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  1. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Try to get NV items from some other same model phone and write.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3

    If RUIM based just check that RUIM CONFIG is RUIM ONLY. Do you have NV item backup?
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Reprogram nam and prl. Also check if phone is configured to use nv only
  4. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Here is solution for USC N2 where after upgrading modem to MB1, data breaks. Though this is not perfect solution, this does make DATA available on N2. One has to repeat this process every reboot. So I believe same must be applicable and good for S3. You are editing NV items so be careful. Don't do if you do not know what you are doing. Downgrade Radio from MB1 to LL1 Edit NV item 896 From 1 to 0 THis NV item is UIM_FIRST_INSTRUCTION_CLASS 0 is GSM (PHone will not read UICC ID) 1 is UMTS (Phone will read UICC ID but Data will not work) 2 is UICC 3 is UICC with other suffixes. Then follow this http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/35979-samsung-galaxy-s3/page-36#entry292974 OR http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/35979-samsung-galaxy-s3/page-36#entry292998
  5. Samsung Galaxy S3

    @aboy I am experimenting with USC N2 so I have no links for s3 with me. Use ODIN to downgrade. Use only radio .bin file and .pit file to flash radio.
  6. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    Skvalex call recorder with root works well on note 2
  7. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Here is one probable solution. Down grade radio Enable hidden menu Use hidden menu apk and open ##data setting Select edit > other > 1x/hdr > lte+cdma+evdo Do not reboot.post if data works
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Is phone reading iccid?
  9. @ Dkalie My recent visit to UP(W) was very disappointing. While in roaming, VODA connection could not log on to any other network but VODAFONE and VODAFONE network is pretty much inferior than that of Idea and Airtel. Vodafone could log on to Idea network only where 3G data was available. Since I am not GSM user I am not sure now a days GSM user can log on to other network or not. But people who had idea and airtel also had same complaint. BSNL was excellent though.
  10. Poll: Top Smartphones For 2013

    For this year looking at S pen and battery performance I believe NOTE 2 is best phone. Some how most android phones are still very poor in battery. More so with CDMA phones ofcourse.
  11. Is so frustrating that in so called market economy we do not get quality cellular network.
  12. Depends, some times radio provisioning is resetted some times not, but it should not bother you right now. HETAL has posted links for FLASHPHONE software somewhere on forum. It is capable to flashing all network parameters automatically. Incl profile unlock, PRL, AKEY, EVDO and PPP parameters. You need your own MIN number though 3) File name mentioned in above link is "SPH-D710.EL29_CL852097_ROOTED-oc-sfx.exe", does it mean that the stock rom with room access will be installed ? Since, there is some file on internet available for non-root access. Root or no root what difference does it make? ROOT will help you restoring back up easily. If you have root then you can install WIFI tether and use it.
  13. Medicinal Facts and Alternates

    @ Dkaile <br /><br />And you thought us drug manufacture has top notch plants and practices? It is a myth. One of my friend manufacturer Parma plants and he shown me photo of pharma company interiors along with Indian companies. Almost no change, but us company was said to have US GMP. where as Indian company was condemned for not having US GMP. <br /><br />I know a person who is close relative of mine is Indian and working with UNO to pursue US medical policies in India
  14. Diag Mode/Drivers for Mobiles

    I was wishing that unlocking become illegal in USA, then prices will fall for us ;-)
  15. Android Mobiles From India

    Today I had an opportunity to see karbonn s5 titanium. <br /><br />Built was good, no boat android Jelly bean, screen 2 pretty precise and responsive, zero lag almost. After loading couple of games, phone still had decent behaviour with about 300mb team free. <br /><br />I forgot to check rom size and available usable memory. It was value for money phone.
  16. US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950

    I think if sid_sp123 discloses what modifications he has done in this APK, then same can be implemented in other phones too.
  17. Diag Mode/Drivers for Mobiles

    India and China are big consumer of us phones. With new legislation US consumers can not unlock phones and in coming years it will be implemented strictly
  18. Diag Mode/Drivers for Mobiles

    Means yet anther attempt to restrict phones on non sprint network.
  19. Was that rom really useful in terms of gsm usability?
  20. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    Probably ev1 is right.
  21. Samsung Galaxy S IV - The Next Big Thing!

    30% is battery consumption not on time of total battery time. Once you click on screen it will open Fuente detail.
  22. As I told, I have not checked on EDGE, My sim has 3G enabled so it was on 3G only. There is no way I can select EDGE on the phone. Try if it is working on UMTS network.
  23. TOday I received PM from Shashank asking if GSM on N2 works. For me it works, my N2 is on BUILD : JRO03C-I605VRALJB BASEBAND : I605VRALL4 Kernel: 3.0.31-414933 Android : 4.1.1 I downloaded ROOTED ROM from http://server10.stockroms.net/download/GalaxyNote2/SCH-I605/rooted/root66_VZW_stock_system.tar.zip?token=39385653 and ODIN it. To insert VODAFONE APN, I used TB and APN MANAGER PRO. But, this phone is on CDMA though. NOT WORKING ON OTHER HANDSETS
  24. It is not for proof, it is for reviving a practice which could be beneficial for today lifestyle. Customs which has scientific backing could spread easily.