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  1. OK, so Here's a Step by Step Guide for GENERAL SETTINGS by EPST- First copy the reliance.prl directly to your memory card Then Press Green (Dial) button to enter dialler Press ##778# - you will be able to see EPST Screen now... Press Edit... Enter Unlock code as the 6 digit code you got from BAFMSL... You will enter Main Display Screen and all info will be displayed. Now on this Display Screen edit only 2 fields - Nam Name to Reliance and MSID to your 10 digit MIN number by first selecting then clicking Menu-Edit; Then, Click View Info and then go to NAM Settings. Here you have to edit NAM Name to Reliance, Mobile Directory Number to your 10 digit Reliance Number, Check and confirm that in MSID your 10 digit MIN number is displayed (if not, edit to MIN); MCC to 404, MNC to 00 Then Click View Info again and select CDMA Settings - These should be like as below, otherwise edit them to these figures - A-Sys Primary 283; B-Sys Primary 384; A-Sys Secondary 691; B-Sys Secondary 777; MOB_TERM_FOR_HOM /SID/NID - All should be Enable; Home Page/Home Orig, Roam Orig - all should be EVRC Then Click View Info again and select Home SID/Home NID - Edit the first field i.e. Home SID/NID #1 to 14655 / 65535 Then Click View Info again and select Modem Settings - Slot Cycle Index is 2 (but you can edit it to 1 for faster tower catching, your choice); Preferred Serving Syste / Preferred Mode- both should be Automatic; dont touch anything else... Then Click View Info again and select PRL - Click Update PRL File - Menu - Edit - Browse - It will be able to see and search the reliance.prl on your memory card - select it - Press OK; so your prl is now updated Then Click View Info again and select M.IP Settings - edit MIP_MODE and change iit to Simple IP Only Finally click Menu - OK and then update your settings and phone will reboot... Now say CHEERS... AND START CALLING...

    I just wonder whether a Touch pro bought from ebay.com, which is originally registered either under Sprint/Verizon, can be usable with reliance/tata only by this simple method as explained, or whether one need to register the MEID/ESN with the respective operator 1st and then follow this procedure to use the phone.

  2. I am suffering with bad network since 2008, they visited my place and decided to setup some instrument (Repeater) in my premises, but that's it, it never happened, its still the same where a new tower has came up in 600m, now they told me that they gonna set another tower in 2 months in my locality... It seems that MNP is the only way out.

  3. I talked to Sadikk, he told me that its registered with Reliance, as he is a member here too, I updated the PRL with EVDO PRL I found here, the problem is with EVDO my data connection works once in 10 attempts, then I updated with 1X version, also downloaded from here, as I learned from somewhere that if EVDO activated my phone will ring even if data is on, and it happens a few time, and few time I got engage tone. So, I am actually bit confused about the whole issue.

    Also I would like to mention that my network reception is very poor here, don't know whether its hampering the whole issue, I am also thinking to port to MTS if they support my Touch Pro.

  4. Hello

    Anybody know what type of video file does NOKIA 3125 support ? i. e. avi / 3gp etc.

    DOes it support AMR format ringtones.


    No it does not support AMR or MP3 Ringtones. Only Midi files.

    Dear Friend

    Unfortunately it supports AMR. You can send AMR files through MMS and then set it as ringtone.

  5. HI But SMS2RIM is not available anymore kindly upload it again


    Thanks for pointing it out ... actually I had upgraded the stuff...

    And mohan_27x Thanks for that bug report, I am changing a lot of things please check the new version which will be released soon.

    SMS2RIM Version 2

    Hey guys ... one more thing ... please test a few of these networks and tell me which are perfect and which are not!


    Hey I dont find the software SMS2RIM at the specified link. Please upload it again

  6. Asking for jatayu software is like wanting to phuck yourself with a heated iron rod. Why do you need that!!!!

    The MMS client runs on top of RWorld. So if you can access your phones system files you can get it from there.

    For the MMS application you can try their website.


    I dont want to phuck myself with a heated iron rod, instead i would like to send

    mms to the rim no. frm my PC. Thats what i'm asking u about the wap enabled

    client i.e. Jataayu. I like to phuck Rs 3!!!

    Give me some healthy advice.