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  1. AFAIK, you will get 144 kbps speeds after the FUP is over. Check with CC for more details.

    MTS recently launched 3GPlus EvDo Rev B all over India in circles where they are existent that is, and they have 2 speedbreakers after FUP.

    RCOM and Tata have only 1 speed breaker as yet, no idea when they will also do the same, maybe they will go further and provide 5 speedbreakers also after FUP.

    And 230kbps speeds are for EDGE not EvDo, if I am right. Other gurus here may respond on this.

  2. one can also check at the following link for all details: -


    They are claiming 9.8Mbps speeds on Rev B EvDo. Is the speeds available pan India? Their website seems to say so.

    Anyone using and getting consistent speeds?

    Plus after the FUP, there are 2 speedbreakers - if you have taken a 5GB plan, the 1st speedbreaker is from 5 to 7.5 GB at 144 kbps and the 2nd one is beyond 7.5GB at 64 kbps.

  3. I too feel VA is right, 3G GSM is much better than EvDo. Although EvDo Rev B is available for Chennai (as per HP's post earlier), I do not have any handset capable to check that, so no comments.

    One more thing, is that battery life in EvDo is very very poor as compared to 3G GSM. On EvDo, my Photon lasts only max 6 hours, but with 3G GSM on my same Photon, it lasts almost 2.5 to 3 times more. Others here may share their experience on battery life.This has been my own experience during the last one year. Of course, 3G GSM network availability is a problem at many places, but where its available, it has been very good so far.

    Given a choice, I will junk EvDo, I use it very rarely because of poor battery life. Most of the time, I use WiFi only when in office or at home.

  4. I dont think there is any mechanism to check if an individual has nine or more connections even with one single operator leave alone multiple operators.

    If that rule exists, I will be the first person to face service outage across so many of my RCOM connections. AFAIK, I have almost 22 connections in my name across CDMA, FWP, GSM, data cards etc. All are in my own name. They are across my family members, my office staff and for my own use as well.

    There is no way to deactivate the excess connections AFAIK. Most of the connections are prepaid and cannot be terminated. Many of these are not recharged as well for more than 2 years almost. The WWs will not accept any termination request for prepaids at all. I would be more than happy if RCOM can deactivate the excess connections. Any one here can suggest how to deactivate prepaids?

  5. Anyone can help me with a good OEM Motorola Photon 4G battery?

    Mine seems to be going down, need to charge it atleast 3 to 4 times daily if I use 3G, twice if I use WiFi and once if I switch off Net.

    Till last week, WiFi on, battery used to last a full day almost. I use 3G very rarely, most of the time I am on WiFi only.


    EDIT: I searched on ebay and got the following results: -


    But not too sure if the OEM battery being sold at Rs 1490 is really OEM. This is because my battery has the M logo on the right side, whereas all ebay products have the M Logo on the left. Are they really 1650mAH? And why are Motorola batteries only so costly, all other makes are around 500 to 800 only

    And as for the ones sold at Rs 945, no idea about the reliability.

    One more is here: -


    It has M logo on the right side, but too expensive at Rs 2285. Not too sure about the quality also.

    Anyone here has experience on the above can share here.

  6. @deepak,

    I have always paid all my mobile, telephones, BB, insurance premiums, taxes dues etc etc through my credit cards. I always make it a point to check my account online if it is debited properly or not. And simultaneously, I even check the respective service providers account to see if its credited properly. This way, you are at peace. Its not that there have been no problems at all. Immediately if there wasa ny discrepancy, I take up the matter by email to the respective credit card and to the service provider also. This way, it gets rectified on time. Even now, I have had some problems with my SC credit card - they have not apportioned my payment to the respective account. I fought with them last month and again this month, they wrongly charged me interest. I have once again fought with them to get it reversed.

    Many people take it that online banking is very easy and a one click process. They forget that they have to take steps to check the veracity. And then the problems multiply manifold.

    Finally I would like to reiterate that for Chennai, AirHell is best at the moment with very good speeds, pings, service and reasonably good plans - it is a bit costly at the lowest level compared to BSNL, RCOM etc but then it gets compensated by their superb services.

    I had taken an 6 monthly ARP, which expired in July 13. Unfortunately, it was not renewed, I gave them a termination request and they immediately pacified me and told me that my forthcoming bill dt 5 Sept will have the ARP included. Lets see what happens on 5th Sept. If it gets missed again, I will give one more termination request. Lets see, I will post here what happens.

  7. My problems are that the batteries were being replaced by RCOM free when I was postpaid, the moment I became prepaid, they washed their hands off. In any case, they had to replace the batteries every week or even lesser.The batteries were very poor in quality.

    Secondly, there are some other mechanical problems also. Like the hook switch does not disconnect the line even if you press hard or light.

    Thirdly, the voice also has become very poor and crackles a lot and is inaudible to other operator users who call us. We got the coiled coil changed many times, but no effect. There is a hiss most of the times.

    I have resigned to my fate and have switched off both my phones. No point in continuing services with a company that cares a damn.

    Any other repair options in Chennai, please LMK.



    The batteries that are present in both my phones are not the original ones. So what to do? Do you need photos of these?

  8. I have 2 FWPs with me, both were converted to prepaid a year back. I have not recharged both of them since it were converted to prepaid. Still they are active.

    I think RCOM has washed off their hands on FWPs/FWTs. They do not support these anymore. Both my handsets LG LSP 350R are always off because the batteries have died and cannot be replaced or changed. I went to LG service station and they told me they too do not have any stocks. That apart, both of these handsets have some voice problem also - the voice is crackly and does not sound clear at all, no idea whom to approach for repairs. The worst part is I have saved almost 1500 numbers in each phone, cannot back up also and writing it down manually is impossible.

    It is indeed sad that RCOM has murdered FWP/FWT business by their own hands.

  9. ^^^

    I quit BSNL this Jan'13 and moved to AirHell with full apprehensions.

    I was forced to eat back all my apprehensions as I am now fully happy with AirHell plans, service, speeds, ping, you name it, everything is good. And the icing on the cake is Rs 1,000 worth free local calls, which means your effective rental goes down by Rs 1,000. Currently I am on a 4Mbps plan as they do not have feasability for 8 or 16Mbps in our area. Once they get the feasability, I will move to 8Mbps.

    I am getting truly Unltd in my account, with no FUP. And to top it, I get calls from them asking me why my usage is so low, when I have almost used up 3 to 4 times the limit month every month. They also ask me if I am experiencing any problems with BB and whether I am happy with their services. Lolzzzzz. Compare this to RCOM or BSNL - they never ever call us up for any reasons at all. Surely they need to learn from AirHell on how to make and keep customers happy.

  10. ^^^

    In my RGSM mobile, on selecting Sim Toolkit, there is a option Roaming under which there are two options - Home and Roam. One of them has (On) beside it. Try selecting the other, then restart the device and check. If this does not work, try with the other option, restart and check again. Maybe you could even try removing the SIM and then reinserting it. I am hopeful your problem will be resolved.

    You will not get any network selection at all. Only two options are there - Home and Roam. On selecting either of these, one message will pop, "Already on". After this you have to exit from the SIM Toolkit and then either remove the SIM and reinsert and restart or just restart your device. Hopefully if this does not happen, try with the other option and check again.

  11. DK,

    One small suggestion, hope it works for you.

    Go to Menu, Apps, SIM Toolkit, there you will get International Roaming or Roaming whatever. Change the settings here, restart your mobile. See if it works.

    Did your Photon go abroad recently? This happens with many phones, esp Nokias even while roaming in India. I have tried this with my son's Nokia & Voda and also my niece's Nokia & Idea.

    After restart, it will start working.

    Try it.

  12. It is prepaid accroding to ndtv site, link here http://gadgets.ndtv.com/telecom/news/reliance-communications-hikes-call-rates-for-both-gsm-and-cdma-subscribers-by-up-to-30-percent-363233#;

    So now, RCOM has joined the GSM Gangsters. It will be difficult for RCOM to match Airtel's services now, with more customers wanting to move onto either Airtel, Voda or Idea with better customer services atleast and the same cost or even better VFM.

  13. Good Info, thanks for sharing...

    One of my Uncles was diagnosed with Bone Cancer some 3 to 4 months back and we asked the oncologist whether SourSop juice can be given to him and its effectiveness. He told that you can start the Soursop after 6 months only and not now. He did not vouch for its efficacy and neither he disagreed with the view that SourSop is good for Cancer.

    My Uncle was started on chemo therapy. However due to his age and other complications, he passed away last month.

    So a number of questions arise, like when should the treatment with Sour Sop begin actually, for how long, and whether to avoid chemo totally? None of the websites or FB pages conatin any reliable information on dosage, usage, course period etc etc.