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  1. Gods Own Country Goes 3G

    HHuuuummMMM Waiting for other networks for tariff slashing. :( :(
  2. Reliance Cdma Number To Gsm Number Conversion?

    Sure, CDMA is better than GSM, no doubt. I have been using RIM, Bharti, BSNL and Vodafone simultaneously. I have average monthly use of 800 to 1000 mins. All are prepaid and using with 2 handsets ie RIM and one GSM SIM. No one is giving tariff like RIM to us(Kerala circle). no rental, 0.50 for local and 1.00 for STD and roaming. Full talk time with 201, 501 vouchers (including tax amount). 0.05 per 10 KB when using WAP through opera mini (may be discontinued at any time, Its a mistake from reliance) A user like me RIM is the best choice. I had taken other connections to change my RIM connection, but I couldn't do so. Usually I am using BSNL Student Suvidha connection with RIM for using its Free 2500 SMSs. But network is too bad. All GSM networks has more than 3 towers in our small town. I am getting BSNL network from 4 CELLs. But RIM have only 2 towers ie two sides of our hilly town.
  3. 2 Special Data Card Tariffs Introduced

    Even though it is huge rental com comparative to BSNL . BSNL gives UL at 250/month and EvDO at 550/month
  4. I am from Malappuram, Kerala. IND 809 is here for more than a month, is it Aircell?
  5. Any one have new authorised information about Reliance MLM? The old one was fake.
  6. Is Reliance 2 Reliance Definition Extended ?

    no doubt, those states having rcoms gsm network exists previously (SMART)
  7. Nokia 6275 Micro Card Sd

    No Scope! It is not a matter of phone. Some one may be entered same data in password field without your knowledge. Forgot your valuable card.
  8. Nokia Customer Care - A Horror Story

    Data of your Memory card may be corrupted. Format your Memory card first. Then hard restore phone settings (*+3+call+power button). then reformat your memory card by your phone. Dont use old files. Find songs from some other source. Restarting is common in Nokia phones. You are talking about switching off, right?
  9. Transferring Files Between 6275 And Pc!

    CA 53 and DKU 2 cables are NK6275 compatible. Better to use card reader for large and multiple files transferring because transfer through data cable is too slow. Connect your 6275 and take option of mass storage by OSD. Dont use file manager through PcSuite.
  10. Help Needed To Choose A Bike...

    If your brother is a speed driver never thought about Bajaj and TVS. I strongly recommend "Unicorn". I know he is not handsome as others. As you said you are owing unicorn you must know its reliability. Hero Honda uses the same engine on both bikes as re-tuned. The unmatched driving thrill of Pulsar should be mentioned as a tale. Really I love to ride Pulsar. We have Honda, Hero Honda and Bajaj Bikes. I am using Unicorn which giving me 52-54 Kmpl and great stability while braking cornering. (Pulsar = Tiger, Unicorn = Kitten)
  11. Still is there any person who surfing rworld !!! I had removed its link from my phone since a year ago!
  12. Operating System In Nokia 6275 Cdma

    @savramesh, Surely it is not possible. Because NK6275's GPS is tower based not by satellite. Reliance is not providing us GPS service. That is why I had told you that its impossible. Am I right?
  13. 'spice D-88 Gold' Is It Different ?

    U R right :P:P:P
  14. Rcom Manipulating Cdma Handset Prices?

    I Also Agree. Is it possible to continue after number portability become active? I think loyalty should be paid for CDMA. May be that is also one reason for its huge price.