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Freepaid 395,396 & 445 Postpaid (Unlimited calls R-R R-LL)

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One of the best plan till date offered in GSM postpaid

With Freepaid plans a postpaid customer:

# Can treat any local and STD reliance number as CUG - all local and std onnet calls are free

# Can make unlimited CUG calls even when roaming - on net calls are free even from roaming

# Can treat his office (and home) landline numbers as intercom - all landline calls are free

# Can treat Office and home calls as intercom even when roaming - all landline calls are free even from roaming

# Can receive unlimited incoming calls from any number while in roaming - all roaming incoming calls are free

# Gets 900 offnet (Local / STD / Roaming OG) minute - 900 minutes offnet means all reasonable offnet usage will get covered in free minutes

Data as per the above plan & Circle taken.


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