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  1. Friend, please check the SMS format. It should be PORT<space>10 digit mobile number to 1900
  2. Thank you me_saket, the staffs in the MTS store said they have no correct clarification from MTS company and they will refund me the money if they charged wrongly.
  3. The Heaven - Gods Own Country -Munnar -Kerala

    Friends, please take some precautions while going to Alleppey (=Alappuzha). There are some acute waterborne diseases like Cholera, Amoebic dysentery, Dengue fever etc. All water even used for drinking are polluted and contaminated with germs, chemicals, poison and organic waste materials. But in Munnar there is no such disease problem, Munnar is very clean, hygienic and non toxic. While visiting Munnar never forget to see the Nilgiri Tahr (=mountain sheep, locally known as "varayaadu" from the words "vara" meaning mountain and "aadu" meaning sheep) at Eravikulam National Park (Rajamala). It is the only place in the world that we can see them. http://www.nilgiritahrinfo.info/index.htm
  4. They charged me Rs.49/- for the sim
  5. Samsung Guru 559

  6. Friends, I am very very sorry for the wrong information, but it is not due to my fault; I am telling the story..... 2 days before I called MTS (Kerala) C.C.executive and asked him whether they are giving OMH sim, he confirmed me with a big "NO" that they are not giving OMH sim but they are giving OMH sim bundled with MTS smartphones and which is not available without smartphone and he added that if number is ported to MTS the new sim is always a ordinary CDMA sim. Today I approached a MTS exclusive shop at Thrissur, Kerala to port my Tata indicom number to MTS. There were 2 lady staffs and 1 male staff. In the meantime I asked them whether they have any OMH sim. Hearing my question they looked each other and told me that they never heard about OMH sim and they asked me what is OMH At last they gave me a blank MTS sim and I found that it is the original MTS OMH sim. I told them this is the OMH sim; which is clearly written on the sim and sim packing and the both have 'gem' logo. All the three staffs were dumbfounded. This OMH sim is intended for ported customers as there is MNP mark on the sim packing Friends, the C.C. executives and selling point executives are fools, don't blindly believe them, and believe in "rimweb" And I am requesting to MTS (SSTL) administrative authority, you please train your staff well to avoid misleading your customers like this.
  7. MTS offering something to ported subscribers http://www.mtsindia.in/mnp.html
  8. @ afzal_6339 In Kerala MTS connection, they are not supplying OMH sim, so can not use data in OMH handset. If you want to activate EVDO in handset, you should buy a MTS smartphone. You can port any number to their smartphone.
  9. Today MTS C.C. executive confirmed me that number can be ported from any network to MTS from today midnight. But the bad thing is they are not providing OMH sim. He told me buy MTS smart phone, if data is required.
  10. All About LTE

    Very good info Karthik
  11. 'calcomp' CDMA OMH Handsets

    Friends, i found two good looking handsets CALCOMP Q9 and Q9+ in the site http://www.calcomp.com.tw/eng/product/pro01.php?productclassid=40 and qualcomm's website says Q9 is an CDMA OMH handset (http://www.qualcomm.co.uk/products_services/chipsets/omh.html). Is it available in India? What about the performance and price? Or is it a Chinese crap?
  12. Samsung Mpowertxt M369

    Samsung website updated - detials of Mpower Muzik 219, Duos 259, Corby Speed F339, MPOWER TXT M369, MPOWER TV S239, Galaxy CDMA I899 are uploaded http://in.samsungmobile.com/mobile-phones/phone-search.do?feature=cdma
  13. Micromax Eg333 Gsm+Cdma Dual Sim With Evdo

    Good features except no OMH & resistive touch
  14. Buy MTS Mblaze speed ka double dose pack for Rs. 2999/- and get Mblaze EVDO USB modem worth Rs.2299/- + Reebok shoes worth Rs 3499/- + data usage worth Rs 1188/- (total worth of items Rs. 6986/-) .A customer just needs to pay Rs2999 and buy the MBlaze service through any MTS branded retail outlet. The customer would be given a scratch card with a unique code.The customer then needs to log on to www.mtsindia.in/MBlaze and key in the code along with personal details including his/her shoe size. After the successful submission and validation, Reebok will courier the free pair of shoes to the customer within 10 working days. Also please see the link http://www.mtsindia.in/microsite/
  15. Samsung Mpowertxt M369

    @ Karthik, images are not loading, will you please put some medium resolution images?
  16. Tata giving nothing to their CDMA customers but giving all to their GSM customers. So customers are migrating to other networks. All my friends who had tata indicom connection are discarded their number. I will migrate my tata indicom number to MTS when MNP implemented in Kerala.
  17. Please suggest a CDMA Handset

    Friend, If your budget is up to Rs. 5000/- go for LG 6300; my wife is using this handset and has the best clarity voice from the ear piece speaker as well as loudspeaker and also have good battery backup and OMH but the current price is around Rs. 4500/-. If your budget is up to Rs. 2000/- go for Samsung guru B559; has satisfactory voice clarity, good battery backup and OMH.
  18. Videocon, Ducati Unveil New Rugged V6200 Phone

    We need a CDMA Ducati in the price range Rs. 5000/-
  19. Vote For The Best Anti-Virus!

    My vote is for Kaspersky
  20. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    Yes, Bass & treble and quality of sound is very good, there is equalizer settings as Normal/Classic/Jazz/Pop/Rock/Bass/Loudness/virtual bass. In Virtual bass mode bass is boosted heavily without suppressing other frequencies and is very interesting to listen, in bass mode bass is boosted but treble is suppressed. The word Dolby sound is not mentioned in the specifications, but all the music features of LG6300 and GM200 are the same including size,alignment and quality of speakers. (friend, model ID of this handset is 6300 and not RD6300 - RD represents network locked for Reliance, this is an OMH handset)
  21. MTS Mblaze Speed Ka Double Dose Offer

    Friends, This is the details of new offer, MTS MBlaze for Rs. 999/-, first recharge should be for Rs. 999/-, Total Rs. 1998/- (999+999), we will get Mblaze premium data card + 1 month unlimited download (with FUP) + 1 pair reebok shoes
  22. MTS Mblaze Speed Ka Double Dose Offer

    Thank you friend, I will give the full details tomorrow. Here shop keepers told me that it is a new offer and only banners showing "Now MTS MBlaze for Rs. 999" are came but recharge details not yet released, one shopkeeper told me that after buying MBlaze for Rs. 999/- we should recharge it with another Rs. 999/-(first recharge) to get it activated and also get 1 month unlimited download with fair usage policy. But he is not sure about the recharge details and told me details will come on Monday (tomorrow). I called the CC but he also told me that it is a new scheme and details not getting in their data base.
  23. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    One bad news from MTS Kerala - they stopped full talktime on recharge of Rs. 100/- voucher, now it will give only Rs. 90.66/-
  24. Lemon Mobiles Launches W100 3G Mobile Phone !

    There is low cost 3G phone, But there is no low cost 3G plan
  25. MTS Mblaze Speed Ka Double Dose Offer

    Good news In Kerala MTS Mblaze EVDO USB modem is available at an unbelievable price Rs.999/-