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  1. Htc Tweaks

    Thats a great suggestion. Thanks. I will create a new profile in outlook for importing the modified contacts as I like storing the numbers in +91 format for my GSM. Will try it and let u know.
  2. Htc Tweaks

    I have a problem with my HTC TOUCH. All my contacts (474 to be precise), which have been synced with outlook, are in the format +919310012345 and +911112345678 Now, if I dial it from the phonebook it does not dial. It accepts only if the number is in 9310012345, 09310012345 or 01112345678 and dials successfully. Now, I do not have patience to edit all those contacts. I know experts here will surely have a solution. Thanks in advance. Regards MG
  3. Htc Phones - Bulk Messaging!

    Thanks Hari ! I installed it successfully with the steps u told. Regards MG
  4. On their website, the system requirement is: * Memory Footprint: o 385k Lite Edition o 400k Standard Edition o 610k Premier Edition o 670k Enterprise Edition * Palm OS 3.5 or higher * Connection to the Internet. E.g. built-in wireless modem, IR/Bluetooth connection to mobile phone, Palm dialup modem, 802.11 wireless connection to LAN, etc. http://www.snappermail.com/wireless/email/specifications.cfm
  5. Htc Phones - Bulk Messaging!

    "111121918421" worked for me. Thanks.
  6. Can You Stare At It For 2 Mins?

    Even I could and to be very honest, when I had a glimpse of the subject, I thought u r talking about Store 2 MINs and not stare for 2 mins. And clicked the link then understood that it is "mins" and "stare" We are so MOGUL/TOUCHspired these days.
  7. Cook Your Own Rom

    I want to know the process of cooking a ROM for Touch also. Thanks.
  8. Hp-mogul-clean-20273-a

    Thats a great and useful piece of information friend. Appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. Hp-mogul-clean-20273-a

    Ya, It is a good idea to buy it with warranty even at at a higher price becoz these days many mobiles/devices use MicroSF and maybe after 2 years, we will have other mobile but this card will be there, may be by then, there will 120GB (or more) cards will also be avlbl but for emergency/ system restore this 8GB SDHC will be handy. BTW, Did u get it with bill? and what shud be the right price to buy it NOW ? Thanks for the nice and intelligent reply.
  10. Hp-mogul-clean-20273-a

    Has anybody bought it from "fastmemoryman" on ebay ? How much time it takes for delivery in India from US and how much amount (in INR) was charged from credit card ? Regards MG
  11. Even Better and DO NOT DISTURB.
  12. I completely agree. I am using MTNL at home 2 Airtels at my 2 office and Airtel is much much better. BTW, I am in Rohini, Delhi.
  13. Dear Kamal, Can u pls tell in which city u hv tried Vodafone GPRS and found better than Reliance ? Regards MG
  14. Net Setter Usb Modem

    Not just TATA, reliance should also reduce the price. Airtel/Vodafone must match IDEA as they are also GSM.
  15. Excellent collections. Keep it up guys.
  16. Hp-mogul-clean-20273-a

    Till y'day I had the same problem, but then my friend. Deepak Rahuja, told me the exact path where the map folder should be. And then it was done. It is Micro SD -> DestinatorApps - > oneindia folder. Copy all 10 files in this folder and it will work, after running there will be 13 files.
  17. Thanks Askshat & Sadik for nice wallpapers. However, I have started to hate rapidshare coz I don't like to look deep into my LCD for identifying cats. I think we should have another host for file sharing.
  18. Hp-mogul-clean-20273-a

    Hi Can u give me link for mapking and India maps (Delhi specially) pls. Thanks.
  19. Change Your Username

    Thank You !!!
  20. Change Your Username

    Please change my name to "mgdelhi" as it is my yahoo user id also. and if someone else is using this id, please change it to "mgdelhii". Thanks
  21. I have been doing it for last few years in fact. I thought thats a simple thing and everyone knows about it. But now I think, I know the reason, why many of my friends come to me to take back-up and tansfer their contact to another phone. I usually create a new profile with my friend's name and do it for him. That way I have phonebook of many friends in my laptop. Good to know that u guys are benefited by this. Regards.
  22. Hi In windowsXP In Control Panel open "Mail". Click on "Show Profiles". There shud be one existing profile. Click on "Add" Give a profile name say "Mogul2" Select "Prompt for a profile to be used". Then u can use 2 profiles for 2 different phonebooks in MS Outlook.
  23. I sent that message y'day and got the same reply. Today I got Message "Hello! STD@1.30 pack has been successfully activated on your Vodafone number."
  24. Getting Iphone From Usa

    anytime friend...