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  1. Please suggest a Nokia CDMA Handset

    You can get Nokia 1325 CDMA phone from here But Nokia CDMA handset models are obsolete now, better to go for Samsung CDMA OMH phones, I am suggesting you Samsung B559 Guru CDMA OMH without camera but with a jumbo battery backup here
  2. Does Signal Boosters work?

    Friend, inquire whether any mobile jammer is using near to your office building. If any jammer is used, ask them to align the jammer antennas.
  3. Friend, there are 2 types of batteries and chargers; NiCad (Nickel Cadmium) and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). If you have NiCad batteries, you should use Nicad battery charger and if you have NiMH batteries, use NiMH battery charger. NiCad batteries have a capacity below 1000mAh (milli Ampere Hour = 1/1000 Ampere Hour) and NiMH batteries have capacity above 2000mAH. mAH indicates the charge storing capacity of the battery. For example 700mAH battery means it can deliver 0.7 Ampere of current (700 milli ampere) for one hour and a 2200 mAH battery means it can deliver 2.2 Ampere current for one hour. Both these batteries should charge at a current rate of 1/10th of it's capacity or lower . That means if the battery capacity is 700mAH, it can charge with a current up to 70 milli ampere (0.07 Ampere); if the battery capacity is 2200mAH, it can charge with a current up to 220mAH (0.22 Ampere). If we are charging with more than this current, suppose charging a 700mAH battery with 500 mA current, the battery will damage soon. If we are charging a battery with lower current, suppose charging a 700mAH battery with 35 milli Ampere current no damage will cause to the battery except it will take double the time to get it fully charged. To find the charging time of a fully discharged battery, use this formula [battery capacity / charging current] * 1.4 The factor 1.4 is to compensate the charging loss, in other words battery charging has only 70% efficiency, 30% charging power is lost as heat, to compensate the loss we should add a 40% extra charging 'time'. So if we are charging a battery with it's 1/10th current, it will take 10 hours to get fully charged but owing to the losses it will take about 14 hours to fill (a simple example is think a 500 liter tank is filling with water at the rate of 50 liter per hour; it will take 10 hours to fill but if the pumping line has some leaks it will take more than 10 hours to fill) , if we have a 2200 mAH fully discharged battery and a 70mA charger using this formula it will take 44 hours to take fully charged (2200/70 = 31.43, 31.43*1.4 = 44). The battery we are using in our mobile phones are Lithium ion and it can charge at 1/2 of it's current rate, but Nicad and NiMH batteries should charge at 1/10 of it's current rate.
  4. Spice c3300 and Micromax c114 are the same chinese phone with different external designs. All components and specifications are the same. I think better to go for Micromax c114 however it is a bit costlier as it is unlocked and can use any CDMA uim. Spice c3300 is locked with Tata Indicom. Battery of most of these brands last only for about 6 months, after 6 months the battery capacity is seems reduced, but not a problem if we get spare battery from manufactures like ERD, AKITA, TAFE etc which will last longer than the original battery.
  5. It is only single standby, so can not turn on 2 UIMs simultaneously.
  6. IVIO Twilight 7 -- OMH EVDO/HSDPA Tablet

    No, battery is 3240mAH or 3.24AH which is 4 times long capacity than ordinary mobile battery (ordinary mobile battery is in the range 800-900 mAH)
  7. Friend, If you can add Rs.800 to your current budget can buy LG 6300 - a good MP3 handset with 2.1 sound output and external memory card. Please see this link please see the full specifications from here http://www.lg.com/in/mobile-phones/all-phones/LG-LG6300.jsp
  8. Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA

    Good news, friends don't leave CDMA by MNP. I think Apple iphone CDMA will come in OMH.
  9. Videocon VC 1605 Dual SIM - Unable to use browser

    Friend, only OMH handset with OMH sim will give you data in your phone (except bundled handsets). As this handset is not an OMH one, you can not use data in this handset. Please see the list of OMH handsets here www.omhworld.com
  10. I got a SIM. Phone number is 8714819121. They charged me Rs. 40/- for the SIM.
  11. This offer is not mentioned in tataindicom website.
  12. Any reviews about micromax EG333 http://www.micromaxinfo.com/product.php?cat=Touch_Screen&product=EG333
  13. Nokia 1508/1508i Cdma ?

    http://www.omhworld.com/ Good finding friend
  14. Avail Colour Handset, Sim with Lifetime validity and Double talk time at just Rs 699 The “Onam” special ‘Double Talktime Offer’ will enable all the new MTS subscribers to avail “Double Talk time” on all standard top-ups for the next one year Please click the link http://press-releases.techwhack.com/101025-mts-onam-bonanza
  15. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    New recharge offer in Kerala. Recharge with (easy charge) Rs 499 and get MTS to MTS free local calls for 15 years. FUP of 150 minutes per day after that current tariff. This is a limited period offer.
  16. Please suggest a basic GSM/CDMA Handset

    Friend, I think 'Samsung DUO 169 W169' is best suitable for your mother. It is an OMH handset, so you can use any CDMA sim. Reviews about this handset are available in our forum itself, please see CDMA handset discussion > samsung. For specification and details please see samsung website www.in.samsungmobile.com
  17. Photography Tips For Beginners

    Good info
  18. @ ramtech It is prepaid
  19. Friend, CDMA to GSM and GSM to CDMA is surely possible. I suggest you better to keep away from such foolish networks. They can not train their staff properly, then how they give you a better service?
  20. I am applied for MNP for my Tata Indicom CDMA number 9249736222 to MTS CDMA on 22/01/2011. Tata indicom (Kerala circle)- poor coverage, per minute billing with daily rental, no good offers, allmost all true value hubs and true value shops are closed for ever, recharge coupons/ easy charging are not available any where except a very few shops in major cities - even the true value shops/hubs does not have recharge coupons. Existing true value hub/shop people behaves like government office to customers. MTS - good covarage, good offers with per second billing like 1/2 paisa per second , 60,000 second local calls for Rs. 199/- , recharge coupons are available everywhere, new MTS exclusive stores are coming everywhere with satisfactory customer experience. Got an SMS today that my number will port to MTS with in the period from 27-JAN-2011 2203 hours to 28-JAN-2011 0003 hours
  21. MNP Retention Offer You Received

    Tata Indicom people called me from a number 00914466682650 and informed me they will send a representative tomorrow and tell him all my problems faced in Tata Indicom network and they will rectify it as soon as possible. He also told me that if I am not satisfied with the per minute billing he will change it to per second billing freely for one year.