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  1. Tata - 2 yr Incoming Free

    Fact is that since these handsets come with 2 yrs validity u wont need recharge vouchers i suppose... mere top-up cards will do the need full. If u really hv low outgoing calls then top up with for example 100bucks and use it 4 2 yrs. Gr8 offer. Only if there was post-paid type also. Get connectn and phn for 2400rs etc.No rental 4 2 yrs. Pay as much as u talk. Billing only when out going calls cross a certain limit.(ex.Rs.300 or can be custom set), no monthly billing hassle. Never get stuck in an emergency due to low balance. Celebrate the Tatas.
  2. Latest s/w versions Of Lg Phones

    Guys please reply.... how do I chk the version of my LG LSI110. I went through the menus but couldn't find it. My phone has been giving me a host of problems (like not able to cancel incoming call by pressing red key etc)... so i want to upgrade its software if possible
  3. All about Nokia 6235

    Price is Rs9999 as per Webworld at my place.
  4. Latest s/w versions Of Lg Phones

    Well guys how do I chk the version of my LG LSI110. I went through the menus but couldn't find it.
  5. New Time Based R-connect Plans !

    Okay... time based plans esp Freedm@nite is good but whut about power users... u just cant take away the platinum plan.On-net pack gone and now this... where is Reliance headed... And BTW evrytime the high cost of RConnect (compared to bsnl) has been justified on the virtue of it being MOBILE but what about FWP users... its not mobile. So there should be lower RConnect rates for FWP users as it was when FWP was first launched... 3min pulse, 10min pulse during night sundays , 10p/min additional isp (RCIL) something like BSNL
  6. Mobile Phone Carrier Code(s)

    99 and 97 are also for Airtel & Hutch respectivly in Bengal ( leaving Kolkata) And netwrk codes are 405(IND) instead of usual 404(INA)
  7. Some Applications Should Be Removed ?

    Infact all ringtones other than bollywood ones can be removed... i don't think people really use those trashes now as various ringtone sources r available.
  8. Websites for Audio/Video Resources

    now dis is a really popular track... u don't need to search the net 4 it... friends or the mp3 wallah must be havin' it.
  9. Nokia 6265 CDMA Launched on Reliance Mobile now !

    Screw it up... eat it up... strip it off Its now standard i think with Nokia rim sets... just take off mms, video, wap etc from the feature list.
  10. All About Nokia 6255

    What about MMS sent to this phone... does it open in MMS inbox of the phone ? And email... how can I get mails on this phone... i'm sure webmail app on rworld wont work here and theres no wap too. does this phone have any mail(pop) clients in it? Isn't there anyway of having wap on this phone... i go thru various docs, ebooks in chunks on my phone's wap browser other than normal surfing.
  11. All About Nokia 6255

    Does it have Minibrowser or like with other Nokias this is also amputed by Reliance... if it doesn't that means on such a high end phone u can't open wap pages! The phone supports video streaming but with no support of video over RWorld ( why! why! why!!! even N191 had it...when w'll get a full funtional nokia) I don't think this feature will ever be used... Hope to see high end true reliance sets like lgs and samsungs ( UI is not everything i suppose)
  12. Suggest me a New Handset

    Then comparing this 3125 to gsm 3120...it is 3120 minus WAP.... which boils down to a colour mobile with basically nothing...not even the mere wap connectivity (only text RWorld is nothing that gr8 a feature). It is something like 3120 gsm minus GPRS...something like nokia2600..a most entry level stuff. But look at the price! Tcha! Why the hell does Reliance like to play God with nokia sets?? And as per ringtones frm services like 8888 nokia's accpt only mono tones.
  13. Suggest me a New Handset

    guys does 3125 supports full RWorld..i mean videos also. And like 3120 does 3125 have independent 'mini browser' thing or do i hv to go thru RWorld to surf wap pages using that clumsy browser that reliance provides in rworld. Does it support polyphonic ringtone download frm mms or 8888 like services
  14. All About Nokia 6255

    Thank God I waited for few more days...other wise I would now have a brand nu mp3 gsm handset and bang my head for missing 6255. Frustrated by no mp3 rim handsets and with RWorld bringing more n more stuffs from M to E and U category with high prices(Rs.7 for one short video streaming..not even download) I'd almost decided to go for GSM but now i feel lucky.
  15. Problem With Lsi 110 And R Connect

    I am also facing strange problems with the cordless fwp..it is 3 days old only. First it is working perfectly when the usb connector is attached.. but when i attach the charger it disconnect..and on trying to connect it doesn't get connected. The dialogue comes up : Connecting.. and then nothing happens. On again trying I get 'modem busy...type message. But on disconnecting the charger connection and restarting my comp everything works perfect. I am really puzzled. And another problem...in my cordless FWP handset PRESSING THE RED SWITCH DOESN'T CANCEL THE INCOMING CALL... NO WAY TO CANCEL INCOMING CALL OTHER THAN TO ACCEPT IT AND IMMEDIATELY DISCONNECT... strange na