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  1. Motorola Atrix 4G-The Monster

    wow the phone looks really amazing. the only thing disappointing about the phone is that it is not running android 2.3 gingerbread....i'm pretty sure that the phone is going to cost more than 30k when and if it comes to india
  2. BSNL was the only operator who was offering good data plans at reasonable cost. now he has also withdrawn the unlimited 3g plans (in chennai and TN circle). BSNL. data usage charges on all networks are really pathetic. fpr 98rs we used to get 2gb in gprs but now 100 mb costs rs 100.
  3. Vodafone 3G Update

    just did a speed test on www.dslreports.com/mspeed . download speed of 784kbps
  4. Vodafone 3G Update

    just activated 3g services on my vodafone. did it through sms.worked properly without a problem. 3g services got activated and the speeds are pretty awesome.
  5. My Ordeal With Reliance GSM Customer Care

    i know that i can port to a different operator but i was just appalled at their behaviour. ii never thought it would be this worse
  6. Full Talk Time Recharge?

    just spoke to RGSM cc in chennai. they are saying that 120 rs tt offer is valid only for RCDMA and NOT for RGSM.
  7. Reliance SMS Blackout Days

    it depends on the circle. 14th is pongal in TN. hence it is being charged. plus i don't know what the hell TRAI is doing. only on special days like new years eve, new year and on other festival days, we tend to send our greetings to all our friends. but on such special days alone we are charged. isn't the purpose of activating sms packs defeated?
  8. Reliance SMS Blackout Days

    hi i would just like to mention here that even though i receieved an sms stating that i shall be charged on blackout days,i was NOT charged on new years eve and new year day.
  9. Reliance SMS Blackout Days

    just got a sms from reliance saying that my sms pack shall not be valid on the following days for 2011 (chennai circle) 1. new year 2. sankranthi 3. valentines day 4. diwali 5. independence day. even though reliance introduced black out days from 20th aug 2010, existing sms pack subscribers were not charged on blackout days. but i guess even existing members shall be charged from 2011 onwards