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Quality Of Service

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to what extent will this have effect is doubtfull,nevertheless the toothless tiger

attempts some thing on quality of service


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has laid down more stringent standards of Quality of Service of Basic Telephone Service and Cellular Mobile Telephone.

In the case of cellular phone operators, the benchmark for call drop has been revised to less than or equal to 2 per cent of all calls completed from 3 per cent now.

A new parameter – worst affected cells – will also be put in place for cell sites having more than a 3 per cent call drop rate.

Industry observers say it will not be difficult for TRAI to ensure that the number of calls which are dropped actually decreases.

“Technical details including the number of calls being dropped are available on the server of the service provider. The reluctance of some telecom companies to go in for capital expenditure despite an increase in mobile phone users has seen an increase in call drops,” said an industry observer.

A new parameter has been prescribed to assess the metering and billing credibility of charges of pre-paid customers.

Customer complaints about refund or credit of wrongly billed amounts will now have to be settled within one week instead of four weeks now.

In case of basic telephone service, TRAI has specified a maximum 4-week period for resolving billing complaints.

also see


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