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How to:- Enable 1xRTT EvDo data services on VZW LG G3

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Due to a large section of buyers now opting to purchase GSM enabled CDMA device, I add another device for CDMA data provisioning. There are no special requirements to enable CDMA data on VZW G3. Root is not required. This is applicable to those users whose manual APN of #777 does not enable data.

1. From the dialpad, ##PROGRAM985, go to port test, switch it on. Diag mode will be ON.

2. With data enabled SIM inside, using DFS, go to data section and select, evdo_MFPA

3. Enable all the six profiles with omhtest@omh.relianceinfo.com in the MIP section fields and write.

4. May sometimes need to make APN as #777 if data does not start.

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hi sir. i have rooted my verizon lg g3 and installed cm12.1. calls and text is working but cant connet to data.can you please help me

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