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Update: Sprint Nexus S 4G JellyBean 4.1.1 via Odin

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Good news for Sprint Nexus S 4G (D720) owners in India, Sprint is allowing OTA updates for this handset. Anyone facing problem for OTA update can download this stock (latest and most stable) ROM and install via ODIN. This ROM is JRO03R, 4.1.1.

Stock JRO03R ROM (Flash by Odin)


Stock JRO03R Rooted ROM (odexed and deodexed)(Flash zip by recovery CWM or TWRP)


Nexus S Software Update - JRO03R


Operating system upgrade Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Below is a list of a few changes:

- Notification Bar: Expanded view of emails

- Meeting Makers: more information to notification bar. Provides the ability to snooze and dismiss meetings from the notification bar.

- Addition of Google Now (online search):

o Voice search

o Integrated approach to search features within Google services

Many other UI improvements while using the phone.

Edited by dr.faramroze

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JB has no sms search, very sluggish but better than ICS.

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