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  1. Diego

    Not seen any additions in this thread since long time. Have anyone of the techies found any thing new ?? Please Post
  2. Mpower Muzik New Cdma Samsung Mobile

    Got this phone a week ago. Nice Phone. Sound is very good both on speaker and on headset. Good battery, with my heavy usage lasts upto 2 days. Looks are moderate. Camera is good for this price range. Earlier in this topic somebody asked that photos from 6275 are not downloadable. I want to tell him that this phone only supports photos upto 1.3 MP and 6275 has 2 MP camera so the photos taken at more than 1.3 MP will not be seen in this phone so photos taken from 6275 at 1.3 MP or low will definately work on this handset. I have checked it ( I have a 6275 too ) Good Phone at Good Price Best Buy
  3. Operating System In Nokia 6275 Cdma

    No Way. Symbian cannot be downloaded on 6275.
  4. Word Assosiation

  5. Nokia 6275:call Recorder Or Spy Call Missing In

    Its really frustrating coming to this thread. Every time you come here you see no result. Please close it.
  6. Sms Storage In Memory Card For Nokia 6275

    Is SMS Caster can only be used for backing up the sms or can it send also. I am using 6275. Please reply
  7. Tight Slap For Srk And Oso

    Yes its a good news. SRK should understand that he has to give respect to his seniors. It will be a lesson for everybody in the film industry.
  8. Yes, this problem has occured 2-3 times. but theres a solution to it. If you want to download any urgent file then use proxy server. i.e. find some free proxies using google and use them in your browser. This trick works. I have tried it. Works fine but due to proxy server the download speed is slow
  9. Run Commands Of Windows

    very helpfull indeed
  10. Ishmit : The Voice Of India Fame !

    Yes, off course its a very sad news. May GOD give his family strength to survive the loss.
  11. Flash Animated (.swf) Running On Nokia 6265

    Yes very true. It seems like Kehrann was telling and not asking us that 6265 supports swf files.
  12. Flash Animated (.swf) Running On Nokia 6265

    6275 or 6265 will not support swf in any way. Just try to convert it to gif as said above by savramesh.
  13. Please Help Me Choose My Nokia

    I have been using 6275 since 1 year. Till now no problem working very fine. Its a feature rich phone. I am very satisfied
  14. We Have Lost A Good Member Forever

    Very sad news. May his soul rest in peace