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The wait for cheaper STD calls at 10 p has just got longer. The Department of Telecom sent the recommendations on

IP Telephony

back to Trai for review, ironically, on the last day of

service of Trai Chairman, last week.

The delay by the government has further prolonged the hope of cheap STD calls at 10 paise per minute via internet for consumers, which if passed, can get anounced only post elections.

"We received the comments with some references from DoT (on Friday). We are expected to reply back within 15 days on the same," outgoing Trai Chairman Nripendra Mishra told ET, last week.

The DoT’s delayed move is expected to prolong things further as the new chairman is still not decided. Mr Mishra however, may stay on on an interim basis, till the new Chairman takes over. It is expected to take longer than 15 days for Trai to send the comments back now, even as the new Chairman gets elected and settled to take on the reigns of the country’s telecom regulator.

Some reports, however also say that election code of conduct may bar the government from announcing the new Chairman anytime soon, which may delay things furthur.

Even if Trai sends its comments back within this month, DoT is required by election commission not to announce anything until elections get over, under the code of conduct.

Thus, consumers may well not be able to enjoy STD calls at 10 p per minute anytime soon. It’s interesting to note that all telecom operators had been opposing unrestricted IP telephony, saying it will create an unfair playing field. But ISPs were in favour of launching it, as it will make them direct comptetitor to telcos in offereing cheap STD telephony.

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With increasing cellular connections, voip can not be successful unless operators support. Telcos will increase data charges to combat voip - for sure. One can't expect wifi every where. Its 3G that can play vital role for voip.

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