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  1. My New Htc Bluetooth Headset!

    I think Amit is talking is talking about this: http://www.iqua.com/products_sub.php?navi_id=1476 Regards MG
  2. Hi, I have a ZTE data card (very rare use) so I am using its number for voice on my HTC Touch. Now, I want to use this number for voice on any of Nokia Handsets I have which are RUIM based such as N2865, N6088. HCC does not work on that and WW says that it is not possible (officially) to convert Data Card MDN on Handset. Can u guys suggest me a solution please? Regards MG
  3. I just now did a Manual Search, and there is no reliance. There are just 4 - Vodafone, Airtel, Idea and Dolphin (MTNL). BTW, I am in Rohini (Delhi) and using N95 on Vodafone. [ ] Regards MG
  4. Htc Tweaks

    I think there is a better option, at a price though. http://cgi.ebay.com/11pin-to-5-pin-3-5mm-m...bayphotohosting Regards MG
  5. Mp3 Player For Htc Touch

    CorePlayer. Enjoy!!! CorePlayer_v1.2.5_Build_4506.zip Regards MG Mods: If it is not fair to give file here, pls delete this post.
  6. They think Reliance CDMA customers will shift to Reliance GSM....Fools. If one has to shift to GSM, why should he/she go for reliance again. There are better, experienced and established players in the field. Regards MG
  7. Hi, I successfully used this modem (AC8700) on reliance in Delhi for NetConnect. All of u know more than me that reliance is on 1x. Regards MG
  8. Htc Tweaks

    Anybody has answers please ? Regards MG
  9. Lets all start using MTNL Garuda on our HTC Touch/Moguls... at least who are in Delhi/Mumbai... Our no will be 8 digit like 011-20xx-xxxx. Regards MG
  10. Thats a great new. Regards MG
  11. Need Resolution: How To Send Business Card

    Dear Anupe, Maybe that link (Techie Enclave) for few privileged members which unfortunately most of us cannot access. I tried it yesterday and after reading ur post today but cannot access. Regards MG
  12. Htc Tweaks

    Hi ! I want solution of 2 problems. 1. In dialer, the name and number that appears is too small, how can we increase the font size? 2. Every now and then, a notification apperas "Delhi" even if I am in Delhi through out. Is there a method to disable it ? I know lot of experts here...so I am quite hopeful to get a solution. Regards MG Edit: Oops....I am talking about HTC Touch 6900.
  13. Invites Thread

    Invitation sent to Mathew and Vijay. Enjoy!!! Regards MG
  14. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    Ya, I know... maybe its my fault but with data card, I was told that this is the only option. I will have to take this plan initially and then it will be converted. But thanks for your understanding and hope to solve it your help on yahoo messenger. Regards MG.
  15. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    Dear Amit, As I told you that I got 2 SMSs on 8th July,2008 1. "Dear Reliance Mobile Customer. as requested Tariff Plan has been changed to SP149NEW effective 08-07-2008 .Reliance" 2. "Dear Reliance Mobile Customer Your new Data Tariff plan is RNC_VALUE with an effect from 08-07-2008. Reliance" Today I got the bill and it is upto period of 13-07-08 I have been charged Rs.1.79/minute local M2M (did not try M2L) I was out of Delhi on 12th and 13th. Can u believe my outgoing call charges while roaming are 1.50/minute for M2M and M2L which is cheaper than local M2M. and incoming calls were 1.00/minute. Monthly Rental Charges-RNJ149 08-07-2008 to 13-07-2008 33.68 Advance Monthly Rental Charges-RNJ149 14-07-2008 to 13-08-2008 174.00 *Reliance Netconnect Subscription -SWIFT30 04-07-2008 to 07-07-2008 38.71 SMS Pack Rental -SMSPACK60 07-07-2008 to 13-07-2008 13.55 Can you please check what is happening with reliance. Is it for this month only, if it is so than I don't mind paying this time extra because I hate talking to illiterate customer care people otherwise I will have to do so. Thanks for your help as always. Regards MG
  16. Handset Change

    Can I just follow the standard procedure for HCC = YES
  17. Handset Change

    Surely u can but the handset's ESN (or corresponding RSN) should be registered with reliance network (means it should be meant to work with reliance) Regards MG
  18. Htc Touch Dialer Skins

    Dear Sougata Thanks for great looking Dialer Skins. Regards MG
  19. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    In fact this data card is only for emergency as I have WiFi broadband at home, at my office-1 and office-2. So this data card will be used rarely for data. But I wanted to have one. And the best part is I am going to use this number for Voice/SMSs even without a laptop or PC. (Thanks to these HTC Touch & Moguls) It could have been vice-versa also that I take a voice plan and program it on data card, thats why I asked you for an un-activated data card which you could not give because of policies (May be any WW/WWE would not give). No complaints. I am saying that in good spirit, pls don't mind. So, I knew exactly what I want, hence this plan. Regards MG I hope, there is nothing offensive in this message otherwise pls suggest I'll modify it or MODs can modify it happily.
  20. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    Yeah, SMS pack also I had requested but forgot to mention. So my monthly commitment will be be Rs.209/-. Many thanks for clearing my doubts. Regards Mukesh Goel.
  21. Poor Quality Of Htc S720

    I had the same problem with my HTC Touch in my desktop and my laptop. Then I found out that it works if I DISABLE advance network functionality in my HTC Touch by "Setting -> Connections -> USB to PC -> Enable advanced network functionality". Regards MG Tried on 3 different PC's. One is my pc running on XP & two dell laptops(inspiron, Vista home premium-OEM pack, bought recently-a week back) same result. any comments now?
  22. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    Dear Amit. Thanks for your reply. I hope that RNC_Value has zero rental so my monthly commitment will be Rs.124/- + 25 clip = Rs.149/- as per SP149New Plan. My M2M local call will be 50p/minute My M2L local will be Rs.1/minute My STD will be Rs.1.50/minute My internet usage will be 60p/min in Day and 30p/min in Night. Please correct me if I am wrong. Regards MG
  23. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    Dear Amit, Thanks for your reply. As I told earlier, I had requested for SP149 New and the lady in WWE was foolowing it up and today I got an SMS "Dear Reliance Mobile Customer, as requested Tariff Plan has been changed to SP149New effective 08-07-2008. Reliance". It was fine till then but after 2 minutes I got an SMS "Dear Reliance Mobile Customer, your new Data Tariff plan is RNC_Value with an effect from 08-07-2008. Reliance" I could not find any details of "RNC_Value" when I searched for it. If possible, please tell me what will be my monthly commitment and what are the call/data rates. Regards MG
  24. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    Ya.... It seems so.. Can u suggest a solution for it please ? Regards MG Edit: Sent u a PM for the MDN. Thanks.
  25. New Zte Usb Data Card

    In the latest ZTE-MG880 data cards, reliance has removed the RUIM Tray from it. Regards MG chk it out... it works very well... http://rohitpurohit.com/blog/