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  1. This kind of offer is also available in MTS, which is known as 'WIN WIN PACK'. Recharge with Rs 94 and get 6 hours local calling talk time to any network, recharge with Rs 150 and get Rs 200 equivalent local & STD talk time to any network, recharge with Rs 9 and get 100 local & national SMS etc
  2. Looking For A New Handset

    Look the qualcomm suggested OMH handsets at http://www.qualcomm.co.uk/products_services/chipsets/omh.html (click "devices" to see handsets)
  3. Tata indicom started this facility in Kerala. I am receiving balance SMS on every call
  4. These OMH handsets are not listed in the site http://www.qualcomm.co.uk/products_services/chipsets/omh.html
  5. Tata Indicom Basic Sets

    Please visit the link below to know more about open market handsets http://www.qualcomm.co.uk/products_services/chipsets/omh.html
  6. Tata Indicom Basic Sets

    Please buy Open Market Handsets. Although OMH are somewhat costly they are more useful and better in perfomance.
  7. Now same offer is available in Kerala
  8. used their 10MB Free Browsing @Rs.5 only scheme. Very time consuming. We have to wait for hours to get confirmation SMS. Checking the balance bytes always show the same full bytes result even after consuming all the KBs.
  9. Mobile Phones May Become Cheaper

    Mobile phones may become cheaper but call charges will become costier
  10. Most of the foreign contries started 4G. In India auctions for 3G not yet started Brilliant government and donkey public
  11. Cdma Plans A 3G

    good news. If value for money CDMA smartphones(OMH) are released, CDMA will grow as GSM. Otherwise CDMA will be erased from india. All of my friends using CDMA is waiting to move to GSM when Mobile Number Portabilty is possible. The major reason "why people hesitate to buy CDMA" is the network locked phones. People want freedom to change their operator without changing their handset. If a number of handsets(OMH) with reasonable price are introduced this problem will be solved.
  12. Bad news from the side of our Government
  13. Tata Docomo Gprs On Demand

  14. In Kerala only MTS provides this facility.
  15. Hi I am from Kerala and using MTS(phone no 9142034110) and Tata indicom(phone no 9249736222). MTS has more coverage and economical tariffs than indicom. Indicom has poor coverage in some important places in Kerala like Thrissur Medical college - medical university campus.
  16. Best call rate plan in Kerala. I upgraded my existing number to this plan by recharging Rs 48.