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  1. Ecommerce Websites - Good, Bad and Ugly!

    Though I do not have any bad experience with flipkart. Their recent update in policy is clearcut indication that they are not in command of their vendors as they even refuse to intervene with vendors in case of problem. Read their policy and check how irresponsible policy they have
  2. Blurr your MIN and MEID in screens. Your phone can be misused by any one.
  3. I don't know about new handset but in past most Samsung and htc handset behaved erratically while programming after ##786# So warning.
  4. touch ultrabooks detachable

    Is Windows RT useful? Because I saw HP tablet with WIN 8 PRO with detachable KB for less than 60k before couple of month.
  5. Your cable could be culprit. Usually if Check SUM and driver are OK, ODIN do not fail. You may also try removing secure boot file from .tar file and try flashing your phone.
  6. Does any one knows about this ? http://cubieboard.org/I think these boards can be used to make streaming media device, smart TV consoles etc. Just check what all add on can be used. If some one who has knowledge of development and ready to make some project out of this which can be useful for all of us, I am ready to chip in some money. One who develops has to make all of his project published on rimweb step by step. Post all your wild ideas about use of this board and lets create something. I am useless as I have no knowledge of computers.
  7. Help for selecting best HD DVR DTH service

    Airtel is good but with only problem of quick signal loss in case of slightest rain. In Ahmedabad out is not a big problem though.
  8. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    Improve GPS performance of your NOTE 2 (Samsung phones are as usual poor GPS performer) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2198319
  9. The Off Topic Thread

    Businesses themselves pay enough taxes ( I am not talking about VAT / EXCISE etc, only INCOME TAX). Reluctance of business people - though it is illegal - is understandable. They believe that their businesses have already paid taxes and businesses earns from hard work of entrepreneurs and owners, now paying taxes for money they withdraw or earn out of business should not be taxed. If you look at statistics most SME pays huge amount of taxes with respect to turn over which may be amongst highest in world. Businesses can not earn on their own businesses relies on intellect and hard work of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are responsible in providing far more employment than that of MNC and LARGE sector. If you look at statistics then SME defaults far lower amount of loans then that of ORGANIZED sector. One of the most important contribution of SME to society is employment generation. Wiser government should concentrate more on employment generation rather than tax collections from SME. There are ample of statistics available about employment generation by SME V/s LARGE ENTERPRISES per capital invested, land grabbed and promises made. :-)
  10. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.life360.android.safetymapd http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/33813-must-have-android-apps-for-your-smartphone-part-ii/page-54#entry295110
  11. Afaik there is no such gps tracket but if gsm then there is a software which record cell site locations. Some Check this
  12. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    After lots of trial and error I could get data on ME2 radio which survives reboots. Procedure Take backup of your nv items from 1 to 8200 of working data Remove sim card Flash me2 radio by odin Reboot phone without sim Shut down phone and insert sim. Data will work. First time phone will not dial *228 Shut down phone and remove sim and reboot without sim. Data will not work Again insert sim and reboot. Now phone will not connect *228 and data should work.
  13. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    Thanks works perfectly. Nite have to search for something which works with sms.
  14. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    Does any one give solution to + dialing in USC N2? I could not find any options which can allow to configure + code dialing. In VZW phones they have assisted dialing options.
  15. The Off Topic Thread

    Go to any Hill or mountain region reliance is noun existence. In up West after haridwar , masoorie reliance is not there. Reliance does not existeven in Mount abu in rajasthan is hottest tourist place. On planes reliance is best and widest
  16. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    Yes you can remove most apps except touch wiz related apk. You mean to say conference works with modified apk? Is Not working for me.
  17. The Off Topic Thread

    Most faked iphone ever. I have seen people selling cheap phones in china - they are very tempting to resist. http://acidcow.com/pics/47891-the-most-faked-iphone-ever-9-pics.html
  18. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    No have not checked because I did not wanted person who is helping me to be in problem. I have back up of his nv but could not find any special nv item.
  19. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    My observation is diffeerent. One USC N2 was sold to a RIMwebian in Ahmedabad. Which had US activated SIM, on said phone data works perfectly till MB1. My phone had no SIM from US, so I got one from hetal and one from parin assuming SIM was faulty. But none worked. Only way data work is by hidden menu method. That too till LL1 radio. MB1 and above radio - data breaks. I tried to copy all NV items from phone having MB1 and perfectly working data but did not worked. I am unable to catch hold of NV (if any) item on phone which mark SIM as activated. If SIM is written that there is no way out. So I assume that if SIM is activated in US data works with any ROM. Most SIM we use here are non activated SIM. @joshm Thanks for guidence, but I love to play around with phones and see what happens. ODIN, Unlocked boot loader means freedom to do any damn thing to phone without bricking it.
  20. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    Sorry, didn't worked for me. No +1 to you ;-)
  21. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    Let me try. No +1 till I get data as you said.
  22. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    Those who want to install ME2 without loosing data can do follwoing Preserve LL1 radio. Downloads (Assuming you have drivers) Download ME2 ROM from http://teamuscellular.com/Forum/files/getdownload/388-stock-files/ Download Root file http://download.chainfire.eu/272/CF-Root/CF-Auto-Root/CF-Auto-Root-t0lteusc-t0lteusc-schr950.zip Download NOTE 2 tool kit from skipsoft.net Rename MD5 file name .TAR Extract system.img file Put .img file in input folder of N2 tool kit and choose OPTION of CREATE ODIN FLASHABE TAR FROM IMG file Toolkit will convert .img file to .tar file and put it in outpot folder. Flash .tar file using ODIN. This will only update ANDROID as there is no RADIO. You will loose ROOT so ROOT using CF_ROOT file and ODIN.
  23. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Congratulations. Means phone itself had nv backup somewhere?
  24. Samsung Galaxy S3

    I have no access to my laptop for 2 days as out of town but there is nv reader and writer application by cdma workshop guys. Just remove hdr, min and meid nv item and share.