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  1. My dream phone...

    5 inch or less, Android, 4g LTE, Dual SIM, Snapdragon, 4gb RAM, 64gb storage, dedicated memory card slot, good battery (phone should last 2 days), good camera (4 camera set-up, 108mp, 4k recording), waterproof, bluetooth 5, infrared port, fingerprint sensor at the rear, fm radio.

    Preferrably Flip design!

    Is there any such phone available today?

  2. What I noticed!

    I just moved from my 10 year old RUIM to an OMH RUIM.

    The old RUIM has a huge chip and the new OMH has a tiny chip.

    My observations..... With the old RUIM, I had almost full signal at home. Now, with the new OMH RUIM, I have hardly 1 or 2 bars.

    Sent request for EVDO. Waited for confirmation of activation. Got no confirmation, but realised EVDO was activated and running.

    Attached are pics of my old & new RUIM. And Speedtest.



  3. Is it possible to increase the RAM on phones the way it can be done on computers?

    Can the hardware gurus shed some light in this area?

    I use an HTC Incredible 2 & the phone is fantastic in every way other than the fact that it gets slow while multi tasking. Though the specifications of the phone say it has 768MB RAM, the phone shows only 573MB total available RAM. Out of that 370+ is always being used; which leaves very little for running the apps. Screenshot attached.

    So it would be great if we could upgrade the RAM to about 2GB or at least 1 to 1.5GB.


  4. What phone is best for use with the RUIM card as of now? Anything better than the HTC Incredible 2? After using the Incredible 2 for more than two years now, I feel the need for a faster phone. 573MB RAM.... out of which, only about 180 available, seems very insufficient. Also, funnily, Bluetooth can only be used for pairing headphones. I can't transfer any files or pics via Bluetooth.

  5. I bought an HTC Incredible 2 from Kapil last year. It is the best phone I have used till date. I use it with Reliance CDMA RUIM card. i can also insert a GSM SIM in the same slot and it works. My wife uses a Samsung Galaxy S2 GSM and I prefer my HTC. I got a fantastic deal from Kapil, got the phone delivered in just 1 day and Kapil still supports by answering any number of stupid questions I have regarding the phone even to this day. Super Happy! :)

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  6. Go for the HTC Incredible 2 from Kapil. I purchased one from him & realized that not just just the phone is incredible, but the seller too. Kapil's commitment towards his customers is incredible as well. He patiently answers all your queries, however dumb they may be, solves any issue there may be and ensures all upgrades reach you even much after your purchase. He's been so awesome that I purchased yet another handset from him and am very happy with both handsets.

  7. ^^^^^^

    Sammy android phones anyway has coverage issues... My old BB8830 is twice better than EPIC wrt network coverage, imho...

    Such sweeping statements for a particular brand are totally unsubstantiated. New Sammy's like the Galaxy S2 will lick all BB's put together.

    I can confirm that my Samsung Galaxy S II (GSM) with a BSNL 3G sim in it has network problems. The same sim in another handset has much better reception, much stronger signal and clear voice. With the S II, my wife is constantly saying, "What what?" and also, "I said.... blah blah blah".