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  1. All about Nokia 3205

    I bought 6225 yesterday, I will post experience within few days. After using 191, LG 2230 and 7230 and Gtran, it seems to be the best phone, except memory. 7230 has excellent memory.
  2. All about Nokia 3205

    Mukul can you tell us how many phonebook entries nokia 3205 supports? and what ismemory for photographs?
  3. Problems with MMS

    same problem since last 3 days in lg7230
  4. If you can catch hold of samsung 191, not available new, so may have to go for used one, it has excellent data transfer rate and it has fever driver problems. Do not use nokia 2280, its worst. Nokia has good compression, but it does not disconnect easily, it may take upto 1-2 minutes before really disconnect. Some times it does not get disconnected at all and you have to reboot system. LG 2030 is also good but not as good as 191. Only problem with 191 is that it require good uality data cable, else phone hangs. However data transfer with 191 is really robust.
  5. AT Commands & SMS Software

    gtran internal PCMCIA card has SMS AT Command support
  6. Linux guy is right, one of my frnd co has 1MBPS connection, paying 45K PM, they do not talk about data transfer, just speed and minimum guranteed speed. companies are just fooling customers. Infact Indian companies are so poorly equipped that if every one starts exploiting connection, they will crash doe to congestion. There are no standards or minimum quality of services standards adopted by telcos. How many days in a month we all get services which are consistent? Have been using net since more than 8 or 9 years. when dial up was costing 25k for 500 hrs. I have not seen any ISP's connection working 30 days in a month consistenly, they will pass buck from telecom companies to gateways to cable connectivity providers. Its all bull ****. They just want money, else do you really think 115 KBPS / 256 KBPS is broadband? Remember 230 KBPS / 115 KBPS CDMA standards? or any one knows 46 KBPS GPRS or 96-156 KBPS EDGE? even if CDMA gives authentic speed of 115 kBPS then it can compete well with so called broad bands.
  7. Nokia 7600

    CDMA phone, ESN of which is registered in RIM system can only be activated. Ofcourse, if it is RUIM based then I can be used.
  8. AT Commands & SMS Software

    Expert exchange does not have any solutions. So please do not waste money. I paid 1 month subscription and could not find any solutions. Most CDMA phones do not support AT commands for SMS. I have AT command reference manuals but could not post here as no space is provided on forum. PM me with your mail ID I can mail you. However I suggest, do not waste time, I wasted quite a lot of time on it. Its simply not possible by AT commands atleast on handsets. It is possible using PCMCIA cards as mocards supports SMS AT commands. Even Gtran offered by RIM also supports SMS using AT commands
  9. Nokia 3105 & Headaches

    Handset heat up is normal phenomenon amongst all be it GSM or CDMA. Ofcourse CDMA power emission is variable according to network strength and network congestion. If some one is getting headache because of CDMA, person is likely to get headache due to GSM too as frequency band is more or less same. I suggest vaibhav, that though this is normal, dont take it lightly. SAR need to be checked. You can definately take company for a ride for providing damaging product. But first go to ASC, ask for help, if it does not wor (I am sure it wont work) mail to nokia, they do respond but you have to be consistent in follow up. If they fail, go to a consumer protection group who has testing facility. One of them is CERC in Ahmedabad. Microwave pollution has its own horror stories, infact all manufacturers suggest use of handsfree kit and keeping handset atleast 25 mm away from body to prevent ant damages to the body. Even FDA do not want to publish real data about microwave. Because it has became way of life.
  10. Using Two Phones To Double Bandwidth

    midpoint seems to be working, however I could not test for longer as evaluation copy shuts down after some time. Tryig for crack too
  11. Nokia 6255 - Speculation Before Launch

    Dont import unless you are sure that you can change ESN (illegal) as reliance activates phones ESN of which are registered in system
  12. LG RD 7230 PC Sync

    Yes it resets every time data exchange is over.
  13. R-Connect on LG 6130

    same is the problem with 7230, where modem is supported in some compputer and pc sync in some. As per ASC, drivers are defective.
  14. RIM Handset Ready Reckoner

    any one wants 7230 for 8.5 K? I know this is not right thread but want to sell badly..
  15. RIM Handset Ready Reckoner

    Memory of 7230 for photo is also excellent. It stores 54 Photos of 640 X 480 in High Quality and 149 Photos at 640 X 480 in Low quality. This memory is exclusive to video memory, which is 29 clips of 10 seconds each 120 X 120 resolution and high frame rate and high quality. Plus 1000 X 4 address book, which is not affected by number of images or video clip. I think 7230 has highest memory amongst all equivellent phones.
  16. Nokia 2280 Security Lock

    if you have not programmed any security, then there is no security code by default.
  17. Help Needed For Lgrd7230

    1. PC Sync is reasonably good, but not very excellent. It comes with two software (link starter and LG desktop), one for phone book and another for image, video, theme, avtar and SMS reading. Only avtar, theme and speed dial can be written to phone, other functions are read only. Even photos and videos can not be erased from phone using PC application. 2. 1 spare battery and USB cable is included in cost, however there is problem with its driver. So in some PC only r connect works and on some PC pc sync works. 3. Camara quality is better than most phones of 300k pixels I have seen. Video recording is for 10 seconds without voice. It is MJPEG format. Good for capturing moments but not really great video feture. Nokia 6600 has far better video quality with voice. 4. Battery life is fairly good. 2 days with about 40-60 min talk time a day. 5. No group SMS or not even send to multiple number feature. 6. Reading phone book is impractical and not so user freindly. 7. Neither phone book entry can be sent as SMS, nor number received in SMS can be stored to phone book. It does not support reading number sent in SMS as call back number. (I mean if some one sends phone number by SMS then in 191 and other GSM phones, it reads both numbers as call back number and user has choice to select number on which he would like to call) 8. Photos can be saved in computer, esily. 9. LG 6000 does not come with data cable or spare battery, and I have seen 6000, 7230 is better option than 6000. So effectively it may turn out to be expensive than 7230 without video function. 10. When I bought this from open market I got 300 discount. BTW I want to sell my 7230, interested? Nokia CDMA 6225 is not supporting video like its sibling 6220 GSM. Else 6225 if has same feature as 6220, its a good phone. Best part of 7230 is its 1000 X 4 phone book, 1 memo, 1 email, photo ID for each number. Also on board memory is larger than most camara phones. Even display is good.
  18. 2 Mdn On 1 Gtran

    RUIM has phone memory, in Gtran use RUIM kit to transfer rather copy numbers to RUIM. However thoes numbers are not read by phone, atleast gtran. I think it could be read by GSM phone.
  19. Reliance Dapo Users' Petition...

    see, cribing, quiting never gonna help, even if u buy new connection even with different SP, there is no gurantee that they will not cheat. Best way is to fight back. I have been doing this with many companies not for personal gain but to show them that how ever big they are they have to give service to customer. Recently one of my frnd bought Nokia NGAGE, which had some defect, which ASC refused to endorse, also they said it is not repairable (display was misaligned). I guided my frnd to fight for it using services of consumer protection forum. After abt couple of month of mailing etc, he got letter from nokia either to get full refund or he may buy another handset of any model. He may get refund of difference or may have to pay little extra. Infact when I bought DAPO it was 1 min pulse and said terriff so un able to fight. Still I signed petition.
  20. R Connect With Nokia 2280

    sorry unable to attach inf file.
  21. R Connect With Nokia 2280

    Nokia 2280 is R connact compatible. There are few issues need to be kept in mind: 1. Data cable. If data cable (aftermarket) are not using original DKU 5 drivers then possibly it does not work. Prolific USB serial converter driver works well. 2. Install modem using this driver Nokia Mobile Phones CDMA 1xRTT Data/Fax, V1.0 3. When data cable is connected, enhancement not supported displayed in each phone. When it is displayed it does not work with some of PC sync softwares but R connect does work. 4. When you disconnect, reboot phone before reconnecting. Some times system also need reboot. 5. Install USB drivers first, then attach cable, let system install cable drivers, then connect handset and install modem. Attaching .inf file, which works on my XP system.
  22. Features & Bugs for Lg 7230

    10 second videorecording is no match with nok 6600. no mp3 ring tones, no expansion slots, no sms send to group etc makes it much more inferior then nokia 6600. quality of picture is i think best amongst all mobile, but not so for movie. Not meant for heavy sms user, pc sync has problem, as its drivers are defective, still LG is not able to resolve problem. Talk time (80-100 mins) for me with about 48 hours total battery life.
  23. Rim Virtual Sim Card

    sorry, btw whats vistual SIM, never heard of.
  24. Samsung Samsung Sch A603 V/s Lg Rd 7230

    ir port of lg is for data exchange between two handset. not btween pc and handset. Samsung comes with cable
  25. New Handset

    7230 is good handset but not groups sms send facility. i wanna sell my set for 8.5k. if you want pm me. do not worry abt existing number, i will do needful.