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  1. Lgrd7230

    hey deepak, do you want 7230 for 8.5k with USB data cable, battery, hands free and box, 1 and half month old. PM me if you want. No need to worry for your existing number. Just PM me, i will do the rest
  2. New Handsets On The Block

    If ADC thing is right then reliance indeed has to delink handset from service. Infact hanbset policy is against law of natural justice, where you paid for product still owner is not at liberty to use however he / she wishes and if reliance wants partial ownership of handset, i mean software part of it, then handset sold by reliance should be activated over network after any period of time. They may or can disconncet services but activation can not be refused. I am studying legality of policy of RIM and indicom, later planning to form a group to initiate legal action in consumer protection forums / courts.
  3. I think still Reliance has not stopped cheating. Yesterday when i got call from US, number displayed was 03136210799, since first call was missed, when I tried to call, system said, to resume services contact reliance customer care. And contract is contract, one should think on first hand before signing contract.
  4. LG RD 7230 PC Sync

    USB cables are faulty, try getting cable replaced. I had to do the same.
  5. LG RD 7230 PC Sync

    Apart from S/W version, there is problem is USB cable too. Please check with LG people and get cable replaced. I had to replace cable as sync softs did not worked. So I took cable to LG S/S and they gave me new. It took 8 days to replace.
  6. Bsnl Slashes Internet Charges

    If any one says R connect is better than BSNL, than atleast in Ahmedabad, I feel BSNL is better. I use 500 PM, special line of BSNL and prepaid internet connection (4500 for 6 month, unlimited) It comes to about 7500 for 6 months, unlimited, 24 hoours. If one checks latency of reliance and BSNL, BSNL is far better. Relience some times does gives excellent download speed (20-25 MB per hour) but BSNL is consitent at 14-16 MB per hour. If one remain connected for say 3-4 hours a day, then BSNL is far cheaper than 200 + 40 ps PM reliance. BSNL also offers CLI based net access (500 PM + 10 ps per minute) I used RIM for year and a half as was unaware abt 500 PM scheme.
  7. Data cable and software

    pravin, whats the cost of DKU 5 cable? I want cable which works with original drivers only.
  8. Complaints To Chairman

    you will get combo drive free from rim if you fight. this is my experience with escorts and nokia
  9. Complaints To Chairman

    Saurav I appreciate your effort. Why dont you approach CERC? www.cercindia.org They are pioneer in consumer rights. They do every thing for you free. However they expect you to be their subscriber by paying about 200 bucks. You get their very good magazine in return. See web site, it there is any online facility available.
  10. Data cable and software

    hi Azhaga, I am interested in nokia cable, DKU5 for CDMA if it works on original DKU5 driver. ORIGINAL only.
  11. Esn No..

    No RSN has nothing to do with ESN. When I blew off PCB of my 191, service guy sent mail to reliance to know ESN and MIN, which was given by reliance and was written to new board. When I inquired, they said, new boards has no ESN on it. They just have OS installed, rest of the things has to be written. As you all might aware, PRL is programmed when phone is activated using *228. So they have to write PRL, ESN, MIN, Channels (usually part of PRL). Go to service station thay will write ESN for you. Alternatively, just blow off PCB. may be you can cut one leg of CPU / EEPROM or other chip make phone dead. If DAPO claim insurance.
  12. PC Sync Software for N191 Found

    USB cable is usually given com port number. if software does not detect that com port than it will be of no use. see help of software, it will show supported hand sets.
  13. Lg X5550 Help

    you wanna use it here?
  14. Hi, I am not technical buff. However when I read posts about charges of R connect when in dormant state, I wondered is it possible? I spoke to CC they had different version at different time. Some says you are charged when dormant some says not charged etc. (its 50% each out of 6 calls) I read on internet about CDMA and data services. I still have doubts if they can figure out log in and log off. As when your phone as modem goes off the line it has to log off. Else say for example, I connect to network, do not disconnect and switch off phone by removing battery, means my phone is still registered on net work. Immediately afterwards, if I try to connect net work, I should not be logged in as I am still not logged off. But I can log ON. So I decided to have USB port and USB as COM port monitered. I do not know what it means. But attaching two files, which some expert can use it to know wether one is logged off the net work when in dormant state or not. I request all techies to take keen interest as I belive its not possible for RIM people to differentiate between dormancy and disconnection. In both the case one log off the net work. Attached two file (zipped), each contains data from different software which scans and monitors COM / USB ports. one is TXT and another is HTML file. I added my comment on top. I used samsung SCH-N191 Pl read this article too http://www.rediff.com/netguide/2003/aug/28mobile.htm samsung.zip
  15. GPRS

    yeh, wireless is cheaper to operate.
  16. Tweaking Samsung phones

    Hi I could read file structure of 191 using bit pim. I used serial cable bought from baazee. I think using bitPIM it can be uploaded. See screen
  17. RIM Handset Ready Reckoner

    I added one feature to document, i.e. can phone book entry be sent as SMS. In my old GSM siemens and Triums had this facility and was very useful. I also request mod to change heading of this post suitable. I suggest "Lets create hand set ready reckoner" RIM_HANDSET_FEATURE_COMPARISION.zip
  18. Tata Indicom Enters Into Prepaid Segment

    I dont know you guys think that its 5 paise / sec. Link I posted http://www.tataindicom.com/products/voice/...paid/tariff.asp, content of which I purposefully posted in PDF format too. Ofcourse today this page is not working (404). So what was the truth? Are terriff published for may be a day are the terriff eventually they are going to introduce? In ahmedabad TATA CC says they will have details after say 1 week.
  19. RIM Handset Ready Reckoner

    No chirag I am sorry, its 140, it was purley a mistake as usually SMS are of 160 chars. I apologize all for mistake.
  20. RIM Handset Ready Reckoner

    Hi all I realized that information about all the hand set featurs are not available in compiled form, so I post zipped MS word dox here. Please download, make correction, add features, comments etc and post it back. Lets make this document as ready reckoner for the members who wants to upgrade or buy a new connection. This will save many from choosing wrong handset. Hope all agree with me and share their information. RIM_HANDSET_FEATURE_COMPARISION.zip
  21. RIM Handset Ready Reckoner

    Hello, I want to know following amongst all hand sets offered by RIM 1. Sending group SMS (not send to many or similar facility but where you create group of multiple numbers and then send SMS to all just by selecting group) 2. T9 dictionary (Its not available in SCH-191) 3. Number of characters for all hand sets. (160 for 191) 4. SMS using PC application. Like Nokia 3565 can send SMS using Nokia PC sync sort of software. Please post your experience and comment is this topic.
  22. Tata Indicom Enters Into Prepaid Segment

    I think actual terriff are not told customers clearly. They are available here http://www.tataindicom.com/products/voice/...paid/tariff.asp See attached PDF file TATA_Indicom_Prepaid_Mobile_Services.pdf
  23. Phones Doubling As Modems

    If one just want to remain connected for mails etc. then GPRS is the best option. Most economical.
  24. Every time not only with RIM but in past with my BSNL and Hutch, when ever they reduce terriff I will make calculations if I can save money, as I use about 400 - 600 mins a month + atlease once a month roaming (50-70 mins). Every time I calculate spending few hours using details of bills of last 3 months and I have seen that I really do not save any thing, may be 50 -100 bucks. SOme plans I may have to spend more than what I spend. for DAPO users, I will suggest them to upgrade handsets so monthly comitment reduces by 100 - 200. Then it is really really the best plan.
  25. Phones Doubling As Modems

    GPRS (hutch call is Hutch connect) cost 499 PM in ahmedabad speed really bad. I used it for a month on moto C350. Airtel 600 even bad. Idea - no idea.