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  1. Nokia 6155 CDMA

    Reliance will probably launch this phone in April 2006 only after disabling many features as usual. This phone will be priced around 18k. But it is the ultimate full featured phone for CDMA at the moment. Hope they launch it earlier with all features available. Keep enjoying.
  2. Dear Arun, You are right about the free std from one mobile to another mobile. But I still maintain that this is limited to those two mobiles only. Normally, when people read the thread, it appears to them that any mobile to any mobile (intra operator) STD is full free. Anyway, lets leave the matter at that. Thanks
  3. Download Bitpim

    Can anyone please tell me which version of BITPIM will work for LG LSP 350R? I want to backup my phone book, sms's etc. Thanks in advance Kumaar Shah
  4. LG RD 6230 launched !

    Hi guys, What exactly is the difference between JAVA based and BREW based R World? More details please... Thanks in advance
  5. It will be free for only those two TATA mobiles and not from any TATA to any other TATA anywhere. There is no sense in this type of calculations. Think properly before you leap into this.
  6. New LG handsets in the pipeline

    Can you please let me know which website of LG provides details of LG RD6230, LGRD5330, LGRD5340 . lgmobiles.com is not at all useful and provides details only of 2530 which looks yuck. wonder what has happened to LG? looks like they also have gone to a long sleep alongwith Reliance. Good bedmates???
  7. New LG handsets in the pipeline

    No furhter developments from LG and Reliance in this matter?????
  8. What Happened To Rim.diwali Ghoshnas

    Dear All, Heard about the latest Plan 600 for FWPs? Maybe this is for Diwali. You get 2000 mts of fully free all India Onnet calls. After this, it will cost you 0.30 pm for on net calls (even for local onnet calls). You can talk for about one hour daily No free talktime available for offnet calls. No concept of local onnet pack also. All other call charges local and std for offnet will remain same at Rs 1.10 per pulse. In other words, the old Plan 700 has been discontinued and its place you have a new Plan 600. The earlier Rs 165 talktime and the full free on net calling facility has been removed totally and in its place, you have only 2000 mts of full free all india onnet. Hope this new plan will cheer those who were yearning for Plan 700 but were too late to subscribe/migrate to it. Enjoy. Cheers.
  9. Nokia 6385 : Now On Rim

    It is very heavy at about 138 gms and has a green backlight. It seems to be very old model and it is not available for India.
  10. Telcos Learning Abcd Of Marketing

    You are right. ADAE is sleeping now - no new handsets, no new schemes - only withdrawals of schemes - no reduction in tariffs to offnet. I sent a email to them asking why I should not switch over to GSM as they are more competitive in tariffs and the voice quality has also improved susbtantially now and also they have very pleasing and attractive handsets. They made two senior executives call me up who pleaded me to continue with them and not disconnect from RIM. All tariff revisions will take place by month end, I was promised. You are absolutely right abt the 6255 vs 6600 pricing. It just does not make any sense to go in for any new RIM handset as they are either not having required features or they are overpriced as compared to other GSM phones. RIM is currently focusing only on on net calls and all off net calls are expensive. Locally GSM is available at 0.50 pm to all mobiles whereas r2r is free and r2gsm is at 1pm or 0.8pm or 1.20pm depending on the plan you have opted for. Hutch, Chennai also offers night tariffs of 0.10 pm to any mobile across Chennai and TN. It is far cheaper to talk from GSM than from RIM. These tariffs are available in prepaid, mind you where every month, you have new schemes which offer you full talktime. It is high time ADAE pulls up their socks and get down to business and come back with a bang in the market. It appears that ADA has totally forgotten his father's dream of a call not costing more than a postcard. Hope he recollects his memory very soon. Most of the DAPO customers will definitely switch over to GSM post the 3 year period which ends in March 2006. Thanx
  11. Great news Irfu, I am having LSP-350R and am unable to get a data cable in Chennai for this phone. The LG center says that it costs Rs 1500 apprx, but stocks are unavailable with them now. Can any one suggest alternatives? Would a data cable of GSM LG mobile work with this 350R? The two ends are perfectly fitting, but I do not have any software. Would bitpim work? If possible, can somebody email me the SWs to my email ID kumarent@gmail.com. Just now, I contacted LG service centre, they say no software version is available for 350R and in any case, R World is not there for this phone. It is only for mobiles. Can you please post me on this new sw version and its number details? Thanx
  12. All about New LG RD 2340

    Very good work Hyd Ladka. keep it up. But please tell me whether any of these phones will receive LMS or NO? If we send a LMS from a GSM to any RIM, it does not come to the RIM at all. It disappears totally. Ideally it should come in one single LMS or alternately, it should come in different packets of 160 chrs. However none of the relaince phones - mobiles or FWPs is able to receive any LMS at all. Any idea how to overcome this? Thanks
  13. All about New LG RD 2340

    Dear Pankaj, Can you give me the website address where this LG RD 2340 is? www.lgmobiles.com is showing only old handsets and www.lgmobile.com is for gsm handsets. Also, can you provide the features and the price. Thanks