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  1. MTS Mbonus for Prepaid

    saket there is no need to send MYBONUS sms.. I also did that and didnt received any offer.. Now i get 3 msgs daily from MTS giving the same 3 offers as i told above..
  2. MTS Mbonus for Prepaid

    applicable in rajasthan also... i joined mbonus about 15 days ago.. I am getting 3 offers: 1) on recharge of 191 get 1/2p per second local+std for 6 months with 50rs talktime (thats the offer applicable everywhere) but the catch is they are offering 50% discount as additional talktime.. 2) recharge with 111 and get 124 talktime for 30 days 3)recharge with 225 and get 275 talktime for 30 days (plus all local calls at 1p/2sec)
  3. check this thing out: all local and std at 1p/2s for 90 days with a recharge of 99.. can anyone using docomo confirm it by calling customer care... source: 1) http://telecomgyaan.com/2011/07/tata-docomo-local-std-30p-karnataka-tata-docomo-local-std-1-2p/ 2) http://india-teletalk.blogspot.com/2011/06/tata-docomo-introduces-long-term.html
  4. Samsung Galaxy 551 Android Launched In India

    its an amazing phone guys.. i bought it one week ago at 12,100 Rs. I wanted andoid with keypad under 15K.. and its the only phone thats having this thing... its working great.. not laggy..
  5. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    camera quality is good. i liked it when compared to other 2 MP camera phones out there. but lacks flash. so in dark, dont expect to get good shots... well i have a problem. I forgot the password using which i can lock phonebook, messages, call record etc. i dont remember it. tried a lot but no luck. so, how can i recover the password. in urgent need to lock my inbox... so.... i guess u guys can understand....
  6. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    lol... tell me also when u come to know what that was...
  7. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    Hey Thanx buddy I'am aware of this but i want to set other tone, other than default tone there are only 6 tone, i want to set my ringtone from gallary do you have any idea thanx it cant be done. sms ring type can be selected drom the built-in 6 tones only... i hate it....
  8. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    so much discussion about capacitive and resistive touch screen and i still dont know whats the basic diffrence between the two.. but i have tried using stylus and it works on the screen.. does it proves that corby speed is having resistive touch screen ?? and i havent used iphone or other htc phones.. so still have no complaints to the touch screen.. its fine... the only problem is when u try to click on a certain menu item to open it and instead of getting open, the click is treated like a swipe (finger slide) which just keeps moving the list of menu items up and down.. i have to click on a certain menu item many times to open it...
  9. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    i have not used duos w299 so cant compare the two qwerty keypads.. but by the screen size of both the phones i am sure that both must be having approximatly same sized qwerty keypad. so if u wer comfortable with duos w299 , u will be with corby also. but i noticed that typing on qwerty keypad is little slow. i mean the character appears on the screen after a little delay when pressing the key as compared to T9 keypad...
  10. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    Color of Jackets vary with different piece.. I got Yellow, Black and White... one more problem. when i am doing something in the menus and at the same time sms delievry report comes, the touch screen stops responding. only way to get it back working is to press the "End call" key and come on the standby screen. there after the screen again start to respond.. happens with me daily many times as i have delivery report option checked on..
  11. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    .Dear raccon i hav mentioned that this phone is not good for texting. can u please highlight it more cos i was considering to go for this phone since it has a virtual qwerty keyboard which can be helpful in texting.pls share your experience to help me decide abt it. thanks I have been using this phone for 3 or 4 months now (dont remember the exact date on which i bought it).. i am a heavy text user. and in my opinion the messaging on this phone is good. i approx send 100 sms per day out of which approx 50 are typed (i mean i type them for chatting purpose). and believe me typing on virtual keypad is not painful. but if u talk about the virtual qwerty keypad, then i m sure u wont be able to use it for long time. its so small that u cant type easily and correctly.
  12. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    i also just removed the memory card and re-inserted it.. and wwwhhhooo... battery started to last longer...
  13. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    agree.. typing on touch screen is a bit problematic but besides that it is very good for sms freaks.... 5)can send sms to recent contacts too as there is option to select recent contacts while adding names.
  14. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    yaar bro.. in my cell only 1x network shows in my city.. but when i move in other cities both 1x and EVDO networks appears.. so does that mean that there is no EVDO in my city ? and i cant use internet on mobile without EVDO ? or i can use data services in 1x also ? and what u meant when u said, "activate EVDO" ?? by the way, m still searching for an OMH sim..
  15. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    lol.... great video....