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[3G][GSM]: Faster Cellular Data Speed

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This development done by a dev bahathir @ XDA is awesome. My d/l speed just doubled by doing this. Following is the development posted on XDA.


1) This is for developers and advanced users who know what to do.

2) Do it at your own risk. I am not responsible to any problem due to this modification/hacking.

3) I am not showing how to change/edit the file.

3 days ago, I did a change in /system/etc/ppp/peers/pppd-ril.options.

This is the orignal content of the file.







connect-delay 1000

# Don't remove the user/password lines. They are required to make PPPD authenticate itself with

# the BP when doing Simple IP (SIP). The BP will replace the user/password strings with the correct

# values when authenticating to the network-side PPP peer.

user NotUsed@nobody.com

password NotUsed


lcp-echo-failure 0

lcp-echo-interval 0

ipcp-max-configure 30

ipcp-max-failure 30

ipcp-max-terminate 10


linkname ril

Just by commenting or remove line 18,


# novj

we may able to get better 3G network speed. The change may enable the Van Jacobson style TCP/IP header compression. Your cellular network may or may not support this feature. My 3G cellular network (Celcom Malaysia, HSDPA 3.6Mbps) seem to be supporting this feature.

Before the change, I got (down/up) 3.4/0.5 Mbps, but, after the change, the result is quite impressive as we can see in the screenshot. Sometime, I got about 2x of download speed when download podcasts MP3s, from 400 kBps to upto 800 kBps.

Mbps : Mega bit per second

kBps : kilo BYTE per second

Anyone who tried this hack/mod either for 3G or 4G, please report your before and after results. smile.gif

Remember to reboot after changes smile.gif

Thank you


$ man pppd

Original Thread Link : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1800351

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