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WELL guys i would like to help me regarding making a career choice...

Well let me tell you about me....

B) I have done my graduation..B.E. in computers in 2004 and i joined airtel.....then i thought i should be in a software company so joined an MNC and came into software development ....but later realised its not my cup of tea as i like creative stuff but not for coding........but now i am again having my liking for the telecom field as i always loved so now i am planning to do MBA in telecom....

well just please advice is it a good idea and i would like to pursue MBA throught distant learning so ....i know Symbiosis is a good institute for doing that...anyways...

please guide 1st of all should i go for this career move......

please i want you all to give your views thanks in advance...

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Go for whatever you enjoy doing!! That should def pay you well in the long run, with peace of mind and loads of money! :-)

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