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  1. Unable To Transfer Number To HTC EVO 3D

    just gone to reliance web world, told them to transferred the number, he asked for my mobile number and new handset RSN number, that it
  2. Unable To Transfer Number To HTC EVO 3D

    Problem solved, thanks for the input :-)
  3. Unable To Transfer Number To HTC EVO 3D

    Problem is I am not able to transfer number from LG6300 to EVO 3d, it is saying after dialing *228 and following instruction that "Your phone could not be activated, please contact reliance.
  4. Unable To Transfer Number To HTC EVO 3D

    Previously I am having Motorola Droid 2 Global, lost handset got new RUIM from web world, inserted it in LG 6300. now want to transfer it to HTC EVO 3D (MEID Registered), but not able to transfer number from to HTC Evo 3D, I have used approx 4-5 HCC. Call customer care but no solutions till now, please help me.
  5. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    what is tha current price of LG 6300, i have asked several people about it, price is ranging from 3600 to 4500, I am confused, can anyone give right price.
  6. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    are you sure about this, because i am planning to buy this mobile, please guys anyone answer this urgently right now i am using lg 6600 i like all its features except keypad and sound. can anyone compare these two mobile (LG6600 and LG6300) i also need price of lg 6300
  7. Share ur RIM Numbers...

    Is anyone from MP. Is anyone from MP. Is anyone from MP.
  8. Please Help Me

    i have one database in which i have stored data in encrypted text and i also having those normal text, but i forget the encrption method, is there any software or method to get the encryption method. Please help me it is very urgent for me, if i am unable to get this method soon, may be i will lose my job, i am posting some of the data from my database Normal Text - Encrypted code ihNs 58597942 vik{k 47585C4A5A mnj] isV] 5C5F5D6C115D426664 'osrd 165E444355 vtSo 4745645E lokj 5D5E5C5B neu djuk 5F544211555E445B Hkjuk 795A5D445A vkokl] fuokl 475A585A5D6911564C5E5A58 mcyrk gqvk 5C524E435A1456414F5A Hkqt 795A4645 viektZu 4758525A456E44 'kqDrk 165A4675435F vur 474445 eksgjh 545A44565B5C vchti= 47525F455809 dykckt 55485C525A40 okrd 5E5A4555 bZFkj 536B715A5B Thanks in advance.
  9. All Kind of Softwares

    Hello guys, i need software for inventory management for my shop, it should support BAR CODE READER. following are the some features required - Purchase sales entry - Stock status - Bar code label creation etc i can pay for this software, i need it very urgently. thanks in advance
  10. What Internet Connection Are You Using?

    BSNL postpaid only rs. 149 Per Month unlimited internet, speed 115.2 kbps, downloading speed approx 5-6 kbps, good for email and chatting
  11. Big Problem

    Please help me to make my LG RD 5430 empty so that i can transfer my old number in this. Pleeease
  12. Nokia O2 Problem

    one of my friend have nokia o2 mobile now the problem is that it is asking for password which he forget can anybody tell me any codes or any software to break the password.
  13. Discussion Board

    Thanks for info Arun.
  14. Discussion Board

    I have own a windows web space on which i want to run discussion board it can be on php or asp.net. Please tell me step by step process of creating Discussion Board on my website, my webhost support follwoing facilities Database - MS Sql Server 2000 - Access - MySql Code/Script - Php - CGI/perl I want fully functional discussion board on my website such as rimweb Dis. board.
  15. Eid Mubarak.

    Eid Mubarak to all rimwebinas.