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  1. Upon clearing my one abandoned drawer, I found following

    1 piece ZTE CDMA modem for BSNL. I am sure it will not have any provisioning. Am also not sure how helpful it will be to get service.

    1 Piece RELIANCE modem.

    1 screen OK, Moto Razr Maxx. Main board has problem, not getting charged.

    1 piece Samsung Epic phone, screen has problem , screen ON but touch pad not working.

    1 piece Samsung Moment handset. Working well.

    1 Piece modem dead Palm Treo handset.

    Please let me know if any thing is useful to any one. Else will scrap it.

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  2. Thanks for the input mate, but I have already tried this and far too other options
    The network at my place of residence is pretty pathetic, so more or less jio is a waste for me
    Had spent more than 7k on that LYF wind 4, all went down the drain as making a call is practically impossible due to bad coverage.

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    Try raising complain, they may work upon. They are sincere as I over heard they did took steps to improve coverage upon complaint in Ahmedabad