is more in GSM Idea connecton. (used Aircel, Airtel, Tata Docomo and Idea for Data, speed is Aircel is the slowest, Airtel is better than Aircel but slower than Docomo and Idea is the fastest.
  25. Television Orders - TRAI

    Good move I am praying this rules will come in to action