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This Thread Gives A Brief Glance At What All Facts Are Currently Known And Have Topics Based On Them Especially To NEWBIES Who Have Just Joined The Forum And Are Desperately Seeking Help By Hook Or By Crook . So That You Do Not Need To Search Through The Entire Forum.

The FACTS Stated Here Are What Is Known At The Current Instant Of Time.

Although It Does Not Imply, Until Explicitly Stated, That There Is No Way Around The Specific Topic In Question.

So If You Get A Wild Idea Or Know That The Specific thing Can Be Done In Some Way Not Yet Known To The Forum Then Do Post It In This Forum (i.e. In The Tech/Programing Forum; Not In This Thread).

Have A Jolly Good Time

Best Regards



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1) Ringtones CAN Be And HAVE Been Successfully Uploaded Into The RD-2030 And RD-7230 Phones

Please Click Here To Read A Tutorial.

Please Refer To Tutorial for Uploading Ringtones on LG2030 And BitPim Sync Errors For General Errors/Problems Regarding The Procedure.

2) There Is NO WAY AS YET To Upload Ringtones To The Samsung SCH191, Motorola, Nokia 2280 And RD2020

Because It Is Assumed That These Models Do Not Support Uploading Ringtones.

3) The Inbuilt Sounds/Animations In RD-2030 AND RD-7230 CAN NOT BE CHANGED.

Yes That Includes ALL INBUILT TONES Including Ones For Alarm,startup,shutdown,message tone And The Like,

Without Special Hardware Made So Especially For Such Purposes.

4) ONLY The Version:REL11 In RD-2030 Supports Field Test Mode.

No Other Version Supports This Including Versions REL08 And REL15

5) Theres Is No Way To Play/download/upload Videos/songs Into The Phone From The PC Or Vice-Versa Including Those Files Downloaded From R-WORLD

Alteast Not Yet, Unless We Can Gat A Copy Of The EVRC Codec.

6) There Is NO Way As Yet To Send SMS From The PC To Reliance Network By Connecting A Phone To The Computer

This Is Especially Applicable To AT Commands.

Although It Can Be Done By Certain Software Such As Yakoon Messenger Which Have Their Own Service Providers.

7) There Is No Way(known As Yet) To Upload Games To The Phones

8) BitPim Will NEVER Detect The Phone In The First Try.

For BitPim To Successfully Read The Filesystem Of The Phone The Filesystem Has To Be Checked Two Times In A Succession Without Restarting The Phone.(explicitly, No Use Trying)

9) BitPim's Inbuilt User Interface Cannot Upload/download Ringtones And Wallpapers From/to The Phone.

It HAS To Be Done From The Filesystem.

10) ONLY The 7230 Supports Voice Ringtones

No Other Phone Has Capacity To Playback Voice Ringtones.

If You Have Any Problems With USB And Windows XP Regarding Uploading And Downloading Stuff From/To Your Phone Please Check Out

USB Not recognised / USB-Serial Converter

Edited by Arun
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