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  1. New Handset From Samsung For Reliance !

    God! save users from samsung mobiles that too their own chipset. Means absolutely user UNFRIENDLY I welcome comments on my belief.
  2. I will say, All plans lead to almost same amount of spending for average user of say 300 mins plus. Still if one puts all plans side by side, DAPO seems to be cheapest. Especially if a person roams a lot.
  3. Vpn Over Cdma 1x Network?

    one of my friend is setting up such set up for charge using reliance. You may contact him on khervawala@hotmail.com
  4. Samsung Sch-a563 & Bitpim 0.7 Test10

    Hi Chandramauli I tried too, but it does not work, can you tell me driver version you have?
  5. Bitpim Sync Errors

    Does any one knows where MIN / NAM number is stored in LG RD 2030 file system?
  6. Kar Lo Defaulters Mutthi Mein

    If satellites can be so effective why BIN LADEN IS NOT YET CAUGHT? Just smarter way to freighten people to recover money.
  7. Code For Charging Battery

    Be careful if you press #20 / 28 /29 /73 your phone will be useless
  8. Nokia Factory Reset Code

    Did u tried noksoc I sent in u r mail? Does all phones has SPC? I have data of my 191 phone but I do not see SPC, there is home SID. Service SEC code, Nam1 country, Nam1 network ID, etc. can it be useful? It is as follows: Home SID = 14655 Service Sec Code = 092435 NAM1 Mobile country = 404 NAM1 Mobile network = 00 NAM1 CDMA Home SID / NID01 = 14655 / 65535 Once I resetted my samsung phone using *759#813580. It made MIN 0000's as well as PRL=0 but service station re flashed it.
  9. Nokia Factory Reset Code

    Visit this page too http://www.geckobeach.com/cellular/secrets/nokia_secrets.asp and Phone programming *#639# (do only if you have programming codes
  10. Nokia Factory Reset Code

    Beetle See if this could be helpful Nokia 5185/6185 programming: *3001#12345# Software version: *#837# or *#VER# or *#9999# Serial / ESN: *#92772689# or *#WARRANTY# Phone reset: *#75681# or *#75682# Nokia 6185-5170 1. Press *#639# 2. Enter OTKSL and press OK 3. Enter the MIN and select OK 4. Enter the SID and select OK 5. Programming is complete Nokia 3585 1. Enter ## followed by the OTKSL 2. Number (MDN) is highlighted. Press the upper left-hand soft key to select 3. Mobile Number will display. Enter the 10 digit MIN 4. Press OK 5. IMSI will appear. Press and hold the Clear key until the display is empty. 6. Enter 31000 plus the MSID (15 digits total) 7. Press the upper left hand soft key and select OK 8. It will take you back to the SVC Programming. Press the upper right hand soft key to select EXIT 9. Press END. 10. Phone will power cycle and programming is complete.
  11. Cdma Software Shared

    I have almost all softs. Difficult to mail. If I get some server I will try to upload. I have many GSM softs too. Does any one has SAMSUNG CDMA softs? which works on indian phones?
  12. Use win rar download from http://www.rarlab.com/
  13. Cdma Software Shared

    Try using win RAR 3.2 or above
  14. Cdma Software Shared

    Can any one tell me how to upload 1.5 MB file? I want to upload MSLW, I belive it may prompt members to find solution to run soft.
  15. Great Cdma Software

    I downloaded this soft but it requites dongle. If any one knows about etoken.dll than program may run. It asks for etoken.dll
  16. PC Sync Software for N191 Found

    I did it by just changing .ini file atleast menu became english but of no use as phone is not supported.
  17. PC Sync Software for N191 Found

    yup its same
  18. PC Sync Software for N191 Found

    Today I found at samsung site that link for PC Link has changed. Former link was refering to some chinese language soft. I will post further once download is complete.
  19. PC Sync Software for N191 Found

    I tried to see if I can change language but none of samsung pc links has that facilitiy. Also I think this soft is for phone with camara as in installation folder there are folders named CAMMOVIES and CAMIMAGES. From help file names it seems it is meant to support models CX219, CX309, CX319, CX369 Ofcourse link of site shows it as SCH-N191 soft.
  20. PC Sync Software for N191 Found

    Great find. I have other PC sync softs of samsung and trying to see if language can be changed.
  21. First S/w Bug In Gtran Detected !

    I indeed found a bug in GTRAN. It is about voice memo. During conversation, if I made a call and record a voice memo then it is must that I save voice memo giving file name before disconnecting, which is some times difficult, epsecially if you are using head set while driving. However if opposite peson has called me then voice memo is saved automatically. Another interesting thing is that say if I called and record a voice memo, it is saved automatically if opposite person hangs up first.
  22. Does anyone have this phone?

    its a good phone, not too much of memory, can store 1500 phones in 300 locations. Ringtones are OK, pc sync soft is good. it comes with data cable and extra battery, its a good feature. screen and OS is better than any other rliance phone. camara is gimmick. only 100k pixels. LG is 300k may be a stamp size print out. Data connectivity is as good as samsung and far better than LG.
  23. Can any one tell me about since when reliance changed policy? 'cos when I took connection (I was told by WW people that I am not charged during dormancy) june 03, till march 04 I was charged for the time I used to do data exchange (I compared with life time timer and bill amt). Later from april 04, I stopped using r connect as I got another account (unlimited) from tata, however looking at the quality of tata,I am thinking to swith over to reliance.
  24. I think if I am not logged of while in dormancy, then loging on again is not possible as when system tries to authenticate it shows logged on. I think some technical guy who knows command sets of communication can help in this matter. I got mail from reliance that I am charged while in dormancy but it does not seems to be technically possible.
  25. Tata Indicom Cdma Internet

    I used TATA data on FWP since 3 mnths, its pathatic. THinking to disconnect phone. Hardly 2.5 MB / Hr. that too if I am lucky. else 1.5 MB is max. With reliance I get more than 10 MB upto 18 MB / Hr. I dont suggest