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  1. guys, can someone forward / post "Westminster chime" (old Grandfather clock 12 o'clock chime) ringtone? Much appreciated. Cheers! darshan424 (darshan_a_shah@yahoo.com)
  2. Mp3 / Wav / etc To Midi / MMF Converter

    Hi, I have an excellent westminster clock chime (12 o'clock chime that rings in old grandfather's pendulum clocks) - which is in mp3 format. I need help in converting this somehow in to .midi format which I can use as ringtone for my 5130. Pls help/guide. I can email this 95kb file if anyone wants it. Thanks, darshan424 ps: Dear mods, I apologize if this is not a right place to post this query - actually I did not know where to post the following query - and hence started this new topic. --------------- Topic Merged to this existing Thread --Chirag
  3. All about LG 5130

    Hi Hyper, got the following attachment from webworld nearby - and downloaded it as instructed. BUT IT STILL WOULD NOT WORK!! connector_dll.zip I just cannot get the USB com port in Desktop lite sync setup - only the serial comm ports showup (no matter what i name them!) my OS is win98se. i have a 5130+usb cable. Internet access works fine - but PC sync just does not work!! :'( Really really appreciate any help/inputs - even LG service centers and webworld have no clue thanx in anticipation... darshan424
  4. All about LG 5130

    Forgot to mention my OS - Win98se.... sorry. darshan424
  5. All about LG 5130

    Hi ppl, I have recently purchased lg5130 along with USB data-cable - and just joined this forum today. 1) Upon installing the CD that came with data-cable, I could get my 5130 to work as a modem - could surf web etc. AFTER setting my data rate (in phone) to 115kbps (and not USB - as one would have thought!). However, I am just not able to use the PC Sync software (LG Desktop Lite) that comes in the CD... I am not clear which COM port to use (1 or 2)? Presently I have a dial-up modem attached to my com-1. My com-2 is free. How do I assign my USB port to com-2 or com-3 etc? Pls help. 2) Has anyone succesfully downloaded new RTs on 5130 using bitpim (or other free software)? if yes, pls help/guide. many many thanks. darshan -------------------- darshan424@rediffmail.com