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Unable To Save Rintone Through R World

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Hi yall,

My mobile model is LG RD6130. From the last few days, I am facing a wierd problem. Whenever I try to save a ringtone from R World, I'am unable to do so. When I try to replace the ringtone, it doesn't replace either, and my existing ringtone also gets erased. Even when the ringtone slots are empty, I get the option to replace the ringtone. I even reseted R World, and also cleared the memory also using some r world app located in Toolkit, and even reseted the phone, but no success. When I contacted CSR at Reliance, she said that you'll need to update the phone software as it is some software problem. But even many of my friends are facing the same problem in their RD5130 as well as 6130. Can reliance guys help???

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