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Vinod Nayak

How to Increase Max users that can connect to your Wi-Fi Hotspot of LG G2 LG980 [Non Sprint Activated]

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This MOD is for those phones which have not been activated on Sprint network.

There is a thread already present how to activate Wi-Fi tethering for non Sprint activated phones here.

Many LG G2 LS980 can tether but only one device can connect to it.

This MOD will increase the number of users that connect to your phones Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Use Root Explorer , Browse to carrier/wifi/gm --> copy "gm" file to sd card of your phone, press and hold the same file to get a secondary popup menu, select rename, rename the file to gm.txt.

Press and hold again and select Open in text editor, change the value from 1 to your desired number, 2 in my case. save and exit, now when you save this file and exit, if the value you entered has saved, it will create a new file "gm.txt.bak" if this file is created then the value you have entered in gm.txt file has saved. Rename the file back to "gm" from "gm.txt" and copy back to carrier/wifi/ folder. check if the permissions are same as the rest of the files present in the same folder, if not change it to same. NO REBOOT required. Please do test and report back.

Please proceed if you know how to modify root files. I have done this mod to my phone and currently connected 2 devices, (laptop & Note 3) both have data of hotspot from G2. :good: if helped

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Yup...this WORKS. I followed the steps on my G Flex. Working like a charm. I see no reason, why won't work on G2.

PS: I've set it to 5. OP has a fair idea why I can fire all cylinders...lol.

Sent from my Flexy-$exy

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