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  1. Change The Look Of Gmail And A Lot More

    done it. WoW. Thanx
  2. Getting Iphone From Usa

    Hi. 1. U can directly unlock 1.1.4 no need to downgrade. 2. Yes, everytime u upgrade the firmware, u need to unlock it (5-10 minutes) and install the additional programs. 3. if u upgrade it, all data/settings/contacts/mails will remain intact. However, it is recommended to do restore (everything gone) and not upgrade the new firmware. It is always a good idea to make a folder in your comp and keep all data/songs/videos etc in that folder and u sync that folder with iPhone. Contacts are synced with MS Outlook (thru iTunes). Cant say anything abt mail coz it is anyways on the server so never cared to restore email. 4. Yes, everytime u upgrade the firmware (whether it was unlocked by ZiPhone or iLiberyy Plus) u need to unlock it. "http://i.unlock.no" suggests using ziphone which downgrades the original baseband version 4.6 to 3.9 whereas iLibertyplus doesn't. 5. I mentioned that we will not be able to use the phone straight away (without unlocking). You can use it after unlocking #7, u just cant add an MP3/ringtones u like to your phone, u need to go to the same comp u r synced with, run itune and do things. No official method to transfer pics to your comp. and many others. You need to convert videos to mp4 then sync thru iTunes. #9, Wifi NOT required for unlocking. Airtel Mobile office can be used to install 3rd party apps. Speed is ok. There is software called iphonebrowser, to transfer pics and all but it did not work for me and I have to use WinSCP giving IP address of iPhone on WiFi network, and there are other features which makes it use like a laptop if u have wifi. Internet surfing is so easy as on on a laptop, 90% of the site open perfectly on its safari browser. I have even transferred money from my ICICI account to a friend's non-icici a/c easily (that was using EDGE). Hope u got all ur answer.
  3. Getting Iphone From Usa

    Hi. I am using iPhone for last few months which was 1.0.2. I have upgraded all firmwares (1.0.2->1.1.1->1.1.2->1.1.3->1.1.4) and unlocked it after each upgrade myself, which is easier than one thinks. So, I think I should be able to answer your questions. 1. u will not be able to use it straight away. U can download ZiPhone from site u mentioned and it will unlock ur iphone. But there are better options. iLiberty Plus is a better option for newer firmware phones. 2&3. The above unlockers will install a shortcut "Installer" in your iPhone and from there u can install additional softwares/games. Some sources (web links) are in-built and others u can add urself. These softwares are not installed by connecting it to computer, but installed thru internet (WiFi/EDGE). 4. iTunes is the software which comes with iPhone or u can doenload it from apple website. 5. By default, no videos in iPhone but possible thru 3rd party software. Photos/Videos can not be transferred via BT. But u can transfer them to ur comp (3rd Party SW again). U can gave ur ringtones but again after a process. U cannot just transfer MP3s to iPhone. 6. Battery life is good but if u get it and show most of the features to friends it will drain out faster than u think but if u use it as a mobile (keeping WiFi, BT, others off), battery is better than most of others. 7. iPhone is ultimate style/show off statement. but file transfer / apple's proprietor file formats etc is what I hate. 8. Yes, it comes with headset. 9. OTHER INFO: To use the full capabilities, WiFi Router is must (not mentioned officially). Secondly free wala (without monthly rental) GPRS/EDGE does not work with iPhone. You will need to have something like Airtel Mobile Office / Vodafone Mobile Connect. Enjoy ur experience with iPhone.
  4. Cheated By Abn Amro

    I have read many complaints about ABN-AMRO Credit cards on different forums. The average is 8 complaints ABN-AMRO, 1 HDFC, 1 ICICI, 1 SBI, 1 each of all other banks..... So now as soon as I hear ABN-AMRO.... cheaters... thats what comes in my mind. Suggestion.....never go for ABN-AMRO Credit Cards......
  5. Thats a really cool collections. The best of oldies.. I downloaded 55. Thanks...Friend. !!!
  6. I downloaded all of them and wait for more to come...
  7. Coool. Thanks. I also have many like these... may be 500-600MB...if anyone interested...
  8. Windows Mobile 7.0

    WOW! Thats cool... If that happens, I'll be amongst first few who will leave iPhone and get an WinMob 7.0 phone. iPhone is is style statement and I love it but I dont like using iTunes if I have to copy just one MP3 to my phone, I have to use WinSCP to get photos clicked on my comp and other Apple's proprietary file formats and connectivity hassles.
  9. Reliance Netconnect Prepaid Plan - Rs.1500/pm

    I went to buy to Reliance Webworld (NOT express), Saraswati Vihar, Delhi to buy a new Data Card (MG-880) with prepaid on 16/03/2008, but the person said that there is no prepaid plan available with Data Card. Whereas they had a brochure clearly mentioning all these schemes like FRC of 299/- etc. When I asked abt it, he said that it is not avlbl in Delhi. Another customer was saying that he also wanted to buy data card in prepaid but he is buying postpaid because of unavailability of prepaid. I told him that maybe Webworld guys promote postpaid plans to achieve their targets and if these plans were not avlbl in Delhi why have they given the details in brochures which are being distributed in Delhi. Moreover, if a plan is circle specific, they clearly mention it in the brochure/website. And, I deferred my purchase plans till the time they offer data card with prepaid plan and lifetime Validity.
  10. Nokia 7088 Coming.....

    at least 2MP Camera shud hv been there.
  11. Which Pen Drive Is The Best?

    Anything gifted by GF is always Great anyways!!!
  12. Is Zte Mg880 Usb Device Evdo Enabled

    I want to buy a MG478 (EVDO Compatible) and use it with reliance RUIM coz I am in Delhi (No BSNL). I know there is no EVDO from Reliance as yet but I will be future-proof that way. Now how is that pssoible ? I have to buy a Data Card in a day or two as my EC325 is dead.
  13. Is Zte Mg880 Usb Device Evdo Enabled

    BSNL is providing MG478 for EVDO which looks like MG880. MG478 is EVDO and MG880 is not.
  14. Just now cut 4 u. Aye_dil_e_nadan.mp3
  15. New Zte Usb Data Card

    Has anybody managed to enable RUIM in this ZTE MG-880 USB Data Card?
  16. Now I Love Iphone

    StealthSIMs are avlbl @1200/-. So unlocking a new 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 costs only Rs.1200/-, nothing else. BTW, I am using a 1.0.2 -> 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 software unlocked iPhone and is simply great. I have been using Nokia for last many years, but as the topic says Now I Love Iphone. Waise, I have kept my N95 as a 2nd Phone for backup and camera and occasional GPS.
  17. Huawei Ec325 Dead

    Hi, I recently upgraded my comp to core2duo.. so motherboard+cpu change and all. I plugged in my USB Pen Drive to front USB Slot (on the cabinet) , it did not detect. I tried it on my laptop it was still dead. Later on, after experimenting a bit, I found out that front USB slots in my comp, are faulty and make anything u connect to it DEAD. In the process, 2 USB Pen Drives (one 2GB Transcend and One 2GB Kingston) got dead and my Huawei EC325 also got dead. USB Pen Drives are not a concern (though a remedy is welcome) , but what do I do with EC325 which has no sign of life. I got it in Oct'06 (no warranty, I guess). Can it be repaired in Delhi? If yes, where? Or is permanent dead, I should just throw it and look forward in life ? Please sugggest. Thanks.
  18. Huawei Ec325 Dead

    I don't mind paying repair charges at all. But I had converted it to RUIM. So presently there was no working data plan MDN for that particular data card. And when I sent somebody from my office, they insisted on the bill and number it was working on. I had asked him to show ignorance abt it.
  19. Huawei Ec325 Dead

    Thanks for the suggestion friends. I have taken the address/contact no. of the service centers. 2 in Delhi, both in South Delhi. And I'll send someone in a day or two. The warranty is over. I am not going to tell them abt problem of my USB Slot but does it make a difference after warranty is over? Thanx
  20. Show Your Love!

    bought it for Rs.120/-. Actually I bought LG3000 for my mother and LG2090 is spare now but I saw it at a shop (Mumbai, Manish Market) and could not resist to buy the battery even if nobody is using RD2090 now. Tested the battery though and it works fine.
  21. Sharekhan Vs Kotak Vs Indiabulls Vs 5paise?

    But I am able to fully trade on my N95 on icicidirect.com, the only limitation so far I have seen is that I cannot modify allocation of funds, but if there are already enough funds allocated (thru my pc, may be 2-3 days ago) I can do whatever I want.
  22. Show Your Love!

    What is the cost of the battery of RD2030 someone in my home uses it and the battery is dead otherwise it is perfect even after 4 years.
  23. Thanks. That looks a great lcd monitor. Even I am tempted to change my Sony 17" LCD which itself is actually great and I have logitech 2.1. I read an article about Viewsonic quality issues and warranty problem and something wrong about dead pixels policy. People who bought Viewsonic suggested that one should not buy Viewsonic as they were kept waiting for 2 months for the repair/replacement. So, just scared of the brand. I understand that if you don't need their service, they have the best product line.