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  1. Sprint Htc Touch Pro - Problems & Solutions

    Hi, I have had an HTC Touch Pro and was using it for my Reliance No for past 2-3 years. However, about a year back, I moved to GSM and had put aside the handset. I had done programme with the help of some of the guidelines / gurus of RIMWeb. So the phone is unlocked and programmable. However, I am unable to configure it now using the same steps. As I understand, I just need to change the ESN of a new reliance no. to configure it to the handset. However, I am unable to do that. Is PRL also changed off late? Further, how to retrieve ESN of an existing Reliance no (on a legacy LG sim based phone). If some of you could help me on this, it would be useful. You can PM to me directly. Key answers that I am looking at: 1. How to get ESN of existing Reliance SIM (CDMA) from a legacy LG handset 2. Changing ESN in touch pro will configure it to working with it? 3. Need latest Reliance CDMA PRL Any other guidance would help. Thanks.
  2. Sprint Htc Touch Pro - Problems & Solutions

    Touch Pro SMS Date Stamp Issue! Hi, I am on Might ROM WM6.5 on my Touch Pro (just last week migrated). Its working like charm, but for the SMS date part. All the incoming messages are being stamped as DD-MM-2017 format. I had similar problem with Sprint ROM and they had issued a fix (it was 2016 stamp). Now this seems to be a new bug and research on other sites proving to be of no use. Do let me know if any of you facing similar issue or have any solution for the same. (Its WM 6.5 MIGHTY ROM). MP
  3. Internet Not Working - Htc Touch Pro

    Is there any break through with this problem? As I understand, the link to the forum that was open to all till few weeks back has been made restricted and enthusiasts like me can not access it. Would appreciate if any of the moderators could update for general public as well as to if there is any break through in the problem that we all have been having with Reliance Data connection. Cheers,
  4. Dear All, I will be soon importing and unlocking either HTC Touch Diamond or HTC Touch Pro. Though reliance has introduced Touch Diamond and it is avaialble from few vendors, import is working out to be a cheaper option. However, I need inputs from you guys in selecting the model. I have excel comparision of both and except Memory and Slider function, I can't spot a major difference. But, still I am inclined for Touch Pro as it has SD Card slot so that atleast the data can be backed up in case of emergency. Whereas Diamond has 4 GB of internal memory but no external memory card slot (as I understand) and considering my experimental nature,I keep on Hard Resetting once in a month. My primary usage is about: 1. Emails (gmail and web based) to check mails 2. Some browing (news, sports, scores etc.) 3. Media and Entertainment (ringtones, songs, pictures etc.) Considering these factors, if you guys could throw more light of pro-cons of both the models, I would appreciate it.
  5. Dear All, I am contemplating shifting to Blackberry from my Mogul. I understand that by subscribing to BIS 299 plan, I can get realtime push email for upto 10 email IDs; however, wanted to check whether we can use existing mobile internet data plan (which I use on my Mogul by dialing NonProxy #777) on BB instruments as well. I checked with customer care but the dumb people couldn't understand what I was asking and they kept on telling that I need to subscribe for a new data plan on BB. Can any one advise? It would help me taking an informed decision. Regards PS: Apology if I am repeating the topic. Request the moderator to put under a discusison thread (I did try to find out, but couldn't find any topic on this discussion)
  6. Htc Mogul In Deep Sleep Mode - Not Waking Up

    Dear All, Few days back I dropped my Mogul and after that all trouble started. Initialy, it started but now if it goes to sleep mode, it doesn't wake up. Yellow light keeps blinking up but when someone calls, it gives the message that the number is unvailable and despite of attempting to wake it up by pressing power button, it doesn't wake up. Only option remains is soft reset the phone. I did reflashed the phone with 6.1 ROM but it appears hardware problem to me. Any suggestions for this?
  7. Gps In Mogul Wm6.1

    Hi All, I upgraded to WM6.1 on my mogul with latest ROM. However, I am unable to use GPS. In fact, it has never worked so far...... I tried on Google Map, but it is unable to lock satellite. Various GPS settings are also in accordance with some of the posts that I went through. However, all in vain. Is there anyway by which I can find out whether internal GPS is working or not?
  8. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    There you go! I did run SK Tool Lite (Free tuning accessories)! Thanks mate! I guess, I will write some things in the blank text document and then rename it to HTC_CM_Guardian.exe so that it is not 0 size. Cheers!
  9. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    Actually it doesn't work in mine either. Since I don't use the keyboard I haven't noticed it before but I saw it now. If you keep your finger over the sensor, the backlight should come up right? It doesn't when I tried. Moreover if I disable/uncheck the option for the auto sensor (Settings > Buttons > Backlight tab), the backlight should show whenever the keyboard slides, but it doesn't for me even when the auto sensor is switched off. It looks like many users are experiencing this issue when I Googled for it. edit: just saw mufaddal's reply above which echoes the same, but backlight doesn't work at all for me Any luck with QWERTY keyboard light Arun? I am unable to turn it on. However, when I press CAPS and FUNCTION key the smal LEDs turn on on the top of the keyboard.
  10. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    Hi, Since last 3-4 days, I am having a strange issue. To remove Sprint connection, I followed the method of replacing HTC_CM_Guardian with Total Controller. Further, I kept a copy of HTC_CM_Guardian file on my SD card in case, if I need to reuse it. It worked fine for about a month or so. However, to my surprise, few days back, suddenly sprint connection popped up in my connections and under windows, the original HTC_CM_Guardina.exe was there. To add to this, the dummy HTC Guardian file on my SD card too was gone. I had to creat it again. Again it worked for couple of days, and y'day again it got replaced by original HTC Guardian file. I haven't performed any updates of hard reset my phone. Anyone has any clue? Anyone else experienced such thing?
  11. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    Hi, I recentlyl hardreset my Mogul and had backed up PIM data with the help of Resco and PIM Back up. However, after hardreset, I added gmail and yahoo IMAP accounts and after that I tried to restore my SMS through PIM Backup restore option. To my surprise, it is not recognising director structure (folder structure) and no SMS is backing up. All other PIM data are backed up but no SMS. Similar thing happened with Resco. It did indicate that it has restored the things, but nothing got restored. Any suggestions guys? I need to retrive my SMS.
  12. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    What is BC SMS option? It comes under Phone>Menu>Options>Services Is it Blind Copy for sms like we have in CC and BCC in emails?
  13. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    Mobile Outlook... A lot of experimentation is going on today and I just realised that after upgrading to WM 6.1, from the Office - Outlook has disappeared..... Can you guys see it in your office folder? I can't set up my GMAIL IMAP. In fact, I am not getting any add new account option.... So wiered. I will share screen shots soon.
  14. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    Gmail through IMAP on WM 6.1 Have we discussed this before. If yes, please provide me the link of discussion topic. If not, here is the query. How do I configure Gmail (IMAP) on WM 6.1? Under messaging, I can see only two options viz SMS and Set up E-Mail. When I press set up E-Mail, it takes me ActiveSync email folders which I can't delete or edit. Can anybody throw any light on this. How can I configure Gmail IMAP under messaging?
  15. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    @ Arun and @Dkalie Thanks buddy....Time format is reset ! @ Dkalie.... I tried both sensor enable and disabled for Key Board...but no luck...I hope I don't have to send it to HTC Service centre Thanks both!