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  1. Lg Sync Link Problem

    hello Friends, i am having LG RD 6130 Handset and software LG SYNC LINK i can transfer the Contacts Schedulars etc but when i try to transfer the Photographs captured by me with LG LINK then it is having a problem i.e. No Response from the phone. Re-Check the connecting condition. i had disconnected the connection and had reconnected but it is not resolved plz help me friends what i do for this waiting for the positive response Thanks in advance
  2. hello Friends, plz Help me i have the LG handset i.e. of RIM LG RD-6130, i had captured the Photographs with camera now i want to transfer the Photographs to my Computer with the help of DATA CABLE which i have. plz tell me abt the software which can do this and send me that Software will wait for the Positive Response bye for now Thanks & Regards Heeresh Khatri