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Found 1 result

  1. Update Your Samsung Galaxy S3 - US Cellular [sCH-R530U] to Latest MD4 Also Refer To This Post: Add ADD-ONs to your MD4 4.1.2 - Call Recording, Camera Shutter toggle, Lidroid Toggles Here I am going to elaborate you the simple step by step of how to install Latest MD4 on your SGS3 R530U. As mentioned on the official website this upgrade will bring all the tweaks that most of the folks have injected in their Galaxy S3′s via 3rd party developers which include Multi view support, home screen security fixes, New looks and arrangements for the Gallery and Camera apps, the Paper artist app and last but not the least the Enhancements made for the SMS applications. All credit goes to Dear JoshM He is busy so I am updating stuff that He has shared with me and all the Screens & Making post is done by Myself Note: I am assuming that your Phone should be rooted with recovery installed. If not plz follow this Link. Step1. Download the Latest MD4 file d2usc_R530UVXAMD4_2 from here. Check the MD5: c46549da625b889586e486a6ccfeec99 [ Most Important ] Step2. Store it in your Internal Storage of your phone. Step3. Unplug the USB cable. Switch off your Phone. Step4. Hold down the HOME + VOLUME UP buttons and press the POWER button for about 5 seconds to enter into Recovery Mode. Step5. It is very important first Backup your phone Using the Nandroid Backup from the Recovery. Step6. Wipe cache, Wipe Dalvik, Wipe System, and Hit Factory Reset. Wipe all four if you are in TWRP. If you are in CWM Recovery Wipe cache, Wipe Data/factory reset goto advance and Wipe Dalvik. Step7. Then Install ZIP from SDcard and select the file d2usc_R530UVXAMD4_2 which you download from Step1. Reboot System and stay away from the Phone for 10mins. It will take some time relax. Step8. After power ON, switched OFF and go back to Recovery again and Flash the DeBloater script using my previous post Here. Step9. Then Restore Data of MB1 from your Nandroid Backup by Just select only Data and reboot the system. Step10. Reboot and come back here to Thank Me Cheers...!!! WARNING - Flashing your phone, however safe the method may be termed, can BRICK your phone, so do it on your own , I or RIMWEB cant be held responsible for any BRICKED devices.