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Tutorial: What does rooting or jailbreak actually mean? Advantages and Disadvantages?

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Many of you may have heard smartphone geeks throwing a terminology that they think everyone understands. Probably it is the biggest thing that you may have heard on cellphone bolgs and forums. Jailbreaking is more or less is another name of rooting which is related to ios devices.

Now, what does this mean? And why actually someone roots their cellphone?

At its most basic ROOTING refers to the process by which one gains access to administrative commands and functions of a operating system.

Still confused?? So as i when i first heard about it. Let me elaborate it.

When you root your device you give yourselves rather than the original software vendor the entire administration rights of operating system. The main reason why one may root their phone is to install some type of custom roms so as to enjoy new features ir save their battery.

Thats it? What can i do by gaining administrative rights?

Well heres is your answer. There are many other benefits of rooting. For example you can remove boltware, to stop system processes which are draining battery a lot. Having a rooted android phone is also useful because there are several android apps which are very useful and also need root access. The best example i can give is "nandroid backup" and the most popular "titanium backup"...

Then what are the disadvantages i was talking about?

Well technically i should say none.

But rooting voids warranty by manufacturer.

Rooting may brick your phone if you do it the wrong way.

Both of above can be solved by restoring handset to stock rom.

Hope this post helps. Thank you all.

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