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  1. I have been able to get hold of an RUIM radio for HTC Imagio. However I have had success with just one RUIM card (2008-2009 ones) of Tata Indicom. But while OTA detects the card, I am unable to make or receive calls. I believe it is related to rilphone dll issues with the OS and the radio. Any suggestions from anyone. There are issues with the radio however. It s**ks on battery life and poorer signal quality. I have found a later and more stable version but could not get it to detect the RUIM. If people are interested I can post them.
  2. Are these the cheapest broadband tariff plans in the country? Beam Telecom Tariff Plans
  3. Anyway for some technical information. Assuming the wavelength of the signal to be 'L' where L=c/F, with c being the speed of light (say in centimeters) and F is the frequency (2.4GHz for Wireless b/g/n), then the Parabolic reflector should be kept at either L/4, L/2 or L distance from the antenna for maximum reflectivity. L/4 in this case works out to slightly over 3cms (more accurately 3.122838104cms). I had been using this technique since 2008 for EvDO. If you did not get any hints from this post for other frequencies, you can read http://anand.tch.in/2008/09/improving-signal-strength-of-evdocdma.html.
  4. Simplest solution is to get a Wifi router with a print server. For example the Asus RT-N13U. Other options include setting up a PC as a file/print server. With a Linux system, you should even be able to setup a scan server using SANE.
  5. This has to do with the network rather than the SIM. The first SIM/RUIM I received from Tata Indicom when I took a CDMA connection way back in 2008 supported both CDMA and GSM networks. Except it would not work in India on GSM but would work abroad. I believe they used to call it the T-SIM.
  6. Spice Mi-410 Review

    I had GPS issues with the unofficial CSL GB ROM, so when the official Spice GB ROM came out I tried it out. It was decent for more than a week. Then I suddenly started suffering from a 5s wakeup lag problem on the official Spice ROM. Even reflashing the same ROM did not fix the problem. I could not flash any other ROM. Even CWM's recovery image would not work. But I was able to dump the recovery.img from the froyo ROM and flash back to the Cherry Magnum version. Happy for now. Inspite of the wakeup lag with the Spice ROM, I was getting over 2days of battery with 2G data on.
  7. BSNL Provide EVDO In SIM

    I know this is more than a year late, but shouldn't this thread be posted under Other CDMA providers rather than Other GSM Providers.
  8. Android Updates For Your Phone

    Spice Mi-410 Official Gingerbread update can be downloaded from http://www.spiceglobal.com/download/628d4ad7-4c46-45d7-8eb0-4dde07ad066c.rar
  9. Spice Mi-410 Review

    Funny, I never faced wakeup lag with either the Cherry Magnum GB Rom or the CSL GB ROM floating around. Have no problem with Wifi or GPS either. I am currently using a stripped down CSL GB ROM. I easily get over a 1.5days of usage with the phone with data in 2G mode. This includes around 1hr of Fruit Ninja.
  10. Can someone post to an official link to TRAI's website rather than a newspaper's.
  11. HTC Desire uses a first generation Snapdragon CPU with Adreno 200. The graphics performance is significantly improved with the second generation CPU with Adreno 205. Furthermore it also has HDMI out, and makes an excellent low cost development device. The quality of the gyro and rear camera is not upto the mark however. And to add some browny points to it, it is manufactured by Foxconn (the iPhone manufacturer). Its a 1GHz cpu. The list of devices it is sold internationally are: 1. Huawei Ideos X6(Australia)/U9000/Ascend X(USA) 2. CSL Blueberry Mi-410 (Malaysia/Indonesia) 3. Cherry Magnum HD (Philippines) 4. Welcomm A99 (Thailand)
  12. Beginners Guide To Android

    ext4 is a filesystem used primarily by the Linux OS. It follows ext3 which by itself followed ext2. ext2 is the preferred choice on Android phones for the OS. Your sdcard uses fat32/vfat and hence is accessible on windows machines. From my experience with Linux filesystems on desktops, all I can say is that there are no significant benefits on a single core mobile phone or tablets with shifting to ext4 if your phone already uses ext2 and you are using flash memory for the OS. In fact both read and write performance is likely to be slower and the life of the flash memory device could come down if you shift to ext4. The primary benefit is reduced chance of data corruption if processes hang/become irresponsive and if you have a habit of removing the battery without powering off the phone. The use of journaling on ext3/4 improves reliability. However on desktops which use Harddisks as the storage medium, an ext4 is better suited due to better reliability and lower disk fragmentation and improved read performance but at the cost of write performance.
  13. Spice Mi-410 Review

    Spice MI-410 itself comes with 2.2 build with CSL ROM. Any ROM from Spice will likely be the CSL version. I also heard that CSL was bought over by Spice.
  14. Spice Mi-410 Review

    Also the stock 2.2 CSL/Spice ROM failed to detect automatically internet settings for Airtel. Flashing to the MagnumHD 2.3.4 Rom solved the problem.
  15. Spice Mi-410 Review

    I managed to get the MI-410 up and running with Gingerbread ROM from the Cherry Magnum HD. Once you do this you can try the modified skype for video calls. The modified skype for video calls is available on xda-developer forums and works well with the Spice Mi-410 with the Cherry Magnum HD ROM. Also manually rooted it to enable proxy support for WiFi networks.
  16. A more complete video review at iGyaan
  17. With TI's customer care getting as bad as Airtel, I shifted to Airtel.
  18. In May when I was looking to buy an Android handset for a project, I found Optimus 2X being sold for Rs.25000 (after Rs.1000 instant cashback) from some of the local dealers. Considering this I cannot understand the logic of this Reliance "offer".
  19. Help Wanted To Buy A New Netbook

    Alternatively look out for Dell Inspiron M101z (better than a netbook but slower than a full fledged notebook) from local dealers. The online price is bit expensive. Got a single core AMD Neo processor, with 2 GB RAM and 320GB HD and windows 7 home edition for 22000 from my local dealer. Found netbooks (my testbed for some of my projects) slightly less convenient compared to the Dell Inspiron M101z. Anand
  20. Need Suggestions For GSM Android Phones

    Actually this or Nexus One was available somewhere else for 13999. But could not remember the website.
  21. Need Suggestions For GSM Android Phones

    HTC Desire for 16500 at flipkart.com
  22. Except when it comes to the RUIM based handset options available in India
  23. My comparison was for a given frequency. Not all GSM operators operate on 1800MHz. Many also operate on 900MHz. On dual network phones that support both CDMA and GSM but not both simulateously, I have consistently observed higher standby times on CDMA than on GSM. But when it comes to talk time things are reversed. In the case of GSM the energy is more focussed in particular frequency bands depending on the cell configuration. The possibility of interference is higher in GSM networks and hence there is a limit on the number of active callers a tower can handle. In CDMA however, the use of spread spectrum communication uses more energy overall, but is distributed across frequencies. Thus the radiation levels are lower but the energy levels are higher. I forgot to complete the second argument in favor of CDMA. Because the energy is spread over frequencies, it requires lesser energy to transmit in the presence of interference/noise. UMTS networks based on WCDMA also exhibit similar features due to the use of spread spectrum techniques unlike GSM. 1. CDMA phones use more power because of the reason you mentioned. 2. Spread spectrum means theoretically infinite users have full access to entire bandwidth using pseudorandom codes unlike GSM/UMTS which is FDMA+TDMA. But this code is effectively noise to all other channels other than the receiver which has the pseudorandom code. This is why it needs more power and power control is main issue in CDMA. Power and radiation/frequency are not same issue, this topic talks about radiation comparison which is determined by what frequencies these systems use.
  24. As far as I know and I agree with the article on this, CDMA phones are less dangerous than GSM ones. There are two reasons for this 1. Power consumption is less during standby because CDMA phones check with the cell tower every few seconds (Slot Cycle Index) unlike GSM phones. 2. The use of spread spectrum communication ensures that the energy is spread over frequencies and requires lesser energy to transmit.