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  1. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    Dear Amit, Just now I called up customer care at *333 to know the billing plan and he (Mr. Vaibhav) told me that it is Swift30 and the monthly bill will 300+149 Rupees. He said that this is the minimum billing option for data cards. He was unaware of "Pay as you go" and about RNJ149DATA, he said that it is applicable only for handsets and not for data cards. Either this guy was not aware of all the plans, or reliance is making fool to sell their connections/data cards by making false promises. The lady in webworld express told me about the plans after asking somebody in reliance (may be reliance webworld) on the phone. I will speak to the lady when the shop opens. Please you also throw some light on it if you can. Regards MG
  2. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    What I understood is, 1. Rent will be 149 in SP 149 New Plan. All local mobile calls @0.50 and landline @1.00 (or anything extra ? ) 2. Rent will be 199 in RNJ149DATA + Local_Mobile_Pack_Rs.50 Plan. All local mobile AND landline @0.50 Data charge (per minute) will be same in both the plans. I hope what I understood is right. Regards MG
  3. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    @ Amit Thank you so much. This is a valuable information. This morning I have a bought the data card for my friend. The lady, in Web World Express (I don't know the new name of webworld express) just opposite my lane, was quite helpful. She searched for the number I wanted. Gave me the data card (for Rs.2,600/-) with a temp number and assured me that tomorrow morning, desired number will be changed. Also, she will activate "SP 149 New" Plan and SMS60 Pack on the data card. (of course both these asked my me). But after going through your reply, I think I should stop her from changing the default plan. Instead I should ask her for Mobile 50 pack+SMS60 pack only. Thanks again. Regards MG
  4. Antivirus - Need To Buy One

    I have been using Avast Home Edition for last couple of years at my home desktop, laptop and 5-6 office computers and have not come across any problem so far. It gets updated automatically, and gives you proper warning in case of any virus by a website/removable media. If you don't hit enter without reading properly, chances are very thin for a virus attack. Sometimes, people who know less about it, they just hit "Enter" or click on "OK" on any windows that pops up (sometimes it is warning / some virus threat), and the computers get infected, even if the anti-virus is installed. Sometimes, A virus script is written with that "OK" or even "Cancel" install malicious script of your computer. In case of any doubt, neither click on "OK" nor or "Cancel", just click on "X" button on upper right corner. Hope, these suggestions help. Regards MG
  5. Cheapest Rconnect Mobile

    A friend of mine wants to buy reliance data card. Is it possible to buy data card with SP 149 plan (http://www.rcom.co.in/webapp/Communications/rcom/Rm/circle/dl_l.html) Or data card is available only with fixed data cards plans? Regards MG
  6. Is Rimweb Loading Speed Slowing Down?

    Hi I have not faced any problem of slowing our website down. Regards MG
  7. Body Panel For Nokia 2865 And 6235

    Well Well Well..... It was fine till Prashant Vihar, Ashok Vihar, Rani Bagh and may be Tri Nagar.... But Tota Ram Bazar.. I never thought thats so popular that I'll read it on Rimweb. Great street level (Gali/Mohalla) knowledge. Hats off. Regards MG
  8. Body Panel For Nokia 2865 And 6235

    @Kamal Thanks a lot for telling me Prashant Vihar. It is very near to my place. You seem to be very familiar with place. Yeah Palika is a good option too. I go once a week CP side on an avg. If you know any particular shop, that will be great help too. Regards, MG
  9. Body Panel For Nokia 2865 And 6235

    Thanks Amit, Yeah but I guess dupli will better than an extremely scratched original body cover if one does not want to spend Rs.1500 or so every few weeks. Specially if one uses his phone just send SMSs (Rs.25/- monthly) and an alarm clock. Don't you think so ? Regards MG
  10. Body Panel For Nokia 2865 And 6235

    As you can see from above threads at it is available at some places @1500/- which not worth for an old phone. If original is less than 400 then its worth not otherwise. Regards MG
  11. Body Panel For Nokia 2865 And 6235

    Thanks Amit for ur reply. What should be the price for original / duplicate? If possible, pls tell me the the shop no. in Bhagirath Place. If you know any shop no. even in Gaffar, pls tell me coz from my place, Karol is closer than bhagorath place and both the places, I will not be able to go becoz of parking hassles, I will send someone from my office. Regards MG
  12. Body Panel For Nokia 2865 And 6235

    Where can I get body panel of 2865 in Delhi ? Dont want to go to gaffar. Any place nearby Rohini/Pitampura, north/west delhi ? Thanks MG
  13. Htc Tweaks

    I installed Opera Mini jar just now (http://www.operamini.com/download/pc/htc/htc_p3450_touch) and it installed smoothly. No problems at all. Tried opening some websites also and it is doing pretty well. Regards MG
  14. Htc Tweaks

    @Greatest Original ROM: http://rapidshare.com/files/119513719/T3.49.rar Password: NotTilRelease Contains: RUU_TITAN_SPRINT_WWE_3.49.651.0_RS_TITAN_3.39.10_S PCS_2.00_AM_PPST_Test.exe For instruction u can refer to http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?showtopic=12817 http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=26119
  15. Htc Tweaks

    Thanks Anupe for appreciation. At last, someone appreciated being 1st to inform others about this new, much better rom.
  16. Htc Tweaks

    Ya, learning process will never end. "Live as if you have to die tomorrow, learn as if you have live forever" - Mahatma Gandhi.
  17. Hp-touch-20273.a

    Dear SKJ, The rom I am talking about is HTC Touch specific and NOT for Mogul. For Mogul latest ROM, you may search at "http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=57" Regards MG.
  18. Hp-touch-20273.a

    I am using it for almost 2 days now. It is very fast, very stable and GPS fix is VERY VERY Fast. Inside my home, I get a fix in few seconds. I have not even installed Reliance Cabs. Just modified Sprint PCS dialup settings to use it with reliance (User Name = UTS@relianceinfo.com, Password = i4gE7DW) and encountered NO problems at all.
  19. Htc Tweaks

    Thanks friends for the solutions. It was solved 2 days ago with some suggestions of you guys and some my own trials. Now I have moved on and installed latest sprint official ROM "RUU_PPST_Vogue_SPRINT_WWE_3.03.651.2_Radio_3.42.30_AM_NV_2.04_Ship.exe" which was released yesterday only. It has radio version 3.42.30 and ROM Version 3.03. I have not installed any extended rom to it and it is so very fast and stable. Edit: Forgot to thank Hetal, Ashok & Others who taught us enough and now we can play with the new ROMs. Those relianace CABs will always be required, though I have not installed them so far.
  20. Hp-touch-20273.a

    NEW official Sprint ROM The radio has updated ... 3.37.15 to 3.42.30 The rom has updated ... 3.02 to 3.03 The OS / SYS has NOT updated ... remains at 5.2.19208 http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=30155
  21. Htc Tweaks

    Thanks Sanjeev & Dhiraj for the suggestions. @Sanjeev I tried doing CTRL+A last night, it does not work in PPC. Today what I did - created a new blank profile in outlook, synced with outlook, all contacts came in outlook, then I deleted all contacts in outlook and synced again and voila....all contacts from the phone also got deleted. Now, I imported the new contacts (with 09310012345 format) from excel file and things are in order now. I wonder why anybody else did not face this issue so far... But with the help u guys there is solution to every problem. Regards MG
  22. Htc Tweaks

    I am talking about HTC Touch. It is so very easy in Nokia we have been using. The purpose is I want to put my converted contacts (+919310012345 to 09310012345 format) freshly to my phone and I want to make sure that they are not duplicated in Outlook as well as in Phone (I will have 2 contacts with same name - first +919310012345, 2nd 09310012345). Thanks. MG.
  23. Htc Tweaks

    Thanks Sanjeev for nice tutorial. Most often, even I upload my contacts, my favorites (in html format, even if I can logon to Foxmarks and see) to my Gmail account so that if I am sitting on anybody else's comp, I still can access my fav webpages. Contacts backup is always useful. I still want to know is it possible to delete all the contacts from phone with a single command? Regards MG.
  24. Htc Tweaks

    In the meantime, I have found a better solution, I guess that will help others too. Settings -> Phone -> Services -> Plus Code Dialling -> Get Settings -> Enable and put "00" as "International dialling code". Thanks Hari for your helping hand and for the great spirit you showed by giving me your phone#.
  25. Htc Tweaks

    Can I delete all my contacts so that they are duplicated in outlook as well as my phone ? Thanks. PS: Congrats Hari for ur 200 posts.