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  1. Hi, I want simple ringtones in the standard format ring ring. Please tell me the code no or how can I get one on my lg Rd 3510. thanks in advance.
  2. Nse On Rworld

    Thanks Bhupal, i will try new handset. Now Why NSE does not have a wap site ? Pl let me know if u know.
  3. Nse On Rworld

    Mr. Bhupal, My question is whether it is possible to access nse on r surf. forget about lg 2030. if possible then tell me about on which handset it is possible. thanks.
  4. Nse On Rworld

    Can we access National stock exchange on rsurf in rworld
  5. Rsurf

    Yes R surf is back now.
  6. Rsurf

    Dont see any use continuing with rim without "rsurf". better switch to gsm or indicom. Indicom is offering unlimited internet for rs 99
  7. Rsurf

    Rsurf is missing in my mobile. What happened.
  8. Show Your Love!

    Friend gave me it as a gift. Did not spent except for recharging. No repairs. More than 3 years. No problems at all. I use it for surfing and watching bse shares. It is excellent.
  9. Show Your Love!

    A friend gave it ti me 2 years back Spent nothing on repair 2 years No problems at all Good Battery life