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  1. Online Time Calculation Method

    no its not true now, it is from the time you connect till you disconnect. So dont stay in illusion. please
  2. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    yes there are interesting settings in nokias but it can be tweaked only if one has access to other phones and its service tools. Ufortunately, I have only 191, 2230 and 2280 and 7230 access. none of them has native MMS. I am trying for wap browsing by intalling wap gateway on my desktop, no success yet. If it works then, who cares for r world
  3. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    may be but you may not have seen possible settings and capabilities of 6225, which I have. Anyway, download .xls file from link provided here and see what it has. My Webpage there are two files, PDF contains EMS / SMS / MMS docment of nokia and another HTML page for internal settings of 6225
  4. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    As I mentioned its strange, but if you look at the phone settings using diego as well as at nokia site, developer forum etc. even 6225 even supports 3gp video streams. WAP, MMS, BREW and many other features are supported but are not enabled by reliance. If you want to send MMS on CDMA there are two ways, one is to send by PPP connection or by QNC (Quick net connect). MMS has to be sent using URL or IP address of service provider. I tried to tweak phone but since MMS portal is open for RIM 6130 or may be other handsets which has native MMS. 6225 has WAP browsers as well java application download facilities, which I think equivellent to R WORLD as jatayu browser embeded in most RIM phones is JAVA browser. WAP connections are little tricky but if you see MMS portal of RIM, its page source is from OPENWAVE and thats the browser in 6225 or other nokia handsets except 2280. I have firm belief that colors has nothing to do with r world or streaming videos as they are available on B/W handsets too. If you are interested I can post list of all possible settings in 6225. You will be surprised to see, I bet.
  5. Sms Through Pc

    no CDMA, not even by Oxygen
  6. Nokia 6225 Review!

    I dont understand how diego can scr**** phone. First read phone and take back up of what settings are. Then do what ever you want to do. If need be rewrite original settings. does any one knows what are native MMS settings in LG hand sets?
  7. Nokia Pc Suite

    I too have many java games for Nokia, any one interested can post. I will post list in few days. May be 100 games I have.
  8. Nokia 6225 Review!

    use diego There are menus which can be enabled: 1. Multimedia messaging 2. Minibrowser messages (Similar to one in other RIM phones) 3. Java Application download and execution from java webs. 4, Mini browser (WAP browsers) 5. Show number of unread messages in menu. 6. where you want acknowledgenment receipt (Means on screen or in Inbox) and many many more useful features. However I am still unable to configure MMS or minibrowser.
  9. Nokia 6225 Review!

    Chirag, answers to your querries: 1. Browser is not enabled by default, it has to be enabled using system commands. 2. MMS too is not enabled, same as above, but due to lack of server information both of these can not be used. 3. Data connectivity is typically nokia, tricky if cable is not original, elspecially if driver is not right. Connectivity is far stable than any other phone. You can upload java games, images to phone, certian java applications which is really useful feature. 4. FM radio drains battery in a day, else it last 2 days / 120 mins talk time. 5. I have no knowledge of photo IDS as never tried.
  10. AT Commands & SMS Software

    No SMS can not be sent using 6225 using PC. even oxygen does not support it. it was supported once upon a time by 3665 or so ofered by TATA (It was color hand set of tata, they introduced first)
  11. Connect To Smsc Via Internet

    aniket, whats there in files? How to use it?, thanks
  12. Nokia 6225 Review!

    yes, 6225 enters into browser mode when 0 key is pressed for a while but it is not gonfigured for IP and serer address, so it can not connect. It has wap browser so it is far different than browsers in other r world enabled phones, they are java browsers. 6225 is java as well as brew enabled but not configured by reliance. Else phone is really good, good pc sync software, reasonablly good photos (75% quality of 7220), you can upload java games and applications (atleast upto 100 as total on board memory is 3 MB. (Which is shared between camara, java games and applicationa)
  13. Sierra Wireless Card

    with the same network backbone, be it evdo or 1X, I belive user will not experience great difference in speed. Even reliance broad band, of 512 kbps do not perform great. I had an opportunity to browse for 30 mins at my frnd's place. Effective download speed at about 430 pm was 200 kbps. with high latency value. of about 250-280 mS to yahoo.com
  14. Creative Re-use Of Waste Cds

    yes, I could heat water, ofcourse when used originally punched CD, I had to make parabolic wooden base and then fixed about 30 CD's. All were provided support of 4 springs and adjuster nut so that it can be focused on small heat exchanger (it was tank of water geyser, instant) with water in and out. In first attempt it can increase temperature by about 15 Deg C at 3 liter per minute rate. Later I could not conduct further trials because of time constrains, I did this about year and a half.
  15. Creative Re-use Of Waste Cds

    use it as a reflector to make solar cooker or water heater. I made one small water heater. Ofcourse its more or less like manufacturing someething and time consuming but it gives satisfaction of making something useful out of waste.
  16. Nokia 3105

    same with 6225
  17. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    I came across a person who was holding high post in Nokia sales. Acording to him, Nokia is about 1% market share in CDMA in India, they are planning to grow upto 25% by end of 2005. Next month they will introduce about 2 models. One of which With bluetooth, memory chip, video recording etc. He said, nokia's do not have R world because reliance requested not to keep R world as it will harm reliance business interest. Reliance sells all other brands except nokia, hence reliance did not prefered that Nokia provides R World, else no one will buy other hand sets (I dont agree fully) That is One of the reason why nokia CDMA is expensive than GSM counter part. Else nokia uses its own chip sets, so it does not pay royalty to qualcomm. From month of April R connect is likely to be paid, so after some times nokia will have R World or WAP browsing, he was not sure.
  18. Downloading Wap Content In R-surf?

    Though nokia is wap enabled phones, MMS is disabled. When some one tries to send MMS, nokia user get SMS stating that you have new MMS, MMS ID is XXX.XXXXX some characters alpha numeric. There is not mention where to have a look at. i am trying to configure nokia for wap access but could not do sofar.
  19. Other Than Rconnect Services

    I used Indicom net services about a year back in Ahmedabad, it was absolutely pathatic. It was Rs 1500 unlimited for month. But download speed was used to be not more than 1 - 2 MB per hour. I dont know status now but must not have improved because people who have taken their broadband connection are not happy.
  20. 7230 original cable has charging port, you have to use your charger plugd to that port.
  21. I think slim is not r connect compatible. Pl. all members do not go for LG 2030 / 2130 / 2230 if at all you are going to use it for R connect, Its pain. If you get old 191 / Nokia 2280 they are the best. Second best is Gtran then LG 7230, Nokia 6225 For nokias be aware that cable / driver could be problem. It is good only if you get appropriate cable. Not all cable works. Only problem with nokia is it takes about 1-2 minutes to disconnect. In LG 2030 / 2230 connection has many errors and slugish speed. LG 7230 has USB driver problem so depends upon computer config either PC sync or R connect will work. G tran is good but problem is charging while using R connect. It has no provision for charging while connected to data cable.
  22. Tweaking R-connect

    In any phone atleast 5-6 errors are received while connecting only. I can send you screen shots of LG 2030, unfortunately my 191 died before few days so I am compelled with 2030. BTW any one wants to sell 191?
  23. Tweaking R-connect

    I have observed that LG phones has very poor data tansfer. When I use my 191 I get 18-22 MB per Hour total up and down, where as with LG 2030 or 7230 I get only 14-16 MB per hour. Some times there is problem of speed, but not more than a day in fortnight. In LG number of errors are very very high. usually 1200-1500 per hour, where as in samsung it is not more than 100-200 per hour.
  24. Reliance Compatible Handset Specs

    Its been mentioned on this forum some where that unless ESN is registered with reliance one can not activate handset on its network. I too have Thera, lying useless.
  25. PC Sync Software for N191 Found

    Baud rate for GSM and CDMA is different so serial cable of GSM will not work on CDMA. I bought CDMA serial cable from baazzee which works well with BitPIM but can not write any thing to 191. I tried a lot for 191 pc sync but could not find any so finally I sold it off. I have original USB cable too which I tried. There is no way I could find.