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How to Regain Root on Samsung EPIC?

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I went to Cyanogenmod 7 Alpha from ACS Frozen 1.0.1.

After trying CM 7 for some time I went back to ACS Frozen 1.0.1 by restoring earlier backup on ACS.

But now I have lost root and don't have su.

Earlier I had rooted stock DI18 using OneClick 2.5 CWM, and after applying EB13 update.zip had rooted again using CWM 3.0.6. After converting to ext4 filesystems and flashing dual fs kernel, I had succesfully flashed ACS Frozen 1.0.1 with no issues.

Only on reverting back from CM7 I have lost root. So to regain 'su privvileges' can I do CWM 3.0.6 OneClickRoot again ?

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yes u can go for CWM3.0.5/6

No need.. just flashed again Syndicate ROM , and everything is OK now, except absence of wired tether

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