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  1. Can u tell us the Viewsonic 22" model pls? or may be a link to their website.
  2. Chinese Handset

    I think somewhere between 8-9k should be the fair price. Others can correct me if I am asking too less or too much which is possible coz I am not a pro for this kind of deal.
  3. Value 37" Lcd Tv

    I have LG 26" (bedroom) and Samsung Bordeux 32" (living room) and I found Samsung much much better. After watching Samsung in one room, when I go to other room and watch LG, it looks so dull. Specially brightness and contrast. Both have Dish TV. So, there is no difference in input.
  4. Chinese Handset

    I have one chinese Dual SIM Phone for sale. you can see the pics and other details here.
  5. It is showing my location some half km. away from my actual position on my S60v3 phone. Good enough for phones without GPS.
  6. u r welcone BTW, u shud be able to get USB Adapter for PCMCIA from fortune-it.com even if it is not on their website. It is a Nehru Place (Delhi) company which handles ENTER brand in India.
  7. U need either this: http://www.elandigitalsystems.com/usb/u111.php or this http://www.fortune-it.com/productdetail.asp?ItemID=128
  8. New Zte Usb Data Card

    I recently bought a new compaq laptop and I am being offered a new USB Card after "Pay a special offer price of Rs.3147 to get the USB Data card (worth Rs.3180) + 2 Months Unlimited Airtime (worth Rs.3367).". Now, I really don't want to pay that much for product that is priced at Rs.2,850/- and I don't use it often. Can I somehow get it un-activated without paying so heavy price? or can I sell this offer to anybody on rimweb.in who might be intereted to buy this card? Regards
  9. Men Beware! Laptops May Affect Fertility

    Well it is an old news of 8-Dec-2004. Rediff has taken it from: http://www.webmd.com/infertility-and-repro...-male-fertility Though I have not seen any symptoms even after using laptop for few years.
  10. Nokia 1255 Launched

    I have bought a new prepaid RUIM to use with HUAWEI EC325. I have taken a recharge of four hundred something that gives 2 years incoming free with Rs.1500/- R2R talktime. I have a Nokia 1255 with me (A friend upgraded from 1255 to 6088) which is empty. Can I get it RUIM enabled so that I could use the free talktime of Rs.1500/-. I can send someone to gaffar market, karol bagh. I know it is a 10 minutes job coz I have done that myself for Huawei EC325. But I dont have and I do not want have the hardware for 1255. All I want to know is what should be the price of such conversion. Also, is there any other place other than gaffar mkt near Rohini ?
  11. Microsd Adapter

    Hi Raj, some laptops comes with in-build card reader. So if you want buy a laptop, just ask the vendor about in-built card and also what types of cards it reads and writes. In laptops it is always in the right side. I have a Compaq 3137 and it has card reader on left hand side.
  12. New Zte Usb Data Card

    It works with Vista, but AFTER u run the CD that comes with it. I have myself installed it on a new vista laptop 2 days ago.
  13. Samsung Max Available With Reliance

    I am happy with my N95.
  14. New Zte Usb Data Card

    Has anybody so far converted his/her MG880 to RUIM like we have done EC325 ?
  15. The Firmware And Client Software Is Too Old.

    I just now tried this software but it says that my current version is 25.09.01d and the version of the above sw is 25.07.016. So, I stopped.
  16. The Firmware And Client Software Is Too Old.

    Does it updates EC325 too ? What r the benefits u got after firmware upgrade ?
  17. 1.3 Mega Camera + Stylish Cdma Slider New Mobile

    Hutch is CDMA (or CDMA+GSM) in thailand... if u see www.hutch.co.th u will see CDMA devices on their site inlcuding Huawei EC325.
  18. Nokia 6088

    Brochure http://www.nokia-asia.com/NOKIA_ASIA_2/Fin..._fact_sheet.pdf
  19. Nokia 2865

    A friend of mine lost the battery cover of 2865. Nokia Priority dealer says it is not available. Where can I get the battery cover (or complete body case) of 2865 in Delhi. I don't mind even a used/scratched battery cover if some1 has replaced his full body case. Can I get it in Gaffar Market? What should be the price of Battery Cover / Body Case ?
  20. In addition you will need enable POP Access in your yahoo account settings. (Options -> POP & Forwarding -> Setup POP & Forwarding -> Web & POP Access [POP Settings] ) There also u can see how to configure ur outlook (any mail client) to receive mail.
  21. Yahoo DOES provide POP Access for "co.in" accounts but does not provide for .com accounts. Incoming Mail Server (POP): pop.mail.yahoo.co.in Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): smtp.mail.yahoo.co.in Outgoing Mail Server : My Server requires authentication (Tick Mark - Yes) Server Port No. Outgoing Mail (SMTP) : 465 This server requires SSL Incoming Mail (POP3) : 995 This server requires SSL I have been using it for many months now.
  22. Rich Man, Poor Country

    Heard in 2003. CDMA-WLL = Communication from Dhirubhai to Mukesh & Anil - Watan Loot Lo.
  23. Color Classic @ 999

    I wanted to buy a prepaid RUIM but buying Classic 732 seems to be a better idea. A RUIM will cost me 250 rupees or so and this mobile including RUIM costs just 999 so cost of this mobile comes to 750 rupees for me. And someone can use it once in a while. I went to buy this today with someone who is using a mono classic he tested it and found that it is faster than his mono classic. But it was available only in white and was looking cheap. Is it available in balck also? The cost of a new number is Rs.99/- with 0 balance and 7 days vaility and cost of lifetime validity recharge, I have been told is, Rs.650/-. Is it correct for Delhi circle? Thx
  24. Well the margin looks lucrative if u r a one man shop, if u actually go in distribution, 50% of MRP goes on distributor+dealer+retailor's margin and cst and VAT and freight, ur office rent (even if u own ur office but still there is value), godown rent, office running cost, staff salary and other logistic expenses.. I know that coz I am running a business of import+distribution. It is not for mobile or electronics though where vat is just 4% but still u will not get 999 - 770 = 229 rs in ur pocket.
  25. How To Find Spc For Usb Modem

    CDMA Workshop asks for SPC. Bitpim does not seem to support EC325. Please suggest how can EC325 be changed to RUIM.